37-New possibilities

 On the fifth day, we started selecting our companions in the morning.
 Perhaps word had already spread from yesterday's participants, and the tavern was overflowing with even more applicants.
 It's easy to jump at something when it's not only rare but also profitable.

"Well, well, well, everyone is getting stuck in the labyrinth. It's a good trend.
"Well, that's just the way you like it.

 This is a subtle villainous conversation in the morning.

 By the way, the tavern was filled with a good smell.
 Since we were back early last night, I asked Mr. Ute to cook up some of the bird meat we had on hand, but some people said it was too chewy.

 So I asked him to cook it as a stew, which seemed to be well received.
 It was more like a pot-au-feu than a stew.
 No, it is not really a pot-au-feu, because it contains only dried beans and potatoes, and is seasoned only with salt.
 However, it is tasty enough, perhaps because of the flavor of the meat.
 However, there is still something lacking in it. .......

I'll have to get as much seasoning and spices as I can.

 Hans is planning to leave the day after tomorrow to go peddling.
 I will ask him to buy as much as he can with the money he sells.

I'd like some vegetable seeds for the labyrinth field. I'd also like a saddle. No, I'll take care of that. ....... A month is a long time.

 The donkey saddle that I had prepared was too small to fit on the assault bird.
 Only the stirrups were usable, but they were attached to the saddle.
 I also gave up on the leather reins, as the beak could easily bite through them.
 It seems that horses and birds are different in their ways.

So, let's get going.

 Today's helpers were two apprentice warriors, a man and a woman, and an apprentice mage, a man.
 There's also a female healer.

"Thank you for your help today, Nino-sama.

 The one who bowed to me in a polite tone was the village chief's wife, Karina.
 She has a tall, slender figure and a well-defined face, which is characteristic of the demon race.
 She is the leader of the women of the village, and her calm demeanor gives the impression of being very dependable.

 He has little experience as a healer, and his current level is 8.
 He is currently at level 8, and if he goes on a labyrinth leveling course, he will probably reach double digits in no time.
 The other members of the team were the same as yesterday, with Hans as a sorcerer.

 As I entered the basement level, I handed out medicines to the villagers and warned them.
 But only to Yoru and Kuu.

"Don't hit me until I say it's okay today.

 I'm already in the 20th level.
 You can't get much experience against demons of the third or fourth level.

 By the way, the status of the top four is as follows.

---------- --Name: Paula Alvarez
Name: Paula Alvarez
Race: Demon race
Occupation: Squire (Level: 20)
Physical Strength: 16/16
Magic power: 86/90
Physical attack power: 22
Physical Defense: 13
Magic Attack: 64
Magic Defense: 24
Speed: 48
Special ability: , , , , .

Equipment: Weapon (black leather whip), head (traveler's robe), body (traveler's robe), hands (black leather gloves), feet (black leather boots)
---------- --

 At level 20, I learned .
 It's a terrible thing, but it's a skill you don't need to use if you just leave them to die.
 But, according to Paula, there are other ways to use it.

 Also, it seems that he was pushing himself too hard, and now he has almost all the demons he can use.
 Two blue slimes, two large worms, a large caterpillar, and a fairy.
 I've also added a goblin and two large assault birds.

 The reason why I've been a little unstable since yesterday is because my magic power has been sucked up too much.
 So the next time a demon appears that I want to add to my side, I'll have to the relationship, but they're all very useful. .......
 This is an annoying problem.

 Incidentally, the first candidate for is. Assault birds.
 They eat magic, but honestly, they are too stupid to handle.

 In the first battle with the blue slime, while Yoru and Kuu were holding back, these two birds suddenly jumped out, pecked at their prey, and then swallowed and ate it all.

 No matter how hard Paula cracked her whip, they seemed to be unconcerned.
 As a result, she was unable to collect not only the magic stone but also the body fluids and skin.
 It was an experience that made me realize the term "bird head" firsthand.

 Let's go back to the story.
 Next, the demon children.

---------- --Name: Yoru
Name: Yoru
Race: Sea Urchin (exile)
Occupation: Squire (Level: 22)
Physical strength: 66/66
Magic power: 44/44
Physical attack power: 44 (+9)

Physical Defense: 44 (+19)
Magic attack power: 33 (+7)
Magic Defense: 33 (+7)
Speed: 33 (+7)
Special Abilities: , , .

Equipment: Weapon (Eye of the Great and Terrible Bird), Head (none), Body (slime body), Hands (none), Legs (none)
---------- --

---------- --
Name: Kuu
Race: Sea Urchin (exile)
Occupation: Squire (Level: 23)
Physical strength: 44/44
Magic power: 66/66
Physical Attack Strength: 33 (+18)
Physical defense: 33 (+17)
Magic Attack: 44 (+7)
Magic Defense: 44 (+7)
Speed: 33 (+12)
Special ability: , , .

Equipment: Weapon (caterpillar thread), Head (none), Body (slime body), Hands (bat wings), Feet (great fearsome bird feet)
---------- --

 Both of them have really high and stable values.
  and need no further explanation, but to my surprise, they now have more equipment items.

 I guess it's because I ate the unique monster's "greedy beak" as a chicken shabu.
 The big claws coming out of his toes are awesome, but Yol's big scary bird eyes look pretty promising.

---------- --Name: Mia
Name: Mia
Race: Pan-racial
Occupation: Mage (Level: 20)
Physical Strength: 20/20
Magic Power: 60/60
Physical Attack Power: 10
Physical Defense: 15
Magic Attack: 30
Magic Defense: 24
Speed: 19
Special Abilities: , , , , .

Equipment: Weapon (none), head (bat-feathered hat), body (villager's clothes), hands (none), feet (leather boots)
---------- --

 The magic that I learned at level 20 is "Wind Blade", which sends condensed air flying in the form of a blade.
 The name sounds cool, but it is not powerful enough to cut through the body of a demon, and is said to be able to break a thin tree branch at most.

 However, now that Mia has reached level 20, there is a possibility that she can find a new profession.

 As mentioned in the alchemy section, the power of magical elements in this world can be divided into three stages.

 The first stage is the power of this world.
 It is the basic power of the six magical elements, and is also a natural phenomenon itself.
 It can be recreated using the magical elements in the body, so the user is called a mage.

 The second stage is the power of creation.
 This is the power that arose when the world was constructed by the six magical elements, and it can create more complex phenomena.
 Since a magic circle is required to use it, the user is called a mage.

 The third stage is the power of the Everlasting World.
 This is a higher power that forms and maintains the planet itself, and requires the guidance of the magical elements that fill the world in order to exercise it.
 In order to exercise this power, you need to guide the magical elements that fill the world. The figure that draws a magic circle that requires more magic power is called a mage and is respected.

 I've tried to describe them in the style of a game manual, but in essence they are the initial, middle, and final professions.

 The same is true for other professions, but if you meet the requirements at level 20 of the initial profession, you can change to a mid-level profession.
 At level 40, the medium occupation becomes a high occupation as well.
 The initial occupation is level 30, the medium occupation is level 50, and the high occupation is level 60.

 The big problem is that special skills can be learned at level 10.
 If you change to a mid-level or high-level job, you'll be returned to level 20 or 40, respectively, even if you've built up to full level.
 But that's a good thing.

 When a level 20 mage changes to a mage, the level is not reduced, but the number of skills is reduced by three.
 However, a mage who has reached level 30 will have four.
 In other words, if you change your job early, you lose one chance to learn a special skill.

 This was a very important factor in Dracula 2.
 Incidentally, the number of skills you can use is also different when you change your class from swordsman to knight to holy knight.
 Since the upper limit of level is 60, the strength of a character can change completely in this area.

 That's why Mia's career change is still a bit far away.
 She hasn't even met the requirements yet.

 I arrived at the fifth floor in about two hours like yesterday, though I was a bit sluggish due to the assault birds.
 At first, Karina was reluctant to use her bone spear, but in the end, she pierced the demons with her strength.
 We asked the villagers, who had successfully reached level 15, to continue maintaining the fields.

 We then quickly made our way to the goblin village we had become so familiar with.

"Oh, me too?
Yes, there's something I'd really like you to do, Karina-san.