53-New opportunities

Leave it to me!

 At my cry, Chief Dirk rushed over and quickly held out his hand to release his magic power.
 The light brought about by gently illuminated and enveloped the fairy's body.

 Yeoh, who was still barely breathing, relaxed her mouth as if relieved.  
 However, this is a healing technique that does not pass through magic or magic circles.
 The effect of is only to disinfect the wound and reduce the pain slightly.

 Yoh's shoulder, which had been roughly grabbed by the crow's claws, was ripped wide open, and the blood still flowed with no sign of stopping.
 The feathers on his back were all snapped off, and he was barely hanging on to the roots.

 Perhaps because the pain had subsided a little, the fairy opened her eyes and moved her lips slightly.
 But it didn't sound like the usual laugh.

 The numbing poison in the talons of the forest crow, which loves numbing mushrooms, can temporarily paralyze its prey.
 That's probably why he couldn't scream.

"I'm going to make you comfortable right now!

 That's what I'm here for.
 Reach out and touch the antlered deer's body and retrieve it.
 Find the item you want in the item list and take it out in an instant along with a few magic stones.

 Disassemble the moose's salivary glands.
 Purify the saliva that appears.
 Mix the antler powder, dried bitter grass, labyrinth water, and moose saliva.

 After completing the three refinements in a flash, I sprinkled the resulting wound remedy on the fairy's wound.
 The torn flesh immediately rises, and the bloodshed stops.
 Her breathing, which had been irregular, became slow and even.  

 The village headman's eyes widened, and Yoh jerked upright.
 The wound on his shoulder was completely healed.

 The fairy shivered happily as he poured medicine on the wing on her back.
 In a few seconds, she was back to normal.

Oh ....... I didn't expect this much ......

 While the village chief was still amazed, Yeoh flew up into the air lightly.
 The numbness of the poison may have worn off, and he lets out a cheerful laugh.


 As if his voice had reached his ears, Gobbledygook came rushing over with a panicked look on his face.
 He looked up at Yoh flying in the sky and smiled as if relieved.

"Ghihi! Ghihihihihihi!

 Gobbledygook was happy to see his partner safe and sound, but there was blood all over his body.
 His bow was broken in the middle and he looked terrible.
 The goblin smiled wickedly in delight as he took out a new bow and handed it to the goblin, sprinkling it with the remaining wound healing potion.

 I didn't mean to take the idea of fighting lightly.
 But a wound can be healed.

 I had no idea what I was doing when I thought that.

 Unconsciously, my hands formed a fist, and my strength increased.
 It would be easy to say I'm sorry here and now.

 But such words should not be the end of Yoh's life-threatening act.
 We must repay the act of risking our lives with the same act.
 That's what I should do, and that's the responsibility I should take, for bringing Yeoh and the others to this floor.

 Breathing quietly, I called out to Paula, who had been standing silently beside me for some time.

"What happened?
Eleven of them got away. I'm sorry.
"No, you did good. Are they hurt?
Nothing serious. Thank you for your concern.

 Yoru, Kuu, and the blue slime had some bite marks, but that seemed to be all.
 While handing out healing potions, I let my bone-child wander around the area as an alarm.

 There were sixteen black wolf carcasses in all.
 Don't forget to collect the forest crows as well.

"All right, that's enough for today. Let's go back.
"Hmm, I didn't get very far.

 In terms of the result, it was a great victory, but he was not satisfied with the result.
 I feel the same way.
 Considering the future of our quest, we can't afford to be so naive.

 We made it to the stairs without incident, but then Yeoh suddenly stopped.
 She jumped around a lot, looking as if she wanted to leave, but she didn't want to go upstairs.

"Yeah, what's wrong?
Are you unhappy about something, by any chance?
Sir. Perhaps you'd like this floor? 
"Oh, you do?

 The elf nodded and flew up and down several times in response to my surprised question.
 It seems that Paula's words are correct, but how can you feel that way after what you've been through? .......
 I wonder if this is demonic thinking.

"Hmmm, is it really that important that mushrooms grow there?

 As I thought earlier, if Yeoh wants it, I want to reward him properly.

 However, it is too dangerous to leave him here alone.

It is indeed too dangerous to leave him alone. ......
"Yeah? Can't I bring other fairies with me?
There are too many of them. I can't add any more.
I see. That's too bad.

 The more demons we have, the less we have to worry about the black wolves.
 The only way to increase the number of slots is to raise Paula's level even higher.

 In order to do so, you need to go deeper and fight stronger opponents.
 Naturally, the risk increases greatly, so you need more allies to be safe.

 So you increase the number of demons you use.
 It's an infinite loop.

 A soft voice softly echoed in my ears as I pondered.

"You're not out of options, my dear.

 As I looked up, Paula gave me her usual charming smile.