54-Loopholes in the rules

 There are various compulsions that exist in the underground labyrinth.
 For example, demons that you've defeated will be recreated over time, and you'll have to defeat a special demon that guards the stairs before you can proceed.

 What I would like to focus on this time is that the demons created by the labyrinth can't leave the designated level without permission.

 Without this rule, the demons in the deeper levels would be raiding the shallower levels one after another in search of easier prey.
 In fact, there would be a danger that the labyrinth itself would overflow with demons.

 In that sense, it is a very nice compulsion, but there is actually a way to override this rule.
 It is the "subordination" of demon users.

 Strangely enough, the moment you become a servant demon, you are freed from this rule, and you can move freely not only to other levels, but even to the ground.
 In order to maintain their existence, demons need magical elements.
 The fact that the entity that supplies them with magical elements has been replaced may mean that the restrictions that bind them will disappear.

 However, there is a limit to the amount of magical elements that can be stored by an individual demon hunter.
 Therefore, the number of demons that he can affect is less than a handful of the total number of demons in the entire labyrinth.
 That's what I thought until now.

"I see! So, you're going to make it a messenger demon and then dissolve it! That's good thinking.
Yes. I don't know if it will work or not until I try it. ......

 I had thought that was just a technique to relieve the messenger demons of their duties, but depending on how you use it, it can be a way to transport large numbers of demons.
 It's easy to excuse it as an element that didn't exist in the game, but if you think about it carefully, it's a skill that can be applied in other ways.
 On the other hand, it seems that my horizons were narrowed because I relied too much on my knowledge from the game.
 Well, I should reflect on that.

 We hurriedly returned to the goblin village on the fifth floor to verify various things immediately. .......

"Oh, you're back. How are you doing? All right, it's cooked. Now eat up!
"Gee whiz.

 It had been half a day since we had seen each other, but Heymo seemed to have adjusted to the goblins.
 They seemed to be in the midst of enjoying a meal together around the sea turtle shell pot in the square.

 The smell of delicious seafood wafted through the air, and Yoru and Kuu, slobbering, rushed cheerfully to the pot.

"What, are you hungry?
"No, I'm not.
No noodles!
What are you doing when the kids are hungry? Come on, eat up!

 No, I just fed him some bread I had left over.
 As I watched, Heimo scooped up the contents of the pot with a wooden ladle and poured the soup into a plate made of crab shells.
 The goblins, who had been eating with their hands until now, were surprisingly adept at using wooden spoons and crab shell plates.
 The shells that I had given them in exchange for not having enough leather to work with were being used in unexpected ways.

 But that's not all, it seems there are other processed products as well.
 Heimo notices my gaze and turns his chest up with pride.

"Heh, look at that. I've made a lot of things.

 I looked around and saw that many goblins had helmets and breastplates made from crab shells.
 They had leather straps to fasten them on, so they looked neat.

 In addition, the holes in the fence were plugged with sea turtle shells, and the tower was also reinforced with shells.
 It was a great achievement in less than half a day.
 Heimo has successfully improved the goblin village, but he is puzzled by the demon children who stick out their tongues adorably to drink the soup and then pull it back.

What's the matter? Can't you eat hot food? I can't help it! Here, how about this?

 They were given a small plate to cool down on, and they took a sip of the sea turtle soup and let out a satisfied breath.

"Ooooh, that looks so good! Hey, where's my portion?
I think I'll have a taste.
"Yeah, line up if you want some!

 Mia and the village chief hurriedly lined up in front of the goblins.
 They've just experienced a tough battle on the eighth floor, so it's just the thing to ease the tension.

I'd say we're in, but let's get this over with first.
"Yes, sir.

 There's a demon on the fifth floor that's perfect for testing.
 We went to the pedestal placed next to the tower.

 Perched on it was a potato munching on an olive leaf.
 At present, he only spits out a cocoon once an hour, and is being tended to by the goblins.

 It is important for the target of to be a demon that is not hostile to us humans.
 If it's an assault bird, it'll bite my head off without hesitation the moment it's released from .

 With Yo and Gobu accompanying her, Paula easily dissolved her relationship with her servant.
 The caterpillar looked a little puzzled, but resumed eating as if nothing had happened.
 At any rate, there seemed to be no significant change.

 Then, there's something I want to try next: .......
 Unfortunately, now that she is no longer a servant demon, she can no longer take orders from Paula.

I'm not sure what to do.

 But that's not going to happen with Yeoh, who I've known for a long time.
 The caterpillar, straddled on its back by the fairy, slunk down from its pedestal and began to walk.
 Ugh, I've gained a lot of weight.

 The two caterpillars headed straight for the arena at the back of the village.
 Or more accurately, the stairs leading to the sixth floor beyond the arena.

 As it turned out, Yoh was able to get to the sixth floor, but Imotic was unable to.
 He made it to the very end of the stairs, but stopped there as if something was blocking him.
 It seems that the compulsion of the underground labyrinth will be restored now that he is no longer a servant demon.

Hmmm, interesting.
"What's your next move? You.
Well, I'll go out on a limb and let the other two go free. I'd like to increase my quota.

 The fairies returned to being mere demons, but they seemed to have retained their memories.
 Yeoh is sitting on Paula's shoulder without a care in the world, while Gobbler is hugging my leg in a friendly manner and resting his chin on it.
 Yeah, I think I can do this.  

Okay, let's go for a spin.

 Using a goblin cab, Paula and I hurry to the stairs to the fourth floor.
 The goblin drivers were so used to dealing with assault birds that we made it across the fifth floor in less than fifteen minutes.
 My buttocks ached from a little too much bouncing, but I had nothing to complain about.

 I waved to the farmers who were working, and Paula continued to the large caterpillars that were wandering up the stairs.
 We got into the cab that was waiting for us and headed back to the village.
 Because of the slow pace of the caterpillar, it took us more than 30 minutes this time.

 When I arrived at the village, I let the three caterpillars out of the messenger's grasp while I introduced them to Imochichi.
 The new caterpillars didn't seem to be confused and started to eat the pile of olive leaves that the caterpillars pushed out.
 To be honest, they don't seem to be thinking about it.

If we keep on increasing the number of caterpillars like this, we will have a caterpillar farm. I can mass produce silk.

 You'll have to raise your level to 20 and learn the "cocoon ball".
 I'll leave Yo and Gobbledygook around, so if you hunt the horned rabbit, you'll be able to accomplish this in no time.
 In addition, they will be useful for defense against raiding birds.

"Excellent idea, sir.
"You give me too much credit for everything.

 She smiled her usual lustrous smile as she shyly replied.

It's all right now, isn't it?
"Oh, yeah, sorry. I'm sorry I worried you.

 Apparently, she could see that I was upset about the black wolf battle.
 I said I shouldn't apologize lightly, but I don't want you to show weakness only to Paula.

 I went back to Heimo and the others who were having a feast and reported that the number of caterpillars had increased.
 I don't think there's anything to worry about, but I wouldn't want to be caught dead in the middle of a pot.

"Wow, I can bring demons with me freely? That's great!
We can't take too many yet, though.
So, can we take these guys? I've got a couple of guys I'd like to take on as apprentices.

"Yeah, if that's all.

 Then the village chief, with a serious face, started talking to me.

By the way, Nino-sama, I'd like to ask you a few questions about that wonderfully effective cure .......