55-an injured person out of the village

 The next morning, Paula and I were taken by the village chief not to an underground labyrinth, but to the outskirts of the village.

 The island of Dragon's Wreckage looks like a dragon drawing a circle around it.
 The hut stood alone in a position where the groves of the Dragon Arm Forest, the arms of the dragon, were clearly visible.

 Compared to the densely packed houses of the villagers surrounding the square, the scenery was quite lonely.
 But as I approached, I could understand why.

 It smelled.
 The distinctive smell of animal hides, and the slightly overpowering scent of flowers and grass.
 It was a mixture of so many different smells that I wanted to hold my nose.

 The area around the hut is overgrown with vines and flowers, and the whole area is covered in green.
 The roof and wall panels that peeked out from the hut were lifted up and peeling in some places, giving the hut an appearance that could be mistaken for an abandoned house.

 However, Chief Dirk did not stop and approached the entrance without any hesitation.
 He flipped up a piece of leather hanging down and called inside.

How are you doing, Mr. Etan? Mr. Etan?
...... Not so good, sir. I think it's time for you to return to the earth.
Hmm, you still look the same. Oh, I have two guests. May I invite them?
I'm afraid I can't offer any hospitality, but if you'd like, you can visit .......

 What I heard was a weak, neutral voice.
 The chief beckoned me and Paula to step into the hut.
 And then our eyes widened a little.

 Unlike the messy impression of the outside, the inside was neat and tidy.
 On the walls hung rows of tanned furs.
 On the desk at the end of the room, small tools were neatly arranged and ready-made arrows were evenly spaced.
 On the opposite shelf, several books and small pots were neatly arranged.
 The entire room was filled with a smoky odor, creating a soothing atmosphere.

 The person who was probably the owner of the hut was lying on a large bed by the entrance.
 As if he had noticed our presence, his eyelids slowly opened beneath his long eyelashes.

 Large green eyes with a hint of fragility. Her nose is upturned and her lips are pretty.
 Soft green leaves and vines mingle with the pale gold hair that reaches down to her neck.

 At first glance, she appears to be just a sickly little girl hiding in a shabby hut.
 The person smiled weakly and asked in a clear voice.

Nice to meet you. Are you a new immigrant?
"Yes, my name is Nino.
My name is Paula. Please make my acquaintance.

 You nod and hold out your hand.
 Her supple arm is slightly tinged with green.

 Definitely a sign of the arboreal race.

Etan. I'm sorry to leave you lying there. It's nice to meet you.

 I squeezed his hand and stared at his face.
 Yes, she's much more beautiful in person than she looks on the game screen.

 I was so taken aback that Paula paid me a funny look of attention.

"Dear, dear. Etan is in trouble.
I'm sorry.

 I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to do it.
 ............ This is a scam, a guy older than me.

 It's a scam.
 This is a character that has caused much controversy among Dracula 2 fans because of its character design.

 His speech and behavior are that of a mature man, but his appearance is so cute that he could be a heroine.
 He still ranks high in popularity polls, and it is likely that many people who played with him in their adolescence have had their s*xual tastes distorted.

 Etan is such a popular character, but when you look at him close to you, it's obvious that his face is pale.
 After nodding to me, the village headman approached the bed and spoke softly.

He nodded at me, then approached the bed and spoke softly, "Now, Mr. Etan, let's see your scars.
"Well, that ......

 The way he looked at her, puzzled and curious, she looked like a beautiful girl.
 Hmm, it's no wonder my brain has an illusion.

"Please don't worry. These people will be fine.

 As he said this, the village headman gently turned up the fur that covered Ms. Etan's legs.
 A white cloth was wrapped around his right thigh like a bandage.

 Quickly untied, what emerged from under the cloth was a painful wound that opened cruelly.
 The surrounding flesh was dark purple, a clear sign of abnormality.

 Last year, the village chief's daughter, Emma, was attacked by a demon in the forest and went missing.
 At that time, her escort was Mr. Etan, who was also a hunter.

 It seems that he was attacked by an unusual number of large fanged cats.
 Only Etan, who suffered a severe wound on his thigh, barely made it to the village.
 The numb wounds showed no signs of healing, and the village chief had been giving Etan bedridden treatment for a long time.
 It must have been a shock to lose his daughter, but the village headman's attitude of taking care of her without fail is truly mind-boggling.

...... What do you think? Master Nino.
"Yes, I think I can fix this.

 I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that.

"Could it be that that person is ......?
"Yes, he is the alchemist who will save this village.

 As she froze with her mouth adorably open in surprise, I quickly examined her.

 The claws of the big-toothed cat, like those of the forest crow, contain paralyzing poison.

 Because of this, the wound did not heal well.
 But thanks to this, the wound did not harden in a strange way.
 If it adheres completely, the effect of the healing potion will be ineffective.
 In the worst case scenario, I would have had to limp for the rest of my life.

 All right, let's get rid of the paralytic poison first.
 Extract the medicinal effects from the paralytic ginseng.
 Mix it with the labyrinth water and you have an instant antidote for paralysis.

 Next is moose saliva, which I just got yesterday.
 This has the effect of activating cells and promoting growth.

 In addition, there is antler powder, which helps to bind cells together, and bitter herb, which has antifebrile and analgesic effects.
 Together, these three are a mixture.
 --The result is an intermediate level wound remedy.

 Gently apply the antidote to remove the paralysis.
 Etan's face remained stunned, but then his eyes widened again.
 His senses must have returned.

 Then, her pretty face immediately began to distort in pain.
 This time I poured the cure into her eyes.

 The effect was great.
 Immediately, the flesh around the wound rises and sticks together, disappearing without a trace.
 Mr. Etan stared in disbelief as the color of his skin returned to normal.

 When he was sure that it was completely closed, he slowly moved his legs.
 His face, which had been filled with confusion, gradually became filled with joy.

 After a while, the young man of the tree race quietly shed tears and bowed to me as if he was collapsing.