65-policy decisions and allocation of work part one

 The next morning, I woke up to noisy voices.

"Huh, what's ......?

 I opened my eyelids and sat up as quietly as I could.
 It's a habit I've unconsciously developed since Yoru and Kuu have recently started sticking to my sides when I go to bed.

 While patting their backs, I check the situation around me with my sleep-dazed eyes.
 For some reason, when I do this, they wake up easily and without complaining.

 It seems that last night, in the heat of the moment, he had fallen asleep in the square of the goblin village.
 Familiar faces and goblins can be seen sleeping here and there around the bone cauldron.

 Then several loud voices echoed nearby again.
 They seemed to be coming from behind the gate, and many people were rushing in.
 The voices alternated between pleas to be let in quickly and the rejected laughter of the goblin gatekeepers.

"Ugh, what the hell. Shut up!
"Whoa, what the hell?

 The noise seems to have woken up Heimo and Mia.
 They seem to have heard the noise, and the voice on the other side of the fence gets louder.

"Oh, you're alive!
What about you, Master? What about you, doctor?

 He seems to have asked for me.
 I got up, straightening my back, and Paula immediately took over the two of them.
 She was up first, but she hadn't gotten ready yet, and her hair was a little disheveled.

 The brown-skinned beauty noticed my gaze and gently stroked Yoru and Kuu's heads without saying a word, though her cheeks were stained.

Thank you. I'll leave it to you.
"Yes, my lady.

 As I walked quickly to the gate, I could see the familiar figures of the villagers through the gap in the gate.
 The villagers seemed to be the same, and after opening their eyes wide, they began to shout with joy.

"Yes! Master is safe!
Oh, thank God. ....... I'm so glad. ......

 It's hard to pay attention to them when you can hear their tearful voices.
 When I emerged from the gate, the men of the village showed their joy by kneeling down at one point.
 There were about ten of them in all, and they were all well armed.
 A few of the villagers were even carrying large baskets to be used during the harvest.

I'm sorry. We're glad you're okay.
"I'm glad you're all right, Master.
I'm so out of it, I can't feel my legs anymore. ......

 Apparently, you didn't return to the village yesterday, so they were worried about you and came to see you.

 It seems to be mainly a youth group, with a few people who can use bows.  

"If anything happens to Master, the village is finished.
I'd feel like I was dead and couldn't do my job. Oh, thank God you're alive. ......
Let's talk inside for now.

 One by one, I handed them the goblin talisman I had taken from the mysterious space.
 I've instructed the gatekeeper not to let any newcomers through without it.
 We are not at the stage where we need to worry about it yet, but it is a rule that we will have to follow in the future.

 The people of the village looked around curiously as they entered the village, their eyes shining with excitement.

"Wow, that's amazing .......
"Oh, it's so magnificent, it's amazing.
"Hmmm, isn't it amazing! Isn't Gov't's village?
Hey, what are you doing here all morning, guys?

 The villagers finally relaxed their cheeks in relief when Heimo and Mia immediately greeted them.
 They must have been relieved to see familiar faces.

"Who gave you permission to come here?

 But as soon as the village headman asked in a calm but stern tone, his expression became tense again.
 As they shrugged their shoulders, the village chief quietly repeated his words.

I'm sure the village code forbids you to enter the labyrinth without Nino's permission.
But, but!
I was wondering if something had happened to you since you haven't come back. ......
That selfish decision can lead to a big mistake. You know how dangerous this place is.

 The chief had a point.
 However, I think I am also at fault for causing unnecessary worry.
 As I was about to intercede, trying not to reprimand her too strongly, Paula stood up quickly.

 Her hair was already done, and she looked familiar and beautiful.
 However, her mouth does not have the usual seductive smile on it.

"Hmm, how may I help you? "Hmm, what can I do for you, Master Paula?
"Yes, sir. You will all have to suffer the punishment for breaking the law.

 The young men of the village all turned pale at these cruel words.
 After a slight pause as if to pause, the beautiful woman lifted the edge of her lips and looked at me.

However, when you are concerned about your master, you cannot be so dismissive. I'll go a little easy on you. ...... I'll assign you to work here for a while. What do you think? Sir.
"Yeah, I think that's fine.

"Thank you very much for your generosity. I'm so happy for you all.
Oh, thank you! Doctor.
"Oh, you're so sweet!

 What a farce.
 Paula and the others seemed to have remembered what we had discussed last night.

So, let's start assigning tasks.