20-We're in business right now.

 It took about thirty minutes for the commotion to subside.
 Although the fire was extinguished, scorch marks were scattered on the floor and walls, and the fireplace was blackened with soot.
 Fortunately, no one was injured, but one wrong move and the bar could have burned down.

 The arsonist, who had been caught red-handed, was now sitting on the floor.
 She seems to be feeling remorseful, but a smile is spilling from her mouth.
 Well, that's understandable.

"Oh, what a surprise, Mia! What the hell is that?
When did you do that?
You really are a mage, aren't you? I'm sorry for making fun of you. But I was surprised.

 Excited women crowded around Mia, all praising the girl.
 She couldn't help but feel her cheeks relax at the reaction of those around her.

 On the other side.
 There, too, a crowd was forming.

 At the center of the circle was Paula.
 And one more.
 Lovely little fairies flying around.

 The men are all marveling at the creature that casts light in place of a fireplace.
 With its lovely and non-threatening appearance, everyone's caution seems to have diminished considerably.
 This is the reason why I asked her to to me, but it was so easy that I was a little worried.

 Although it seems that many of them are looking for Paula, who is waving her fingers lightly and telling the fairies what to do.
 Just when I thought it wasn't interesting for a moment, a bright light suddenly leaked out.
 And the men who were blinded by the light groaned and held their eyes.

 Paula puts her hand on her cheek in a careless manner.
 I'd be fooled if I'd never met her before, but I'm pretty sure she was aiming for me.
 As I was thinking this, Paula suddenly looked at me and smiled wickedly.
 I'm scared. Please don't read my mind.

 Heimo and the others immediately start exaggerating about the strength of the demon to those who are crouched down holding their eyes.
 To be honest, I thought it was a bit much at the time, but I welcome this trend.
 It seems that the plan to familiarize them with demons is progressing steadily.
 It looks like we'll be able to bring the demons into the village in the near future.

 Relieved, I turned to the counter.
 The lanterns of white lightstone that were placed as another light illuminated the village chief Dirk, the vendor Hans, and the tavern hostess Ute.
 The persuasion of these three is the most important point of the day.

"Yes, it is indeed a potion that restores magical life. I don't know exactly what grade it is, but it's probably lower than middle grade. But even the lowest grade will cost you a gold coin.

"...... That much? That's amazing.

 They both let out an involuntary groan at Hans' appraisal results.
 If you're looking for the best way to get the most out of your money, then you're going to want to make sure that you're getting the most out of your money.
 In other countries, there are also shell and bone coins, so it's a bit complicated, but for the time being, knowing these three types is all you need to know in the kingdom.

 One hundred copper coins are worth one large copper coin.
 For every ten large copper coins, you get a silver coin.
 Forty silver coins equals one gold coin.

 In King's Landing, one silver coin is enough for three days.
 This is a very rough calculation, but the value is about 3,000 Japanese yen.
 In that case, one gold coin is equivalent to 120,000 yen.

 As a lowly craftsman of the Royal Refining Workshop, my annual income was 3,600,000 yen for 30 gold coins.
 This may seem like a modest salary, but due to the low cost of living, it is one of the highest salaries for a commoner.

 On the other hand, the average annual income of a farmer in a pioneer village like this is three or four gold coins.
 This disparity explains why people didn't believe me right away when I told them I was going to open a workshop in this village.

 Well, in my case, I have very little savings because I have been buying all sorts of magical tools and books related to alchemy.
 The lantern currently shining on the counter actually cost me three gold coins.
 However, it is one of the cheaper magic tools, and the appraisal glasses that Hans-san was using earlier must have cost almost two digits in gold coins.

 These appraisal glasses are polished white crystals that have been given the "illuminating power" of light, and are a magical tool with a function similar to that of the basic alchemy of .
 It is an important tool of business for merchants, and it is said that they cannot start their business without it.
 Barnabas' favorite pair of glasses are also made of white crystals, but they are much more transparent, so they can be used for more reliable and detailed analysis.

 Yes, transparency is very important for minerals related to magic elements.
 I took out the yellow and green magic stones from the list of items, and holding them in my hand, I touched the white light stone in the center of the lantern.

 The "crushing power" of earth and the "dividing power" of wind.
 Two magic circles constructed by magical elements instantly appeared on the surface of the stone.
 And just as you think they've become intricately intertwined, new magic circles appear before your eyes.
 -- .

 The minute irregularities on the surface of the stone quickly disappear, and at the same time the inner glow increases to an unbelievable degree.
 The village chiefs' eyes widened once again as the light became incomparably brighter.

"What the hell was that?

 I lifted the edge of my lips as if to say something to Hans.

Have you ever heard of this kind of smelting of stone surfaces?
Yes, I believe it's called wind magic smithing.
You know a lot about it. But cutting is basically just cutting, so you can't make fine adjustments. So I tried to combine it with the magic circle of to create a composite smelting that breaks the surface slightly and then separates it. Well, it seems to have worked.
"Huh, compound! Can you do that?
Yeah, I'm probably the only one. I would appreciate it if you could keep this a secret.

 This is a person with whom you may have a long relationship.
 It's not a bad idea to reveal some of your cards to gain their trust.
 Hans-san, who had been rolling his eyes, nodded hastily at my words.

If I may say so, would you like me to polish your appraisal glasses as well?
"Oh, you don't mind?
"You bought that with the bottom of your wallet. Are you sure?

 Hans smiled good-naturedly at his sister, who rushed to stop him.

Nino is a trustworthy man, sister. And my instincts as a merchant tell me it will be fine.
I'm not going to say anything else if you insist.

 No, I think you should hold off a little longer, Mr. Ute.
 I'm sorry to say this, but I feel like I've only caused problems since I came to this village.
 If you trust me so easily, I'll start to worry about you.

So, please, Nino-sama.

 The magic tool that was handed to me was a metal cylinder about three centimeters in diameter with a flat white crystal in the center.
 There was an indentation in the side of the cylinder, through which magic power could flow by touching the white crystals.
 When was applied, the dullness on the white crystals disappeared and they became beautifully transparent.

"Yes, now you should be able to see better than before.
"Oh, thank you very much. Thank you very much. Let's get started.

 Hans-san looked at the glasses he received and lifted the magic activity restorative again.
 Then he put the glasses to his eyes and immediately let out a stunned voice.

"......, this is...
What do you think?
I can only say it's amazing. I never thought I could see it so clearly. Moreover, the reaction of the magic power is also very fast. It usually takes at least thirty seconds. And ......
What do you got?
It's one thing to know the quality of ....... The appraisal results show that it's a magic activity recovery potion, low grade, good quality, market price is equivalent to three gold coins.

 In the event you're not sure what you're looking for, you'll be able to find a lot more information on the web.
 I had used up all of my labyrinthine moss, but this was my moment to win.
 Pointing to the ten glass vials in a row, he begins to speak, being careful not to sound patronizing.

I'm giving you all these medicines as a greeting for opening a workshop in this village. Please accept them.
I also have a product I'd like to sell on consignment, may I see it?

I'd love to.

 As Hans swallowed his mouthful of saliva, I placed a 20-plus centimeter diameter white light stone that I had already polished.
 The stone used for the lantern is less than three centimeters in diameter, so the difference in size can be clearly seen.

 As I mentioned before, we are not allowed to take the Hakushiroishi home because it plays a role in lighting the labyrinth.
 Therefore, it is only allowed to be collected in places where there is enough of it, or where the labyrinth can be restored quickly.
 As a result, it is not possible to collect a large number of stones, and the stones themselves are only small in size.

 Hans-san immediately realized the significance of the Shirasho stone, which could not fit in his palm, and froze like a stone statue.
 Then, without mercy, I took out new stones one after another.
 Gotori, gotori, gotori, gotori, gotori.

 With the six stones in front of me, I presented my terms to him.

I'll give you 30 percent of the sale price, and if you cooperate, 20 percent goes to the village. How about I get the other 50 percent?

 In the case of a peddler without a store, 30% should be a fair price.
 Mr. Ute gulped heavily at my suggestion and asked his brother timidly.

But first, ....... Hans, how much for one of these?
This is ....... No, but, mmm ...... mmm .......

 Even Hans, who is well versed in the market, can't help but worry about the price.
 This size is not available in ordinary stores.
 It's an item that only major merchants that deal with royalty, aristocracy, and the rich would handle.
 On top of that, the luminous intensity has increased several times due to .
 To be honest, I have no idea how much it costs.

It's so frustrating. Just give me a rough idea!
So... ....... That's right. ....... The last one I saw at Bergen Trading Company in King's Landing was smaller than this one, but it cost 20 gold coins. However, the luster and fineness of the surface of this stone is clearly different. How about fifty gold coins for twice as much, or even more?
"Then our share is ninety gold pieces!

 That's fast math!
 Hmm, I guess that's what I'll pay.
 Ute's eyes had completely changed color and he was staring at the white shining stone as if he were staring at it.

 But there was one more person.
 But there's one other person, Chief Dirck, who didn't seem to have missed my request.

First of all, thank you very much for donating this very valuable medicine. We will use them carefully. I can't thank you enough for your generous offer to give us a 20% share of the profits. There is one thing that bothers me. The cooperation that you mentioned, Nino-sama, would that be something that a rugged person like us, who only knows how to do stray work, would be able to do?

 The village headman asked me a quiet but forceful question, to which I answered firmly without looking away.

Yes, it's all right. The first thing I want you to do is to keep the underground labyrinth absolutely secret.