107-Jamar's opponent

"What, what the hell is ......, what the hell! What?

 It's no wonder Noemi's voice was slurred.
 When it's an oversized slug, you can't help but feel disgusted.
 But now it's even bigger, and it's transformed into something that scares the hell out of me.

 The slug, as big as a pair of outstretched hands, was slowly crawling around the ceiling, moving its colorful eyeballs back and forth, left and right.
 Each time it did so, only the antennae of the slug's eyes swirled in patterns, as if it were a different creature.

 It is true that slugs themselves are not very pleasant to deal with, even on their own.
 But the fact that a part of me that was supposed to be normal was different was an overwhelming discomfort that far exceeded the discomfort.

"...... you. What's that thing?
"Oh, yeah. Probably some kind of parasite. They say they attach to the eyeballs like that and manipulate the host.

 Digging through the memories of my previous life, I managed to squeeze out a few words.
 The name is too long to remember, but I remember seeing a few videos of snail parasites.
 I think they were supposed to resemble caterpillars so that they would be more easily eaten by birds.

 At any rate, there were no monsters like that in Dracula 2, and there are no birds here that would swallow them whole.
 I don't know what the purpose of the hierarch was to look like that.

Is there something else ....... I'm not sure what the purpose of the hierarchical master is.
"Nya, there's something growing on the wall.

 I'm sure you'll be able to understand why.
 I think I was a little too distracted by the boss slug's creepy eyes.

 It was the usual room in front of the stairs, but this time it was slightly different from the other floors, with a curved ceiling.
 On the highest part of the hemisphere, a giant slug is attached to the ceiling.

 When viewed from below, it looks like an upside-down ant hell.
 I sincerely hope that the parasitic demon is not waiting for me when I fall down.

 The walls of the room leading to the canopy were, as the scout girl had pointed out, covered in a thick layer of light blue moss.
 Even from the side, it seemed to contain a lot of water, and it would be easy to slip.

 There was nothing else in the room.
 The highest point of the ceiling was probably more than four meters high.
 This means that even if you wielded a weapon normally, you would not be able to reach the boss.

It's a nasty piece of work .......

 To get close to the boss and knock him down, you first have to climb up the walls covered with wet moss and the ceiling with no clue.
 In addition, the other side can unilaterally send a .

 If you don't have any means of long-range attack, you'll be trapped here.

But if you have an archer or a mage, you might be able to take them out.
So is it Frog's turn?
Oh, stone spikes are limited to the ground. It's impossible to grow them on the ceiling.

So it's the same as before?
It's the only way.

 I'm not sure what to make of this, but I think it's a good idea.
 If you're not on the twelfth floor, you'll be able to finish the job quickly with a few snaps and flaps.

If you think it's dangerous, pull back immediately. Take it easy.
All right.

 The two animals and one of them, who were in perfect balance, stared at their prey one step ahead of the room.
 Behind them, the slimes are ready to jump out of the way, their bodies tightly relaxed in order to kill the falling boss slugs.
 Kaa, the stone-faced frog, has also raised his magic power and is ready to go.

"Let's go!

 At the same time as the shout, a girl leaps into the middle of the room.
 The giant slug at the top of the ceiling immediately moved its two sickening eyes.

 In the blink of an eye, needles of digestive juices rained down.
 While easily avoiding them, Tinya released her voice again.


 Just as the boss's attention turned completely to the girl below, Yol's figure disappeared and purple sparks colored the air.
 Not a moment later, Kuu, wings flapping on his back, crosses the air in a straight line.

 Yoru's claws, which had closed the distance in an instant, did not reach the slug.
 Kuu's feet, which flew the shortest distance, didn't kick the demon's body hard enough.

 Somehow, the beast appeared right behind the boss and fell to the ground, swinging as hard as it could.
 Next, the bird that kicked the ceiling a few steps beside the boss also flew in the wrong direction with a strange look on its face.

What the hell?

 I've never seen two birds miss an attack before.
 Yoru almost hit the iron grate at the back of the room, but he kicked the sturdy iron fence and jumped up again.
 Kuu, who had also moved his wings at high speed and turned around in midair, took on the giant slug again.

 But the result was the same as before.
 The two attacked in completely the wrong place.
 They try again, but they also miss.
 The slugs, unfazed by Yoru and Kuu flying around, continued to fling their water needles while shaking their disgusting antennae.

"Nya, nya. It's about time! 

 I'm not sure if there were too many of them, but Tinya's cloak is no longer intact.
 It would be tough to buy any more time.
 I'm not sure what to make of this.
 As if sensing my intentions, Paula's voice rang out sharply.

"Back off, Tinya! Yol and Kuu, too!


 The two of them returned to the safe zone, but Yoru's breathing seemed to be a little labored, as he had used a series of "gyun" attacks that had drained his energy, even though Kuu had not.
 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're doing.
 As I handed them all a potion to restore their magic, a girl asked curiously, breathing on my shoulder.

I'm not sure what's wrong with you, little guys. What's wrong, little guys? Did you have a stomachache?
"It's so weird!
Neither one of them is sick. They don't look like they're in bad shape. ......

 So the cause is...

I think it's the demon itself, sir.
I think it's the eyes. The more I look at it, the crazier it gets. ......

 They seem to agree.
 I took out the dog bone I'd been using as a shovel and handed it to Tinya, pointing at the slugs crawling on the ceiling.

Let me see. I want to see.
"Nya, I got it!

 The girl lightly jumped into the room and quickly threw the dog bone into the sky.
 Digestive fluids immediately began to fall, but Tinya was already gone.
 The girl came back unharmed, but her eyes widened in surprise.

It's not right! I aimed right!

 The dog bone she threw hit an empty ceiling, one step away from the slug, and fell to the ground.
 I knew there was some kind of trick to it. .......
 Later, I asked Paula and Noemi to try the same thing, but the result was almost the same.

 It seems that no matter how hard I try, the slug is always out of alignment when I try to hit it.

Probably because of those circling antennae.
That's what I think.
If that's the case, what the hell am I supposed to do ......?

 If you can't hit the attack itself, of course you can't defeat it.
 It's a great way to get to know the people in the world.

"Nyaa. Can you do something about those eyes? Then leave it to me.

 As I was about to start my closing remarks, I was interrupted by the words of the scout girl who spoke so matter-of-factly.