108-A formidable demon

 Tinya proudly took out a long, thin piece of cloth.
 I wondered what she was going to do, but she covered her eyes and tied them tightly behind her head.

"I see, a blindfold. Yeah, it looks fine as long as you can't see it, but what do you do from there?
"Nah, I'm going to get serious.

 As she said this, the girl first dropped her tattered wolfskin cloak on the ground.
 Next, she removes her gloves, dagger, and other small items.
 Finally, with a dexterous shake of her ankle, she flicked off her boots as well.

 Lighter now, Tinya jumped up and down a few times to feel her bare feet.
 Then, as if she could see him, she strode along and stopped at the border between the passage and the room.

"Hey, are you okay?
I've seen it once, I'm fine. I've seen it once, I'm fine. I'll leave you to it.

 Tinya bent down to the ground and lifted her thighs.
 Before you can stop her, she jumps out of the way.

 The girl ran through the ground at a tremendous speed and easily ended up on the moss-covered wall.
 The boss slug has not yet fully reacted to her too fast movement.

 As we watched, Tinya defied gravity and ran diagonally up the wall.
 Spreading the moss she had gouged out with her toes, she easily reached the roof of the circle.

 There, a needle of water was finally released from the ceiling, but it was tossed about by Tinya's speed and landed a few steps behind.
 The girl's ears twitched, as if she sensed the position of the from the sound.

 At the same time, the girl's body changed to all fours.
 Impossibly, Tinya began to move across the semi-circular ceiling, almost without slowing down.
 Even with the added strength of her fingers, it was an unbelievable movement.

"She really is like a cat. ......

 You can find a lot more information on the web.
 Tinya, stuck upside down, headed straight for the boss slug.
 The demon was trying to shoot her down, but she didn't expect it to come up to the same position as her.

 It couldn't get the angle right, and all of its attacks just grazed the top of Tinya's head.
 On the other hand, the girl with the flickering cat ears quickly closed the distance between her and the boss slug with no regard for the blindfold.

 But as she approached, the girl was too light and had no way to attack.
 The moment she thought that...

 Tinya relaxed her legs and kicked the ceiling hard.
 The girl flew through the air and came so close to the giant slug that her face almost touched it.
 The girl flew through the air so close to the giant slug that her face almost touched it, and then slipped past it.


 That was all the movement I made, but the change that had occurred made my mouth water.
 The boss slug's head.
 The two ominous antennae that had been growing there disappeared in an instant.

 And Tinya's hands.

 Before I knew it, I was holding a slug's eye that was growling eerily.

 At the moment when the girl and the monster crossed paths, Tinya had activated her special ability.
 After passing the boss slug, Tinya kicked off the ceiling on the other side and rolled down to the ground, scraping off the moss on the wall.
 Then, with a big smile on her face, she lifted the object she had just stolen with both hands.

"Yes, I did it!
Yol, Kuu, you're up!

 The two animals, itching for my words, jumped out in a race.
 The boss slugs, having lost their means of obstruction, had no way to prevent the beasties from beating and kicking them mercilessly.

 The monster that had been looking down from on high was easily dragged down to the ground.
 The stone thorns that were waiting for it immediately skewered the boss slug and made it immobile.
 All that was left was to be burned to death by the red-hot slime.

 At the sight of the charred and melted demon, I finally relaxed my back.
 I guess he thought he would be praised by everyone there.
 Tinya, humming in a good mood, came staggering back to me.

 First, she was angry at the lack of explanation, then she told him he was being too reckless, and finally she gave him plenty of credit for a job well done.
 I knew I should have done that, but I couldn't.

 After all, Tinya still had those creepy antennae in her outstretched hands.
 With a small gasp, we backed away.

 But Tinya, still blindfolded, can't see it.
 The girl cocks her head and lifts her antennae as if to show them off as she approaches us.

 In the narrow passageway, a terrifying chase began.