109-Repeat hierarchy

You know what I'm talking about! I'll get angry if you don't!
"Oh no, I've been found out!

 The game of tag with Tinya came to an end when Noemi, who was being chased relentlessly, let out a near scream.
 Well, if she avoided me and Paula, and persistently targeted only one of us, it was obvious that she was enjoying herself.

 In the first place, even with a blindfold, she can move around so much against a hierarchical master.
 It should be no trouble for them to figure out where we are.
 I didn't get the idea from Heimo alone, but once again, the senses of the beastmen are extraordinary.
 It's a good thing I asked Hans to help with the case.

All right, are we done? I'll get it.
"Yes, please. 

 Tinya, who had approached me precisely with her eyes still covered with a cloth, offered me the tentacles of the boss slug that she had stolen with a smile on her face.
 If it had a tail, it would be standing on end.

 I touch the sickening green-striped object, vaguely remembering my cat from a previous life who came home with a live cicada in his mouth no matter how many times I told him so.
 If this is a parasite, the magic stone should be able to recover it. .......

 The next moment, however, the antennae themselves disappear from the girl's hand.
 At the same time, the name "Giant Slug's Creepy Tentacle" appears in the item list.
 The rarity rating is two stars, which is unnecessarily high for an item with no known use.

"How was it? "How did you like it?
"Apparently, it's not a parasite. Are they always like that? Can you see it properly? ......?

 Then a thought crossed my mind and I hurriedly looked into the room.
 I almost jumped out of my skin in panic when I spotted two of them poking at the burnt and shrunken corpse of a giant slug.

"Hey, Yoru and Kuu. You two did a great job. Here's your reward.

 I took out a cookie with honey, keeping my voice as low as I could, and the beasts' faces turned around with such force that I could hear them grunting.
 I was deeply relieved to see that their eyes were normal as they rushed towards me with their hands raised in joy.
 I wasn't sure I'd be able to be as cute as I'd been if I'd accidentally eaten the carcass of a boss slug and had something so powerful growing out of my eyes.

Hey, where's my share?
Come on, eat, eat.

 I threw a few of them into the air, and they began to fight over them with quicker movements than in the previous battle.
 Tinya, who had been quite exhausted, seemed to be getting back into shape.

 Leaving the two of them and one of them to frolic around, I touched the boss slug lying on the ground and collected it.
 The two not-so-pleasant antennae had already been collected, and there was only a single blue magic stone.

 Well, it's not the one I'm looking for.

 I stood up, walked up to the wall and touched the moss that covered the entire surface.

I knew it was moss from the labyrinth. And forty-two of them?

 I guess the fraction is because some of the moss came off during the battle.
 Even with that out of the way, I'm happy with this number.
 This moss is the basis of recovery medicine.

It's past noon. Okay, let's take a look at the fourteenth layer first, and then have lunch.

 We can discuss countermeasures over lunch.
 And maybe we can get through without fighting.
 And if there's a water source, I'll be fine.

 As I descended the stairs with faint hopes, I was greeted by a scene of ivy covering not only the floor, but also the ceiling and walls.

"Oh, as expected.
"Well done, my dear.
Yes, I see what you mean. ......

 The terrain from the eleventh to the thirteenth floor was very similar to that from the first to the third floor, so I thought it was impossible, but this floor was exactly the same as the fourth floor.
 However, Noemi, who hadn't had much experience with underground labyrinths yet, and Paula, who had been through them many times, would have definitely noticed.
 I don't mind the way she praises me and lifts me up whenever she can.

Well, if it's the same as the fourth floor, then the light source should be the same here.

 I looked around the passage and saw a dim blue fire hovering near the ceiling.
 I wondered if it was the same there.

I thought it might be the same there, but... "Hey, something's wrong!

 At the same time as the warning, Tinya, holding her dagger, lowers herself.
 Then, a glowing object softly approached her.

 It is true that there is no winged fairy in the ball of light.
 Before I can pull out its identity from the pile of memories, the scout girl makes her move.

"Yes! I'll take the first move!

 Tinya's dagger swings down to cut the glowing ball in half.
 The next moment, there was a crashing sound, and a girl's scream came out a breath later.

Nyaa! Ouch!

 Noemi hurriedly approached the girl, who dropped her sword and rolled around on the floor.
 She hurriedly took off her gloves and found that she had a red, swollen burn.
 The moment the dagger touched her, a blue glow appeared on the surface of the ball of light, indicating that she had probably been electrocuted.  

 Without chasing the injured Tinya, the glowing ball returned to its original position as if nothing had happened.
 Apparently, this floor is not so easy after all.