110-Good or bad compatibility


That's Koonibi.
Konibi ......? 
It has fire in the name, but it's not actually burning, it's a phenomenon called sphere lightning.

 I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not.
 But that was the story of the previous world, and in this world, it is a demon.

 It is a magical creature with the attribute of lightning, and although it only floats around, it is a troublesome opponent that will mercilessly discharge electricity at anyone who accidentally touches it.
 It has no intelligence, so it is impossible to to it, and when you encounter it, you have only two choices: avoid it or defeat it.
 So in the game, it was treated as an obstacle just like a wall.

"Come on, let's see your injuries.

 Perhaps because of the short time of contact, the girl with cat ears seems to have only a wound on her palm.
 The pain seems to be intense, but judging from the extent of the injury, a low-grade trauma medicine should be sufficient.
 Sprinkle it on the swollen area, and the redness will slowly disappear.

The pain is slowly receding. That's great.

 The two animals that had been anxiously watching Tinya shouted happily as her wounds healed.

I'm not sure what to make of it. ......

 The position of the little demon fires is different, and they are moving up and down, left and right.
 If you stick to the wall or crawl on the ground, you may be able to get through safely, but the tree roots and ivy make it extremely difficult to move.
 It's like a mine set up in the air.

It's dangerous to touch it directly, isn't it? How can I defeat it?
"Yes. You can either let all the accumulated lightning (kaminari) be exhausted, or diffuse the magic element with incompatible magic .......

 I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to try to find out.
 Even if they could, they wouldn't be able to reach the floating ceiling.

 It may seem like a bad match for us, but there is actually another way to defeat magical creatures.
 We just need to neutralize or absorb their attributes.
 And here was the perfect cousin for that.

 I simply ask Yoru and Kuu, who look up at the kobold fire with their mouths wide open.

"Does that look good to you?

 The two nodded their heads, drooling at my words.

"Then you can eat it.

 Lightning is the specialty of beasts and birds.
 Kuu jumped out cheerfully, approached the round ball of light, and stomped on it from above.
 The purple light immediately bursts out, and the birdie who is bathed in it spreads his wings comfortably and catches it with his whole body.
 It looks like a little bird taking a bath in a good mood.

 Next to him, Yoru jumped up and was hugging a different little demon fire tightly.
 While his body is covered in lightning, he is biting off the surface of the demon and swallowing it as if he were eating cotton candy.
 This one is more like a snack before lunch.

 Noemi exhaled in disgust as the obstacles disappeared in a flash.

It's really an amazing monster. ....... Where on earth did you bring them from? Miss.
"Hmm, don't tell anyone. They'll be very angry if they find out.
"Well, I thought maybe, but I'll pretend I never heard of it.

 You seem to have an idea, but I have a feeling it would be bad if I asked you where it came from, so I'll pretend I didn't know.
 Thanks to the two of them munching and squirming, the visibility of the passage quickly improved.
 However, since we were out of light sources, we had to use lanterns to light the way.

 After a while, the tip of the scout's ear twitched again.

"What's up?
"Well, I think there's something out there, but I'm not sure.
"Can't you see it?
"Nope. I think he's somewhere around here. But it seems to be hiding.

 I'm not sure what to make of it.
 As the girl pointed out, something might be lurking behind it.

Oh, you've learned from what happened earlier.
I don't want any more pain.
I don't want to be hurt anymore." "Then let's call someone who doesn't mind being hurt.

 I ring the bell and call the skeleton to face the suspicious wall.
 I plunged my arm through the ivy to test it, but there was no movement.

There doesn't seem to be anything there, does there?
"Nope! But it looks dangerous!
Maybe it's the kind that doesn't react to bones.
A typo, sir. Well, I'll do it. Suu, it's the frozen body!

 The blue slime, which immediately froze its body solid, leapt up dexterously and crashed into the wall.
 With that momentum, a large piece of ivy was torn off and flung away.

 No, no.
 The ivy flew off by itself.

 The ivy suddenly spread wide and tried to cover the nearby Tinya.
 But there was no way the girl, who boasted incredible speed, would just accept it.

 In an instant, Tinya turned herself around and easily dodged the ivy that tried to entangle her prey like a net.

 At the same time, the dagger he had drawn sliced through the tip and sent it flying into the air.

"Hey, there you are!
"Akath, Rime. Akas, Lime. Don't burn it. Yol, Kuu, over here!

 The mollusk's collision was subtle, but its sharp claws seemed to be effective.
 Scraped off by Yol and stirred up by Kuu, the ivy stopped moving easily.

 When I looked at Tinya, she was nodding reassuringly, so the danger seemed to be over.
 When I approached and touched it, the names Yellow Demon Stone and Vine of Sucking Ivy appeared in the list of items.

It's a demon after all. Oh, I remember seeing something like that.

 This was also a monster that attacked by mimicking a wall.
 As its name suggests, it is a troublesome opponent that sucks your strength when you touch it.
I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what to do with it.
I'm not sure. He's got a bad personality!

 I really think so.
 After two hours of filling in the map, I finally arrived at the front of the stairs.
 What awaited me there was a huge pile of vines growing in the middle of the room, and a large number of glowing spheres floating around them.

It's like this again. I'm getting a little bored.