111-a mountain at the bottom of the earth

 The master of the hierarchy guards the stairs leading to the fifteenth floor, but it didn't take him long to get rid of it.
 Under normal circumstances, all of our flying tools would be blocked by the kobold fire, and if we tried to approach, the ivy lurking in the roots of the trees covering the ground would suck out our strength.

 But the way we took was quite simple.
 At the start of the game, Kuu performed a and , and crushed the boss sucking ivy with a storm of wings.
 After that, the two of us just had to munch on the little demons flying around and that was it.

 The lack of magic power in the bird child has already been solved by eating the small demon fire along the way.
 However, defeating a demon does not normally restore magic power or strength.
 It seems that the skill of is very different from the norm, as it takes in the characteristics of the demon's body.

It was easy.
I'm not sure what to make of that.

 This is also true of Noemi's words, a powerful lightning attack that can be unleashed over a wide area, an attack that you won't see until the end of the game in Dracula.
 If it weren't for Yoru and Kuu, I would have struggled to find this labyrinth at a much shallower level.
 As I looked at him with gratitude, Kuu noticed and flapped his wings and climbed onto my shoulder.


 The birdie cooed cutely, and hugged me tightly, pressing its nose to my face.
 This mock begging is a request for a snack.
 Unlike his older sister who is quite serious, his younger brother is quite faithful to his desires.

You just ate a lot of fire. Besides, lunch is coming soon.

 When I pointed this out to him, he shook his head no and pulled my hair with his short, feathered hand, just barely enough to not hurt me.
 It's hard to get her to come down, so I have no choice but to take out a few green tangerines.

It's no use. Taste and eat.

 This fruit, which can be found on the eighth basement floor, is collected by the fairies who have moved here.
 But lately, they've gotten wiser, and don't give them to me as honestly as they used to.
 I have no choice but to ask the wives of the village sewing team to knit small hats, gloves and socks made of silk and woolen yarn, and barter them.
 In this way, the sewing team needs to be accommodated, and meat and other materials need to be given priority.

 In order to collect those materials, we need Yoru and Kuu to work hard.
 And to get the green tickle as a reward...
 Yeah, the economy in the labyrinth is slowly starting to turn.


 As I was thinking this while Kuu was licking my palm, a furball clung to my back.
 My sister seemed to have noticed that my brother was the only one who got a treat.
 She buried her face between my shoulder blades and started to rub my face as well.
 The two sisters are very similar.

"Here, take some for Yol.

 When I offered him a few grains over my shoulder, he climbed up my back.
 Koo stroked Yol's head as if to soothe him.
 When I thought he was being kind, he casually lifted a piece of green tsukuri with his other hand and ate it.
 The sister, unaware of her brother's cruelty, mindlessly devours the sweet fruit.  

I really never get tired of watching ....... You guys.


 With the two satisfied animals on my shoulders, I touched the remains of the demons.
 The only things I was able to recover from the sapient ivy were sturdy vines and yellow demon stone blocks.
 In addition, the green demon stones of the little demon fire that were eaten by the two demons are usually lying on the ground, but sometimes Yol and the others spit them out like watermelon seeds.  

I'm hungry, too.
"It's a good place, but it's not a good place to eat.

 The roots creeping across the floor make it difficult to settle down.
 There's a spring a little further back, but I'd rather sit down and eat without hesitation.

And I'm sure the view will be much better on the next floor.
"Yes, I'm looking forward to it, my dear.

 Apparently, Paula knows what she's doing.
 Well, if they're so similar, the fifteenth floor won't disappoint.

What's next? Miss.
"Well, you'll have to wait and see.
Come on, then, let's go!

 At the end of the stairs, I found an incredibly spacious room.
 The first thing you see is a river meandering through the middle of your field of vision.
 It was probably more than five meters wide.

 Plenty of water flowed out from the south wall where we were, and headed north.
 The river's edge was covered with lush green and brown grasses and flowers.

 The grasslands spread out to the left and right, blending with the sudden appearance of a group of trees.
 The thick forest stretched on and on along the river.

 The forest was also slowly but gradually increasing in height.
 As I followed it with my eyes, my head naturally turned upward.

 No wonder.
 The forest ended at the towering mountains.
 The area where the west and east walls would be was a much higher landscape than I had expected.

 I looked around again and noticed again that the whole area was a relaxing valley.
 The view was that of a relaxing valley itself.
 However, it was definitely the most spacious of all the levels.

"Well, it's a hit floor.

 I let out a sigh of relief, even though it was what I expected.
 You'll be able to find a lot more than just a few of them.  
 Tinya and Noemi's eyes were wide open.

 And at our feet, Yoru and Kuu were shouting cheerfully, paying no attention to the scenery in front of them.