50-The ripples of change

Well, this place looks like a lot of fun!
It seems like it's changed a lot in just a few days.

 Today, there was a concert being held in the square by the goblins.
 Each of the seated goblins was holding a round wooden board covered with leather - a shield.
 They were clapping their hands in rhythm, competing with each other for the sound.

 The wooden shields were obtained from the seventh floor yesterday, but there were a few of them where the leather on the front part was just tattered.
 So, as my next task, I asked the goblins to replace the leather.

 Perhaps they noticed that the sound was surprisingly good when they tried to check it out.

It's amazing. The demons are beating their drums. ......
Is that a barrel? ......

 At the sound of their voices, he saw an empty wine barrel covered with tanned bird leather.
 The barrel was a leftover from a tavern that had been given to me so that I could harvest olives and carry them around.
 There was no way to secure the leather, but two goblins were sitting on either side of it, pulling it tight.

 The goblin in the middle was beating the leather with both hands, enjoying the sound that echoed through the hollow.
 After a while, the leather puller was replaced by a different goblin, who began to play with a proud face.
 The shield drummers around him began to beat in time to the quick, different sound.

 This time, the rhythm shifted to a more relaxed one, with each of the shield drummers pausing to make a light sound.
 It all seemed to be just like that.

That's great! You're in the groove!
"I'm surprised these people even have this kind of talent.
"Yuck, yuck, yuck!

 The cheerful fairy, Yeoh, was immediately attracted by the sound and began to dance.
 The session became even more heated as scales glittered down from the two wings flying in the air.
 The performance continued for another twenty minutes, ending with a powerful sound that lingered in the eardrums until the end.

Phew, phew, phew, oh, shit, this is too much fun!

 Heimo, Yoru and Kuu, who had started jumping up and down in the middle of the song, rolled around on the ground and seemed to be completely happy.
 The village chief, who had been clapping along, wiped off his sweat and spoke excitedly to me.

"Oh, it's really wonderful.
"Yes, it's amazing how much the goblins have changed.

 Yes, it's amazing how much the goblins have changed." The chief's eyes widened at my words, and then he continued, breaking into a smile.

"No, I was referring to you, Nino-sama, when I praised them as wonderful.
"You've been here a week. The village has changed remarkably, as has this demon village. It's all thanks to you, Master Nino. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

 We had heard about this on the road.
 At this time of year, the wheat we sowed last year needs to be firmly rooted so as not to be damaged by frost.
 It must be a labor-intensive job, but I wondered if I would have time to come to the underground labyrinth.

 He replied that he had no problem at all.
 With the regular supply of meat, the food situation has become much better, and non-villagers who have improved their level are able to work to the fullest.
 Another good thing was that they distributed the leftover white light stones.
 Even in winter, when the sun goes down early, they can work long hours even after dark because of the lights.

I think it's partly because of that, but more than anything, it's the change that's fun.

 Originally, the village had another goal in mind.
 It was a place to do business with the beast race and the tree race.
 That's why it was deliberately built in a place that borders the Dragonback Mountains and the Dragon Arm Forest.
 This was also the reason why there were beast races like Heimo among the villagers.

 However, when I actually arrived, I found that the land was too stony to be used as a farm.
 The roads were too inconvenient for trade, and it was impossible to frequent them.

 Even the lord, Viscount Gwinner, had lost interest in the land, and it had become an isolated island.
 I, an alchemist, suddenly arrived in such a village where only a sense of stagnation remained.
 I suddenly found an underground labyrinth, and my ordinary life was blown away.

That's why I want to help you. I'm ready to whip my old bones as hard as I can.
"I'm sorry, I must have misunderstood you.

 I'm sorry, I must have misunderstood you." The reason why the village chief was so eager to accompany us was because of his enthusiasm.
 The village chief nodded with a smile as I said my apologies.
 It's a nice atmosphere, but I'd like to add something.

But please don't run into the demons unnecessarily.

 Heimo shook his head as he finished his usual business and was about to leave for downstairs.

I like the way these guys work, but they're not good at what they do. Look at this.

 The blacksmith lifted up a wooden shield, but the leather itself was cut in a neat circle along the edge.
 The leather itself is cut in a neat circle along the edge, but since it is not fixed, it slips down when lifted.

You don't seem to know anything about nails and tacks. So I'm going to prepare some. I've got all the tools I need.

 It seems that following the music, a new technology will be brought to the goblins.
 We hugged Yoru and Kuu goodbye and headed for the stairs to the sixth floor.

 While quickly defeating the crabs and turtles along the way, we faced the boss crab in front of the stairs with the same all-out effort as yesterday.
 The village chief was also quite active, slashing off his legs.

 But the next seven floors.
 I hadn't realized it, but if you're a swordsman, your magic power is reduced to less than half.
 Because of this, Mia and her friends were not able to use the that they had hoped for, and they were not able to reduce their burden.

 Perhaps in order to vent his frustration, the village chief was quite violent in the tower.
 He seemed to have improved his sword skills a bit, as he fought several battles with the skeletons.

 I couldn't find a new doorbell on the top floor, but I did manage to stock up on a few battered swords and shields.
 Well, maybe I won't go up there a third time.

Now for the boss skeleton, Yoru and Kuu can join us today.
I'm in.

 Two days in a row will make them sulk.
 Besides, I'm not going to take too many risks since I'm pretty sure I can beat them without them.
 It's also important to save time.

 I'm going to use a combo of and to kill the big skeletons without any trouble, collect the items, and then rebuild the Bone Boy.
 I've also tested this, and found that bones can basically be summoned anywhere.

 The only problem is that it is impossible without bones.
 When I tried it with a dog bone, it rose up in the shape of a person.

 This is just a guess, but it may not be an attempt to summon the souls of the dead, but rather an existence like a dragon fang soldier.
 It may be what is called a "bone golem" type.

 Accompanied by Bone Girls 1 and 2, who were formed from the bodies of strong boss skeletons, we headed for the next floor covered in green.