49-a little occupational situation

Have a good day! Hey, buddy.

 After a good night's sleep, the young blacksmith's mood was back to normal.
 To be honest, I envy his character, as he never lets anything drag him down.
 He bowed to Heimo as he cheerfully entered the tavern, and spread out on the table the battered armor he had picked up yesterday.

I'm sorry I forgot my promise and left it behind yesterday. You can use this for something if you like.
"Oh, what's this? You'll give it to me?
I'm sorry it's in such bad shape.
No, thank you! This is great!

 I've heard that there's an increasing number of broken farm tools.
 Some of the villagers, whose physical abilities have suddenly improved, have been overworking them without knowing the limits of their strength.

 Heimo is the only blacksmith in the village, but most of his work is repair work called casting.
 He also said that he made nails, pots and pans, and sharpened dull knives.

 In games, blacksmiths are thought of as people who can make swords and armor at a moment's notice, but there is no demand for weapons and armor in this peaceful farming village.
 Also, iron is very precious, so blacksmiths usually melt down old pieces and reforge them.

"Well, this is a nice structure. I like it. I like it. Yeah, the weight is reasonable too!

 Heimo was rummaging through a pile of weapons, but he seemed to have found the hammer and spear used by the boss skeleton.
 Heimo's eyes lit up like a child's, and he held it up happily.
 He is small in stature but has a strong muscular build, giving him the appearance of a strong slugger holding a large metal bat.

Would you like to use it today?
"Yeah. It's a good fit, man.
Let's get you cleaned up. Give me that.

 The white magic stone is valuable, but I'll fix it as an apology for yesterday.
 Once you've received it, put it in the item list, and choose from the alchemy command menu.
 Once you've done this, it's really convenient to have it registered in this way.
 When I restored the sloppy hammer and spear to its previous state, it turned into a black-painted weapon called a dark mace.

"Oops, it's not just a mace, is it?
"What the hell! How did you do that?

 "How did you do that?" Heimo gaped at me and then slapped me on the back.

Heimo opened his mouth and slapped me on the back. I'm amazed you could even do that!
"Hey. Take it easy on me.

Well, I guess I'll just have to ask you to fix it from now on!
No, I told you. No, I told you, it's not that easy to do with a block of magic.
Is that so? Then I'll have to do it for now. d*mn it, I've lost my joy!

 He doesn't seem to care about the repair business at all.
 Yoru and Kuu run up to Heimo and start stomping on the floor with him.
 They seem to have mistaken it for a dance or something.

 After a few moments of crazy dancing, the two animals grinned at each other and gave each other high fives.

"Shall we go then?
"Yes. Let's go to the Abyss. Master Nino. 

 The one who gravely answered behind me was Village Chief Dirk.
 I invited him while fulfilling Heimo's promise.
 If I leave it like that, my family might collapse.

"Yes. If you want, you can use this today.

 I handed him a long sword that was also used by the boss skeleton, which I restored.
 This item is called the Dark Sword.

 It is probably made of not just iron, but of magical black iron mixed with black magic stone.
 If that is the case, it will have the power of darkness attached to it, and should have a terrible sharpness.

 The original name of the item was "Sleeping Sword", which was quite a trap.
 In addition, return the dagger to the Dark Dagger and give it to Paula.
 I thought it was for Mia's protection as she was empty-handed, but I decided it was more dangerous to let her use an unfamiliar weapon.

Thank you, sir. With this blade, I will slaughter all those who would harm you...
I'm afraid of your language, Mr. Paura.

 Two more villagers were selected and they were finally on their way.
 Now, as to the strength of Heimo and the village chief...

---------- --Name: Heimo
Name: Heimo
Race: Beast Race
Occupation: Warrior (Level: 5)
Physical Strength: 9/9
Magic Power: 1/1
Physical Attack Power: 24
Physical Defense: 12
Magic Attack: 3
Magic Defense: 3

Speed: 8
Special Abilities: , , .

Equipment: weapon (dark mace), head (none), body (blacksmith's apron), hands (blacksmith's gloves), feet (blacksmith's shoes)
---------- --

 It seems that he had killed a few demons in his homeland.
 Well, the beast race has a low magic value, so they can't do blacksmithing in this world without training like that.

 Their physical attack power is as high as you would expect from a fighting race.
 The dark mace is also half the benefit.
 Also, is a unique blessing of the beast race, and in the game it was useful for finding lurking targets.

 Blacksmithing is a general occupation, not a combat occupation.
 There are games where you fight as a blacksmith, but in Dracula 2, it was just a general job.

 It is only the combat professions that increase your status by defeating demons.
 And unfortunately, alchemist is also just a general occupation, and the reason why I never participate in killing demons is because I don't get any experience.

 In the event that you've got any questions regarding where by and how to use the internet, you'll be able to call us at the web site.
---------- --Name: Dirk
Name: Dirk
Race: Demon race
Occupation: Swordsman (Level: 1)
Physical Strength: 3/3
Magic Power: 1/1
Physical attack power: 11
Physical Defense: 8
Magic Attack Power: 1
Magic Defense: 1
Speed: 4
Special Abilities: , , , , , .

Equipment: Weapon (dark sword), head (bat feather hat), body (villager's clothes), hands (none), feet (leather boots)
---------- --

 You can change your profession as much as you like, since it retains the level you trained at.
 You can change your profession as much as you like, since it retains the level you have trained for. The increased status values do not affect other professions, though, and will decrease with the level of the profession.

 However, there is an advantage: only the skills you learn can be used.
 In other words, the current village chief is a very useful swordsman who can wield a sword and also use healing techniques.

 Of course, you may think that you can become an all-rounder by changing jobs all the time, but it's not so easy.
 There is a limit to the number of specialties you can learn.
 Moreover, since you cannot forget them, once the limit is filled, you will never learn any more.
 In the end, you will end up with a character who can do a lot of things, but is poor in dexterity and can only use a few skills.

 However, if you have only two or three initial professions, it is recommended.
 The mid- and high-level professions have a little bit of room to spare, since they tend to strengthen the skills themselves.
 If you fill that space with useful skills, you can make unexpected moves.

 Furthermore, learning the skills of multiple professions is sometimes a condition for becoming a mid- or high-ranking profession.
 For example, in the case of a village chief, he must have both swordsman and healer skills in order to become a holy knight.

 That's why the black swordsman and the hammer and pike wielding Heimo have joined the group...

"Son of a b*tc*! You bastard! You bastard!
Hey! Hey! Huh!

 Both of them had muscles in their brains.
 Heimo was a bit predictable, but I didn't think the village chief had that quality lurking in him.

 Specifically, the moment he spotted a demon, he would charge into it without stopping and wield his weapon as he wished.
 He doesn't seem to be thinking about the number of opponents or their strength at all.

 And yet, he is able to hit the vital points in a certain way, not just blindly, which is unmanageable.
 Hmm, it's as annoying as an assault bird.

 The other villagers couldn't level up at all, so we had to split into two groups to explore.
 Since I was the only one who could collect items, I had to double my efforts of running around.
 I'm not complaining, though, since she seems to be really enjoying exploring the labyrinth.

 As usual, I asked the two villagers who had accompanied me to the fifth underground level to move on to work in the fields.
 We still need to expand the farmland.

"Oh, what's this! That's a big bird!

 We're off to the goblin village with the assault birds that came for us.
 Tomi and Gecchan, who we had left on this floor yesterday, had been completely tamed by the goblins.
 The other saddle is finished, and a proud-looking evil elf is riding on it.

 So even now, it is the goblins who are controlling Tocchan.
 I'm sitting behind him, being carried around like a guest or luggage.
 Heimo is also happy to be carried by Gecchan.
 He is looking around intently with an excited look on his face.

 Twenty minutes later.
 What greeted us at the village was the cheerful sound of percussion instruments.