6-We're finally arriving.

 Paula Alvarez.

 Like Hans, she is a character from Dracula 2.
 She is the daughter of a powerful aristocrat in the empire, who was forced into an unwanted marriage by her parents and ran away from home to a village.
 Depending on the events that follow, she is also a heroine candidate with an ending where she and the protagonist end up together.

 I also liked the happy ending scene surrounded by children, and I married her three times.
 However, there was a big difference between the character Paula in the game and the woman in front of me.

 When she first appeared in the game, Paula was an innocent and pretty young lady of 14.
 I had no idea that she was going to be so full of s*x appeal. .......

 But it seems to me that she still retains her calm manner of speaking and a certain elegance in her appearance.
 The mother figure that you see in the ending looks exactly like her in the chest area when you think back.

 When I casually checked, I was told that the actualized version of Miss Paula was twenty-four years old.
 The reason why she left home was not because she was forced to get married, but rather the opposite.
 For some reason, one marriage partner after another had suffered misfortune, and rumors of bad luck had arisen, and there were no more marriage partners.
 So he was ordered by the patriarch to look around the world.

 In other words, he was told to look for a partner he liked by himself.
 It's a little hard to believe, so I don't want to believe it, but some of the aristocrats are crazy. .......

So, I'm the one you've been looking for.
I'm sure you'll be pleased to hear that. Sir.
No, no man would feel bad about being wooed by a beautiful woman.

 The only criterion for being chosen is the amount of magic power, which is very sad for a man.
 As a man, it is very sad that the only criterion for being chosen is the amount of magical power. Well, it seems that the nobility has a duty to leave a good bloodline, so it can't be helped.

 But even so, is it extravagant to want them to look at your inner self a little?
 I don't confide my true feelings to others very often, and I have never had a proper love experience in my previous life.

I'm glad that you feel that way, and that's what I really feel. I just have a lot of things I have to do. I can't get back to you right away, is that okay?
"I'm sorry that I'm the one who's suddenly imposing on your convenience. Thank you very much for allowing me to be with you.
"Well, you'll have to get to know me better before you decide what to do. It's quite possible that you will be disappointed.
"Oh, I see. I'll try to use this opportunity to get to know you better.

 I was relieved when Paula smiled quietly back at me.
 I felt like I was forcing myself to say something, and it was a bit on the nose, but she seemed to have listened to me honestly.
 Or maybe he was just pretending.

 Well, the reason I postponed my answer was actually for my own convenience.
 Considering my plans for the future, it's very helpful to have a capable demon hunter around.
 My heart is aching, but since I've decided to do whatever it takes, I can't be so choosy about the means.

Take care of him.
"Yes, thank you.

 When I held out my hand, Paula grasped it lovingly in both of hers.


 Then the demon children who had been running around on the cart jumped up and hung on.
 Paula and I looked at each other and smiled at how cute they were.
 As the two of us put our hands on each other, a voice called out from the guard stand at just the right moment.

Oh, I can see it now. Look, there it is.

 As I turned my gaze forward, I saw a scene of thatched-roof houses standing side by side.
 "We had finally arrived at the "village of beginnings.

 The village was surrounded by fields of green autumn wheat, but there were no fences in sight.
 The only place in this area where dangerous demons appear is the Dragon's Arm Forest, which is a little far away, so I guess they didn't bother to build one.
 Night thieves are not unheard of, but the chances of them appearing in such a remote area are slim to none.
 Nevertheless, it would not be long before we could rest easy.

 Perhaps because the village was only five years old, the mud walls of the houses were still fresh.
 Combined with the dark brown roofs, the appearance was a bit too plain.
 The stone buildings seemed to decrease in number as we moved further away from the capital, as we had often seen before coming here.

 There was a peculiar odor in the air, as if livestock were being raised.
 I let out a small snort as I fondly remembered the vomit- and urine-soaked back alleys of King's Landing.
 On the game screen, the village looked clean and healthy, but in reality, I could feel that I was in a cold village in the countryside.

 The carriage passed between the houses and entered a wide open space in the center of the village.  
 Near the center of the open space, where the soil had just been cleared, a small dug well could be seen.
 Next to it, the donkey finally came to a halt.

 Perhaps it was the sound of the noisy wheels, but the villagers soon gathered around.

"There's the peddler!
"Wow, Uncle Hans, Uncle Hans!

 "Uncle Hans, Uncle Hans!" The first to gather were the dirty children.
 They jumped up and down on the back of the truck.
 One by one, they rolled their eyes and backed away, as if they had noticed us.

 Apparently they're not used to newcomers.
 With the two demon children in my arms, I helped Paula out of the wagon.
 Perhaps because I was a stranger, the adults didn't approach me as much as the children.

Let me through, please. What's the matter with you? What's the matter? You're frozen.

 Just as I thought I heard a boisterous voice behind the crowd, an elderly woman suddenly appeared, pushing her way through the villagers.
 She wore a simple apron typical of a farming village, and her dull golden hair was pulled back with a white hood.
 She was a dignified old lady with a broad figure.

Welcome back, Hans. How have you been?
"I'm back, sister. How are you?

"As long as you stay in this village, you'll never change, no matter what you do.

 In that exchange, I realized that the woman was Ute, Hans-san's sister.
 In the game, she ran a tavern and grocery store in the village, and she was a kind of powerful mistress.

So, it's unusual to have a customer in such a remote place. What are you guys doing here?
"Nice to meet you. My name is Nino. This is my bodyguard, the demon wizard Paula. These two are her followers.

 He speaks about the setting he's already set up in no time at all.
 The woman, who had been looking at us probingly, nodded, took off her hood and said her name.

I'm Ute. I'm Hans' sister, and I buy and sell things in this village.
I'm an alchemist. I'm an alchemist. I came to this village to open a workshop.

 It seems that Ute wasn't the only one who was surprised by my words.
 It seems that Ute was not the only one surprised by my words.

"Hey, are you sure about that?
"No, no, no. How could an alchemist come to a village like this?
Oh, that's the one. He's an impostor!
We're country folk. We think we're easy to fool!

 That's a valuable alchemist, even for a pan-breed.
 Even coming to an ordinary village is a big deal.
 Even coming to an ordinary village is a big deal, especially if you want to open a workshop instead of a patrol in a frontier village.
 I probably wouldn't believe it either.

"Well, I'm not doubting you. "Well, I'm not doubting you, but do you have anything to prove that you're an alchemist?

 At Ute's words, I pulled out a piece of paper from my pocket.

"I have a letter from Barnabas, the head of the Royal Alchemy Workshop. Does anyone know what it is?
"Yes, let's see it.

 An old man with an immaculate white beard stepped forward.
 The atmosphere was so somber that I couldn't help but offer him the workshop manager's letter.

 The old man took the letter, rubbing his long beard, and lifted it up to let the sunlight shine through it.
 He nodded his head and began to read.
 While everyone was looking at him, the old man suddenly looked away from the letter and stared at me.

 I wondered if there was something inappropriate in the letter.
 Feeling a cold sweat on my back, the old man and I stared at each other for a while.

 After a few seconds of heavy silence, the old man tugged at his beard in annoyance.

"Hmmm, now that you mention it, I can't read.
"Eugen, you're drunk again! Give it to me, I'll read it to you!

 The next person who appeared before me was a beastly man with round animal ears.
 He was a head shorter than me, but his body was sturdy and strong, wearing a black leather apron.

 The man, who had the air of a small bear, took the letter from the old man and held it up to the sun in the same way.
 He frowned and began to read it intently, but within a few seconds, he kicked the ground and became angry.   

I can't read this letter! There's no way I can read it!

 I don't know what to say, but for some reason, the villagers seemed to like it.
 The people around me burst into laughter.
 Incidentally, oniji is the official language of the Holy Vilnian Kingdom, and its official name is onijinmoji.

 Despite the peaceful atmosphere of the villagers, I was quite excited inwardly.
 There is no doubt about the two of them now.
 It's the old man who knows everything and Heimo the blacksmith.

 The old man is the one who gossips in the tavern, and is an important character who often triggers quests.
 Heimo, the beastman, is a skilled blacksmith and a reliable companion who can process anything you ask him to.

 Heimo is a skilled blacksmith and a reliable companion who can process anything you ask him to. The random behavior of the old man and Heimo's quick anger are just the kind of interactions we've seen many times in the games.
 Just as I was feeling deeply moved, I heard a voice from beyond the crowd again.

"What's wrong? Gentlemen.

 The fourth person to appear was a middle-aged man with horns on his forehead.
 He had calm brown eyes and a chiseled nose.
 His body, wrapped in a simple, unadorned robe, was large, but a little on the thin side.
 His gentle demeanor reminded me of the head of the Barnabas Workshop, partly because he was of the same demon race.
 His age is about the same.
 The person (or character) who fits this description is...

"Oh, this young guy wants me to read this, but I can't read it at all.
"Let me see.

 The man who had received the letter from Heimo began to look it over quietly.
 As the people around him watched with bated breath, he examined the contents carefully, letting out a "hmmm" or "hmmm" sound.
 When he had finished reading, he let out a deep breath.

 As the man opened his mouth to say something, all eyes around him, including mine, focused on him.
 But he remained silent and started reading the letter again from the beginning.

 When he finished reading, he started to open his mouth again.
 Again, he looks down at the letter in silence.

How many times are you going to read it?

 How many times are you going to read it?" Ute nodded in agreement with me.

We nodded in agreement. It was unbelievable, and I must have been reading too much into it. I'll have to send a thank you note to Barnabas as soon as possible." ......

 After muttering a few words, the man turned to me and held out his right hand.

My name is Dirk, and I am the chief of this village.
"Nice to meet you too. My name is Nino.

 I knew you were the village chief.
 As we shook hands for the second time today, Mayor Dirk turned around and lifted his other hand high to the houses and villagers.
 Then he said a happy welcome.

Welcome to this nameless village. We have been expecting you with all our hearts, Master Alchemist.