28-Fierce battle, one-horse race

 To be honest, it may have been a bad move to agree to a one-on-one.
 In addition to being doped up with strength-enhancing drugs, attack-enhancing drugs, and defense-enhancing drugs, I also had the support of the demon wizard's status enhancement.
 My opponent is probably over level 20, but I should be able to make up the difference.

 However, I can't shake my fears.
 In a normal boss battle, even if you are badly injured, if someone who can move buys you time, you can heal yourself with medicine in the meantime.
 But in this battle, such help was not allowed.

 I whispered the plan to the others in case of emergency.

"If it comes to it, let's all join forces and kill that boss goblin.
"Yeah, I'll do it! "Yes, we will! But you're so strong, you'll probably win!
Okay. Please give me a signal when you do.
"But then, ......

 The village chief looked around at the goblins filling the arena, and I replied as I measured the distance to the back of the room.

"If we defeat the King, the bars will go up. If you run downstairs, the goblins won't be able to follow you.
"...... I see.

 But before you do that, there's a good chance you'll be hit by a lot of arrows.
 The village chief must have realized that there was no guarantee that everyone would be safe.
 He didn't say anything else, but simply pulled his chin back.

 Finally, I turned to Paula, who was silently staring at me.
 Her reddish eyes did not have the usual soft light.
 I could not say anything, but only nodded.

 Perhaps worried about my sister, Kuu came up to me and clung to my leg.
 I picked him up and stroked Yoru's head with him, and the little beast chuckled happily.
 All I can do now is trust.


 Yoru strode out into the arena, and the audience erupted in laughter.
 After all, the height difference was almost three times.
 If you didn't know any better, you would think that the winner would be obvious even before the fight.

 But the moment King picked up the large bone club that was propped up on his throne, the crowd went silent.
 The goblin swung his femur lightly to check the feel, and then bared his fangs at the little challenger.

 The next moment, the curtain of the battle was raised.

 Yoru, in four-legged mode, quickly closed the distance.
 The diminutive shadow ran through the ground and dodged the club swung at him.

 The King, whose leg tendons had been gouged by the sharp claw blow, let out an annoyed cry.
 All the reserve in his face disappears and the face of a warrior appears.

 The goblin slumps down and leans forward.
 At the same time, the large swinging motion of the club changed to a sharp thrust.

 The King's reach gives him an advantage in this situation.

 It should have been, but Yoru's feet wouldn't stop.

 He ran across the ground like a thunderbolt, skillfully dodging the club and inflicting wounds.
 It seems that his speed value is much higher than mine.


 It's a good thing that you're not the only one who has a problem with this.
 But he is not a beastly boy who will miss the opportunity.

 He instantly closed the distance and tried to jump into the goblin's pocket.

"Watch out!

 At that moment, the King's body moved as if at double speed, and the club was cleaved away with terrifying force.
 -- This is a goblin's special skill.

 The club that came out in rapid succession caught Yoru right in the center of his body and was swung out at once.
 A small shadow flies away.

 Yoru bounces and rolls on the ground of the arena, and finally stops when he hits the wall.
 I couldn't help but scream at the sight of him slumping down.

No, that's okay.
Just before the club hit him, he flew backwards to avoid the impact. See?

 Suddenly, Hans-san explains a technique that could have come out of the beginning of a fighting manga.
 But his words were not wrong, and Yoru stood up with a cheerful face.
 I hurriedly checked his status, and found that he had lost only 5 points of strength.

 I let out a deep breath of relief, and Hans-san let out a sigh of admiration.

But you handled it well. That's Master Jor.
I've told you in advance that I have such a skill. I told him to be careful when approaching. ......
"I see, so that's it?

 I suddenly felt uncomfortable with my words, but I quickly turned my gaze back to Yoru and the others as the crowd cheered loudly.

 The beast boy got up and seemed to have stepped up another gear.
 With an even more accelerated movement, he ran across the King's field of vision and tossed him around.

 As a result, the bloodshed increases little by little, and the giant's movements gradually slow down.
 On the other hand, Yoru's foot never stops.
 He effortlessly sees through the trajectory of the club and claws mercilessly.

 At this point, the difference in status values seemed to be clearly visible.

 The King roars again in distress.
 However, the second that he unleashed with such momentum was blown out of the sky by Yoru's light steps.
 As the goblin stopped moving, the Beast Boy's special technique exploded in full force.

 The goblin leaps up high, shakes his butt, and something long jumps out from the base of his butt.
 The goblin's mouth twisted into a grin as if he had been waiting for it.

Oh no!

 After a moment's pause, the goblin's mouth opened wide and a great volume of air was expelled.
 At the same time, a nose-rattling odor immediately filled the air.

 Another of the goblin's specialties.
 Yoru's eyes widened and his mouth dropped open, and he stopped moving as he was exposed to the smell of garlic at close range.

 Immediately, the King's hand reached out and grabbed the tip of Yoru's tail.
 The beast child, suspended in midair, struggled but could not escape.

"d*mn it!

 I gritted my teeth in anger, swearing as I realized now what I had missed.
 I should have known that the Goblin King must be at least level 20.
 If so, then there was a good chance that there would be more than one skill to learn per level 10.
 If you had known this beforehand, you could have avoided the current situation.

 Yoru's tail was gripped tightly, and he let out a small scream and went limp.
 At the sight of this, the King opened his mouth to its fullest extent and bared his sharp fangs.
 The bone club slowly lifts up and is raised above his head.
 At the same time, the audience's expectant laughter echoed throughout the arena.

"Come on. I'll save Yol.
"Wait, sir.

 It was Paula who gave a sharp warning.
 She stepped in front of me and shook her head to calm me down.

The matter is not yet settled.
What are you talking about ......?

 The goblins' ranting and raving for blood grew louder and louder even as I took my time talking to them.
 Convinced of his victory, the King licked his tongue and moved his face closer to his motionless prey.

 That's when Yoru's eyes fluttered open.
 Then, with a swoosh, a liquid flew out of his mouth.

 The mysterious liquid flew straight through the air and struck the King's defenseless face.
 Immediately, there was white smoke and a terrible scream.

 The goblin, whose eyeballs had been dissolved by the liquid, pressed his face with both hands, unable to bear the terrible pain.
 Yoru's tail, which had regained its freedom, snapped at its neck.

"Heck, ......?

 It was as if some other creature had just sprouted from Yoru's buttocks.
 I hurried to check it out, but the tail was already tucked into his butt like a tape measure.

 The little beast spun around three times and landed on his toes.
 Behind her.
 The King was writhing in pain, scratching his eyes, when suddenly his body twitched and he fell to the ground.

 The skin on his upper body had turned a magnificent shade of purple.
 The goblin shivered a few times, then stopped moving and fell silent.
 As the entire audience watched in bated breath, the bars lifted noiselessly.

"I'll take it.

 A huge ovation erupted.
 The goblins cheer as Yoru climbs up on the king's body and cheers his victory.

 But that wasn't all.
 They began to throw garlic into the air one after another in honor of the winner.

 Immediately surrounded by the smell he hates, Yoru's face turns pale.
 Then he slumped down on top of the goblin.


 As I rushed to rescue him, the two women who had just retreated from his side came out and helped him up.
 They sat the limp beast child on the throne and placed a silver crown on top of his head.

 The goblins' excitement over the birth of their new king reached a climax.
 As I watched, I finally regained my composure and exhaled deeply from the bottom of my lungs.