27-The King In Waiting

 Approaching the gate with an air of dignity, Gobbledygook entered the fence without arousing suspicion.
 As he waited for a while, high-pitched laughter began to break out from the village.
 Without pausing, the gate opened and Gobbledygook, empty-handed, peeked out.  

 Looking left and right to make sure no one saw him, the goblin slipped into the bushes where we were.
 As a reward, you give him a piece of garlic and a bag of slime.
 The goblin grinned wickedly and walked lightly back into the fence.

 He repeated this five times.
 Already, the high-pitched laughter of the village was echoing in an eerie chorus.

 I've planted the fairy scales again, as usual.
 I've already confirmed that it's effective against goblins by showering goblins with yaw scales right after they became .

 Deciding that it was time, we quietly approached the gate of the village, killing our footsteps.
 We left a small opening and peered inside.

 In the center of the gate was a square, where a large number of goblins were laughing.
 They seemed to be having a great deal of fun, huddling together and singing songs, or just pounding the ground.

 Around the square, there were a number of wooden huts and even a kind of tower.
 The place is unexpectedly clean and seems to be more civilized than I expected.
 Also, since they are fairies, do they not defecate?
 There was almost no awful smell, as is often the case.

 I quickly looked around the fence, and noticed that there was a large building in the back.
 And near it.
 I spotted the goblin I was looking for, with several large red feathers adorning its head.

"Okay, there he is! Gobbler, please.

 Instead of answering, the goblin let out an eerie laugh and quickly approached the goblin with the red feathers, weaving in and out of the crowd of brethren.
 He suddenly held out his hand.

 The red-bellied goblin, who had been laughing happily, glanced at his hand, and then offered his own.
 The two goblins look at each other and firmly shake hands.
 Suddenly, the goblin points to the gate where we're hiding.

 The goblin with the red feather looks up and looks straight at us.
 The goblin immediately noticed us and twisted its mouth wide open to its ears.

 The goblin immediately stood up and started walking with the goblin.
 They walked through the noisy square and came to the gate.

 After a moment of staring at me, the red-feathered goblin now silently held out his hand.
 He places the red magic stones on it one by one.

 Five, six, seven, still no response.
 After eight or nine, the palm of his hand curled up, and the red-feathered goblin smiled again.
 He immediately holds out his other hand, and I exhale in relief as I take it.

 There are ten magic stones in total, including the first one Gobu gave me.
 Okay, the terms of the deal are exactly the same as in the game.

 In Dracula 2, this goblin with red feathers is a merchant NPC.
 He's a very useful character who can help you in dungeons and buy and sell various goods for magic stones.

 I thought he might be in the goblin village, but I was right.  
 It was also a good thing that I had lowered my guard with the special happiness water.
 Well, even if you are spotted by accident, you can escape quickly if you are laughing.

Nice to meet you too.

 I offered a deal to Red Feather, who gave me a deliberate squeeze.

"I want to be friendly with the goblins. Can you handle that?

 Goblins may be evil fairies, but they are naturally smart and good at calculating profit and loss.
 Rather than killing them and turning them into experience, he thought that a mutually beneficial relationship would be a great help in exploring this level.

 After a moment's thought, Akahane closed one eye and pulled out a necklace from a bag at his waist.
 It was an eerie item, lined with goblin fangs.
 He raised five fingers and handed me five more red magic stones.

 The goblin took them, instructed me to bow, and slipped them around my neck.
 The goblin then slaps me on the shoulder and smiles in what can only be described as an evil way.

I asked, "Is this okay?

 I asked, and he nodded as if it was obvious.
 I collected it in the item section and looked it up, it was called the Goblin Talisman.
 It looks like a goblin talisman, but it's also an item I don't recognize.

 Perhaps noticing my expression of hesitation, Akahane suddenly pulled a nearby goblin by force.
 Then he pushed him outside the gate.

 Naturally, the strange goblin found itself face to face with me.
 I almost shouted, but the goblin looked up at my neck without a care in the world, and smiled at me friendly.
 There was not a trace of hostility in his face.

This guy's awesome. Okay, can I have some more of this?

 Again, he stuck out five fingers. Apparently there's no discount for extra.
 I asked for more for Yoru and Kuu, but he shook his head.
 It seems that human followers and messengers who wear the talisman are treated as friends.

I'm really nervous about this.
Is it really safe to go to ......?

 The two men looked at each other anxiously, but the young girl was bold.
 The two men looked at each other anxiously, but the young girl was bold.

I'm Mia. Nice to meet you!
"I'm here!

 The square was instantly quieted by the sudden intrusion of the human and demon children.

 At least fifty or so goblins turned their glazed over eyes towards us at once.
 I gulped as I felt the cold sweat running down my back.

 But the next moment, there was a burst of loud laughter.
 The goblins were laughing merrily and clapping their hands at us one after another.
 It seems that we have been successfully accepted.

...... You're the man. I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that you can easily win them over with just a little negotiation. I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that.

 Let's not listen to the second half of Paula's words.

 At the friendly reaction of his compatriots, Gobbledygook put his chin on my thigh with a look of pride on his face.
 He seems to be trying to show that he's done a good job.
 I threw a clove of garlic into his mouth, and he started laughing happily.
 I think he's getting a little cute.

 We made up our minds and entered the village of the evil fairies.
 We walked in among the goblins, but not a single one of them bared its fangs or held a bow or club.

 You continue across the square and approach the large building at the far end.

I think this is the stairwell. ......

 I lifted up the white rabbit fur that hung over the entrance and saw that it was brighter than I expected.
 Or rather, there was no roof.

 Instead, there was a wooden fence that surrounded the room and a seat lined with logs.
 The steps were dexterously placed so that one could look down on the center.

 But in the middle of the large room, there was nothing but trodden ground.
 And at the back of the room.
 In front of the staircase leading downward, an iron bar was lowered and a wooden throne was set up in front of it.

 Leaning against the backrest, sitting on it, is a goblin.
 The size of the goblin was clearly different even as it sat there.
 It has a small silver crown on its head, so it might be a king.

 Around the throne stand two ordinary goblins, one of them gracefully fanning the king with a fan-like object made of red bird feathers stuck to a tree branch.
 The other holds a wooden plate in his hand, the contents of which are a heap of garlic.

 The ordinary goblin was plucking a piece of garlic and throwing it directly into the king's mouth.
 Grapes and other fruits are standard.

 In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site.
 I'm sure it's a female. ...... There was a piece of cloth wrapped around her chest, so I'm guessing it was a female.

 The big goblin slowly stood up, lifted the index finger of his right hand and made a squeaking motion.
 Immediately, a loud cheer erupted from the surrounding area.
 Before I knew it, the goblins had filled the audience seats with their bells.

 Yeah, this is totally an arena.

"How may I help you? "What do you want?
It's like they're telling us to come at them. I think I can handle it.

 So, when we all tried to challenge them, Gobbledygook, Akahane and the others hurried to stop us.
 The audience booed at once.

"Yeah? Can't we fight?

 I asked, and Red Feather shook his head, lifted one finger, and pointed at the Goblin King.

Nino-sama, since this is one king, doesn't that mean that only one person can challenge it?

 Red Feather nodded his head and tapped Hans-san on the shoulder in a friendly manner.
 Apparently, he was right.

It's not fair that he's so big.
It's their territory, though. It's their territory and they can set the rules as they please.

 The only ones among us who can definitely defeat the King are Yoru, Kuu and Mia.
 But if they close the distance, Mia is likely to be finished in an instant.
 Besides, fairy monsters have high magic defense.

 The remaining options are Yoru and Kuu, but Kuu has the advantage of being able to fly.
 However, the question is how far the special move that stops them will go.
 It is said that the power of the range technique is not so good against a single opponent.

 In that case, Yoru is the one with the most stable status.
"Okay, can I ask? Yoru.
"Absolutely not.

 That's what I thought.