26-Wider than you think?

Hmm, I'd say that's wicked.
"Yeah, it's got a very creepy look to it.

 As we looked at the goblin corpse, Hans-san and I gave each other our honest opinions.
 He's about a meter and twenty to forty centimeters tall.
 His arms and legs are surprisingly thin, while his head is large, giving him an unbalanced body.
 His skin is reddish-bronze, and he has large, lifted eyes, a pointed nose, and black hair like wire.
 Its mouth, slit to the ears, is lined with fangs.

 It's a monster face, just like a picture.

"Well, isn't he surprisingly cute? Look, Gobu, you have a really nice smile.

 The one Mia was pointing at was a goblin who had just become a servant demon, smiling wickedly.
 He was looking up at her with a funny look on his face as his fellow elf, Yo, flew overhead.

 Her caterpillar-like black eyebrows twitching in a manner that cannot be called charming, even if it is flattering.

Mia likes creepy stuff. ......
I'm not going to say that. It's a great way to get the most out of your life.
I'm not so happy to think of you as a big caterpillar or a goblin.

 While talking about unimportant things, I touched the corpse of the goblin and looked for items that I could collect.
 First on the list of items was a white magic stone.
 Then the goblin short bow and goblin arrows. And a goblin club.
 The dirty cloth wrapped around his waist seemed to be excluded.

 The bow, quiver, and club seemed to be basic equipment, and all five of them were wearing them.

 The small wooden bows were light and even we could handle them if we tried hard enough.
 The bowstring was made of animal tendons, and the arrow had a red feather and a pointed horn.
 At the end of the club, there was a large, sharp claw.

 I wondered what part of the demon it was, but I couldn't retrieve it by touching it.
 It might be impossible to retrieve it if it had been processed.

"This is quite a dexterous piece of work. "This is quite dexterous.

 Hans, as a businessman, seemed to like the workmanship of the bow and arrow.
 With a look of admiration on his face, he dipped the arrow and tested the feel.
 Since it seemed to be useful, he decided to let me keep it.

"By the way, you said you were heading for that goblin village, Mr. Nino. May I ask you some specifics?

 Perhaps he was waiting for me to catch my breath, but when I had finished collecting the materials and checking everyone for injuries, the village chief spoke up.

I'm sure it would be difficult to turn this place into a field if there are goblins wandering around, so I thought I'd check first to see how big the population is.
"I see. So you want to explore the settlement?
"Besides, the boss guarding the stairs of this level is probably there.

 I really want to take my time and fill in the map from the edges.

 But I've found fighting archers to be a pain in the ass.  
 So it's probably a good idea to try it first, even though there's little guarantee of success.

"Let's get into formation and get going.

 At the head of the group were Gobbler and Hans-san with their bows.
 At their feet are Yoru and Kuu.

 In the middle is Mia, the turret, and Paula, who protects it.
 Behind them are me and the village chief, whose strength is unreliable.
 At the end of the line is the duo of a big worm and a big caterpillar.

 As for the scout fairies, we decided to have them take advantage of our previous strategy and fly up to the sky to check the distance.  
 The only problem is that if they keep flying high, they won't be able to keep their strength up very long, so we'll have to give them potions to restore their magical energy frequently.

 Fifteen minutes into the walk to the north.
 The first thing that happened was that Gobuch suddenly shot an arrow.

 At the same time, something started running in the grass.
 The goblins continued to fire arrows at it.

 There was a small scream, and suddenly a white lump popped out from deep in the grass.
 It was a white-haired rabbit about three or four inches long.
 It had horns protruding from its forehead. This is also a horned rabbit that you often see in the beginning.

 Quickly letting go of his bow, Gobbledygook intercepted the rabbit with a hooked club.
 While dodging the horns, he struck the hare in the neck and the battle ended easily.

 Gobuchi slits the rabbit's throat and raises his blood dripping prey in glee.
 He seems to be a seasoned hunter, judging from his deftness.

"Oh, that's great, Gobbler! Nice work.
Way to go!

 Unlike me, who grew up in the city, they don't seem to be averse to the smell of blood.
 I forced a smile and patted the goblin's head as Paula stared at me worriedly.

"Great job, goblin.
Great job, goblin!

 Yeah, his hair is so hard it hurts.
 As I continued to stroke the goblin's head, I tried to sound a little more serious.

"But next time, before you do anything, you have to check with me or Paula. Do you understand?

 Gobbledygook nodded his head in acknowledgement of me as the leader of the pack.
 He then handed me the carcass of a horned rabbit.

 After receiving it, I looked at the list of items and saw that it was divided into red magic stone, horn of wild rabbit, meat of wild rabbit, and fur of wild rabbit.
 I didn't bother to drain the blood: .......
 Then there is the rabbit horn, which is quite a treat.
 As I had hoped from the moment I saw the arrowhead, the horn is one of the ingredients in the attack enhancer.

 Gobbledygook looked up at me expectantly, as if he knew from my expression that what I had done was a good job.

 He immediately took out a piece of rabbit meat and gave it to her as a reward, and she happily took a bite.
 Yoru and Kuu stared up at him, drooling from the corners of their lips.

 Gobbledygook, with a slightly annoyed look on his face, split the meat in half and handed it to them.

"I'm sorry!

 Sorry for judging you by your looks, Gobber.

We'll take a break.
Hi. It's a little hot in here.
Yeah, the sun's shining a lot harder than I thought it would.

 Paula was wearing a hood, so the heat must have gotten to her even more.
 There was a convenient grove of trees, so she decided to sit down and rest.
 Thinking about it, I hadn't taken a good rest after the battle with the goblins.

 I handed out wine with blue magic stone and black bread to Mia and the others, and gave labyrinth water and bat meat to the demons.
 The only thing is that the earthworm, Mr. Earthworm, seemed to like the soil better and was digging around on his own.
 Also, since potato is a herbivore, I let him climb up a tree in my arms.

 While I was helping him, I suddenly noticed that there was a fruit on the branch.
 He opened the item box and touched it to reveal an item called a green hard fruit.


 A voice leaks out.

"What's wrong? You.
This tree is an olive. ......
Olives? What's that?

 In the game, it had a name like that, but it looked and felt like an ordinary olive.
 I hurriedly thought back to my memory, but it seems that it is not known at all in this world.
 It seemed to grow only in the underground labyrinth, and perhaps its purpose had not been noticed.

It's a fruit that yields oil. Oh, you can collect it all by just touching the tree?
"Oh, oil. That's an unusual tree.

 Mr. Hans, the merchant, heard about it and joined the conversation with great interest.

If you squeeze the fruit, you can get high quality oil. It's easier for me to explain than for you to taste it.

 If you break down the olives, you can get about a glass bottle of jade oil (olive oil).
 That's about a tenth of the quantity. .......
 When you freshly made olive oil, salt, and wild rabbit meat with a red magic stone, you will get.

"Yes, roasted rabbit meat is ready. Please enjoy.

 I borrowed the plate and salt from Mr. Ute so that I could roast and eat the bat meat if something happened.

 Hans cut it into pieces with his knife, and we all tasted one piece at a time.

Oh, it's so good! What is this?
"Oh, it's very refreshing on the palate. It's amazing.
It's so refined, it doesn't linger. And yet it has a nice aroma. This is mmmmmmmm ......
"Oh, it's very good, Mr. Nino.

 It seems to be quite popular.  
 In this world, oil comes only from animals, and vegetable oil is rare.
 The village chief started to stare at the tree as if expecting something, but I stopped him, shaking my head.

I think it's too cold to grow on the ground.
"...... I see. That's a shame.
But isn't what we have here good enough to sell?
Yes, it's very promising.

 After harvesting all the olives we could, we headed further north.
 We hunted a horned rabbit and stopped at an olive tree we found along the way, when Gobu suddenly pointed ahead.

 I thought it was another horned rabbit, but there was no sign of it.
 I nodded, and Gobbledygook ran into the grass and came back with a bouncy gait, hanging something.

"Is this garlic from ......?
"Yes, it's a fine garlic.

 The garlic, which the village chief had given his seal of approval, was called "labyrinth garlic," and was one of the ingredients in a revitalizing potion.
 I gave a piece of garlic to Gobuchi, who had made another wonderful discovery, and he swallowed it whole with delight.
 Apparently, it is his favorite food.

 Koo and Yoru came running up to me, drooling, and when I brought them close to my face, they were rolling around with their hands over their noses.
 Apparently, they don't like the smell.

 As we continued to walk, making detours, the back wall got closer and closer.
 After an hour and a half, including a break, we finally reached the end.
 Finally, we reached the end of the wall and what seemed to be a goblin settlement below it.
 It was about five kilometers away.

 A wooden fence about the height of an adult surrounded the area, making it hard to see what was going on inside.
 However, I could sense the presence of a large number of goblins.

 I asked Kuu and the fairy Yoh to scout the area from above.
 When I asked them how many goblins there were, they spread their hands and toes in a cute way, so there were probably more than twenty.

 There were probably more than twenty of them. They were not enough to break through head-on anyway.
 It would be too easy to shoot them all at once and be done with it.
 Well, I wasn't planning to force them, but...

 We hid in a nearby bush and asked Gobbledygook to help us infiltrate.

"Here you go, Gobbler.

 The goblin replied cheerfully, and I handed him a slime bag full of labyrinth water.