25-Familiar guys.

Stand down, please! Sir.

 I ducked in a panic at Paula's words as she expertly knocked the arrow away with her whip.
 I took a few steps back and looked in the direction the arrow had come from.

 About forty or fifty meters away.
 There seemed to be a few small figures hiding in the bushes.
 However, they are too far away and too skillfully hidden for me to catch them clearly.

 As I looked intently, another arrow was fired.
 After a moment's pause, Paula's whip cut through the air again.
 The arrow aimed at us changed its trajectory and plunged into the ground, just as before.

Thank you for saving my life.
"No, I'm glad you're okay. What can I do for you?

 Even Mia's fireball, which had the longest range, was only about thirty meters long.
 Yoru and Kuu, who have high physical defense, may be able to repel the arrows, but I don't feel like trying.
 Critical hits are especially easy with arrows, after all.

"Let's pull back. Take the stairs!

 Everyone shook their heads nervously at my command.
 One by one, they run for the stairs to the fourth floor, with Paula acting as a back-up.
 My whole body felt like it was being carried somewhere, and I let out a sigh of relief.

 As we fled upstairs, I checked quickly to make sure no one was hurt.
 We went upstairs and checked quickly.

"Whoa, was that a bandit or something?
"Well, was that a bow and arrow? Demons can't do that. Who lives in this place?

 While everyone was shouting, only the village chief, who was a demon, seemed to be able to see the attacker.
 But he didn't seem to be able to grasp the identity of the attacker, and murmured in wonder.

I only caught a glimpse of him, but he was as tall as a child. And I may be mistaken, but his skin color is ......
Was it red, by any chance?
Yes, do you know?

 Small stature, reddish-brown skin.
 Small in stature, reddish brown skin, and intelligent with a weapon, I can think of only one.

That's a goblin.
Goblins! Is that it?
What's he famous for? That goblin, gobgoblin?

Long time no see!
It's a goblin. A kind of fairy, or more accurately, an evil fairy.

 It may be a bit selfish to say that those who don't outwardly antagonize humans are just fairies, while those who harm them are evil.
 In games, these monsters are as familiar and popular as slimes, but in this world, they basically live only in underground labyrinths.
 However, since there are many of them and they have a certain amount of wisdom, they are known to be a troublesome opponent, and Hans-san and the village chief seemed to know about them.

We're in trouble. You can find a lot more information at .......
"Yes, it's not so easy. But I can't say for sure right now, but hopefully we can make it work.
Well, that's great. You already have a plan.
"Please don't lift me up like that, Chief. Don't lift me up like that, chief. - For now, let's deal with the attacker.

 We can't go any further until we get rid of the ones at the bottom of the stairs.

The flying tools are a pain. We'll have to take care of that first.
How about taking it with the awaa? Sir.
Well, it'll definitely stop them, but the problem is the number of arrows they have.

  If that's the case, it's a game of whether Mia's magic power will last or whether the goblins will run out of arrows.

There were at least two archers, maybe two, judging by the position of the arrows.
"Then there's a chance they won't make it. It's too dangerous to whip them.

 The village chief is as good as any of us.
 You're the one who kept a cool head in that situation.

"Why don't you use this girl?

 The fairy that was perched on Paula's shoulders laughed happily.

Oh, I think I might be able to make it.

 I asked her to fly a little through the entrance to test it out, and immediately an arrow came flying out.
 Yeah, I guess it stands out when it's glowing. .......

 When I was stuck, Hans-san came to my rescue.

If you want, I can draw the arrow for you.
Are you sure?
Yes, leave it to me. But I'm not strong enough to do it by myself, so I need Nino's help.

 After the mission was decided and preparations made, we descended to the fifth floor again.

 Hans-san, who is leading the way, has a leather shield at the ready and a freshly tanned bat wing tied to the front of his body.

 Behind him, a tense-looking Mia snuggled in close.

 As I signaled to the other demons to take their places, Hans shouted as he jumped out from behind the entrance.

"The wind!

 Immediately, a whirlwind blew strongly behind him.
 The magical wind caused the cape and bat wings that Hans wore to flap strongly.

 This was Hans-san's strategy to prevent the arrows from flying.
 The wind-swollen leathers prevented the arrows from rushing forward and also made it difficult to locate the main body.
 It is said that a knight's cloak is originally used in this way on the battlefield.

 However, the cloak was designed to be used only in the rear, but it was switched to be used in the front by manipulating the wind with magic.
 In addition, since it is a headwind, the power of the arrow itself is much reduced.
 However, Hans-san's low magic power makes it difficult for him to keep calling in the wind, so my medicine is helping him there.

 As Hans-san began to move forward, several arrows immediately flew at him.
 But he lifted his shield and blocked them without difficulty.
 The arrows also deflected off the ground.

 However, the goblins seemed to have learned their lesson as soon as Hans and his men took a few steps forward.
 They began to concentrate their arrows on the lower half of their bodies, where it was harder to get their shields out and where the wings of the big bats would not interfere.

 And that's where Mia comes in.
 A large bubble of water expands and shoots out with the arrow.
 Because of the distance, the arrows tend to miss, and the two of them work together to create an almost perfect defense.
 But as soon as they did, their footsteps slowed down.

 The arrows rained down relentlessly on Hans and his team as they slowly advanced.
 At this rate of progress, they were wondering when they would reach the bushes.
 But that's not the real role of Hans and the others.

 We were to act as decoys and buy plenty of time.
 This was exactly what we were aiming for.

 As we watched breathlessly, suddenly a bright light flooded out of the bushes for a moment.
 At the same time, the cries of the blinded goblins rose up.  

"Oh, there you are. Mia, you're good!
Okay, we're burning it!

 "Okay, we're going to burn it!" The sound of three consecutive finger flicks echoed.
 In the first place, there was no need to go so close to the goblins.
 At thirty meters, a fireball can barely reach them.

 The fireballs landed one after another, and from behind the bushes that had quickly burst into flames, small figures popped out.
 Five in all. Red-skinned demons, goblins.
 What I should do now is to bring in more ambushes.

"Okay, Yol, Kuu. Now!

 With a cheerful shout, a hairy child falls from the sky.
 The younger brother also swoops down.
 Yoru and Kuu jumped down and landed on the heads of the goblins.
 The bodies of the demons slammed into the ground, emitting a raw, crunching sound.

 Two of the goblins were disabled by the airborne assault, and the other two were set on fire and silenced.
 The last remaining goblin was strangled by Mr. Earthworm and turned white.

"Great job, Mr. Worm. Paula, finish up.
"Yes, my lady.

 The goblin who was on the verge of fainting easily chose the path of .
 Mia and the others shouted in joy at the successful completion of the mission.


 The current plan was a compilation of everyone's ideas.

 First, Hans-san would draw the goblin's arrows, and Mia would follow up with a .
 In the meantime, the fairy will approach and disable the archer with .
 Of course, if he flew straight up, he would be the target of the arrow, so the worm dug into the ground, a safer route.

 And while my attention was diverted to Hans, Kuu, with Yoru on his shoulders, flew high into the sky and approached the goblin.
 This was an idea I had on my shoulder on the way here.

 And then, in one fell swoop, we overpowered them.
 There were some uncertainties, but I am glad that we succeeded.
 And we got the prisoners we needed.

 With the evil elf kneeling before Paula, I announced a new course of action.

I'll let you take me to your village next.