68-New Mysteries and New Demons

Wasn't there seven of them?
Yeah, there were seven.
Yeah, I think there were seven.

 It seems that the number of warrats in front of the stairs yesterday is definitely seven.
 I slowly count the corpses of the demons lying on the ground.
 Yeah, it's nine, no matter how many times I look at it.

............ is growing.

 This is the first time that the number of the boss's cronies has changed.
 It's the first time I've ever seen the number of bosses change. I underestimated them because they're not big, but I didn't realize there was a trick to it.

If the number increases every time you defeat it, it's hard to mess with it.

 However, the number of demons in the previous levels was fixed, and there was never a sudden decrease or an excessive increase.
 It's possible that the amount of magical elements present on each floor is fixed, and that's why the number of individuals is limited.
 Therefore, the larger the floor, the greater the number and variety of demons.

 If this guess is correct, this ninth floor, which is not so large, is not so rich in magical elements.

What can I do for you? Sir?
I can't say for sure until I check back tomorrow, but if it keeps growing, we'll have to do something about it.

 Even if there is a limit, leaving it unattended is not a good idea.
 However, since the game is original, there are probably some strategies that can be used.

 The order of defeating the bosses and the duration of the battles are common patterns, but the fact that the bosses and their cronies look exactly alike is quite suspicious.
 I looked carefully at the body of the boss war rat, but couldn't tell the difference at all.
 ............ Mmmmmmm.

There's nothing we can do about it now. We'll just have to hope for the best.

 If I spend too much time on this, I may lose the day again.
 If we spend too much time here, we might lose daylight again and be attacked by a swarm of giant-eyed moths.  

Okay, let's go!
Let's go!

 We descended the stairs in a hurry, but the endless view stopped us again.
 Even for the second time, we were overwhelmed. It must be even more so for first-timers.
 All of them stood still and gazed at the scene before them.

............ This is an amazing view.

 After a minute or so of this, the village chief blurted out a few words, and everyone shouted in unison as if they had been cut off.

It's so big, man! d*mn, why is it so big?
I thought you were back up there. ......
Me too. ....... I wondered if there was such a place. ......

"Oh, is that water shining over there?

 Under the bright light, I could see parts of the wall that I hadn't noticed yesterday.
 The surrounding wall, which I could only see behind me here, was not vertical but a slightly sloping mud wall.
 There were large rocks exposed here and there, and it looked as if we could climb them if we tried hard enough.

 The rest is near the center of the view.
 In a slightly hollow area, as Karina pointed out, we could see a large flat surface that glittered and bounced back the light.
 It is probably a lake or a pond.
 There are a number of glittering streaks leading to it, which may be a river.

 The surface of the water is tinged with green, and it seems to be surrounded by a forest or woodland.
 I let out a quiet breath, knowing that there was a source of water.
 However, that relief faded with the following conversation.

"Hmm, something's flying over the water.
Yeah, it's pretty big if you can see it from here.

 Heimo, the beast, and Etan, the tree.
 Both of them have keener sensory organs than us pan-humans.
 There's no mistaking them, of course.
 The possibility that a precious water source is the home of demons is a very bad sign.

Well, this is not the time to sit still. Let's take a look around for now.

 It's too early to be discouraged when you haven't seen it with your own eyes.
 Judging by the glow of the sun and rocks, it must be a little past three in the afternoon.
 There are less than two hours left before the nocturnal monster, the big-eyed moth, becomes active.

Is there anything else you're interested in?

 In response to my question, the bearded man with bear ears waved his hands around angrily.

Of course I'm interested in everything! I can't wait to see it!

 As if he couldn't stand the overflowing emotions, Heimo suddenly fell to the ground and waved his arms and legs around.
 He looks just like a small bear.
 Yoru and Kuu immediately rushed to the scene and started jumping on its stomach.

"Hey, what's up! Are you guys having fun?

 In contrast to the excitement of the one and two, an older man with an adorable girlish face answered while paying careful attention to his surroundings.

...... Yes, that's right. There's something there, isn't there?

 The direction he pointed to was along the east wall.
 The direction he pointed was along the east wall. Indeed, black dots were moving here and there along the steep slope.

I wonder what it is. Shall we go and have a look?
"Yes, let's go, Yol and Kuu!

Hey, don't leave me here!

 After about five minutes of walking, I could make out a shadow walking around the middle of the wall.
 It had four slender legs and long, white hair that hung down.
 It had an elongated face and thick horns that formed a magnificent arc out of the side of its head.  

That's ......, a curved-horned sheep.

 Although it is called a sheep, it is more like a goat.
 They prefer slopes and rocky terrain and are territorial, but they are basically non-combatant monsters.
 They are useful in many ways, and were a hit monster in Dracula 2.

Let's try to kill one. However, they have a strong sense of camaraderie and will attack in packs if they sense danger, so be careful.

 At my words, Mr. Ethan, who was looking up at the wall, pointed to one that was just off the wall.

Shall we try that one? Match it.

 The two young men with the bows and the gobbowler squeezed their bowstrings in unison.

"Here we go.

 Following Etan's sharp shot, five arrows were fired one after another.
 However, the angle of the shot made it difficult to hit the target.

 Three of the arrows bounced off the rock wall, and only two of them hit the target.
 Even so, it seemed to be enough to surprise him.
 The sheep, shot in the legs and belly, slid easily off the precarious footing.

 It tried to hold its ground in the middle of the slope, but the second arrow struck without mercy.
 The sheep lets out a short scream, and almost slips further down the slope, but barely stops again.
 However, it was already within the magic's range.
 Mia's fingers were waiting for it.

"Oh, and no fire. If the hair burns, we won't be able to collect it.
"What? I'm not sure what to do.

 The girl complained, but switched to the wind blade.
 The other woman then unleashed a spell called , which causes projections to grow out of the ground.

 The two of them worked together beautifully, and the sheep slid down to the nearest corner.
 Now it was time for the club, sword, and whip.

 I quickly try to collect from the sheep I just killed.
 Wool and meat appear in the item list, but that's it.
 I didn't find what I was looking for, but it was still tasty enough.
 I guess this will solve the meat shortage.

"Okay, let's hunt sheep here today.

 We hunted about ten sheep in an hour until past four o'clock.

 Considering the time it would take me to get home, I cut it off there.

 On the way, Etan said he wanted to stay on the eighth floor, so we the three goblins together.
 We, the youth group, Heimo, and the village chief and his wife returned to the village.
 That night, we were able to sleep peacefully in the bed of the tavern.

 The next day, the village chief and others had work to do in the underground labyrinth, so we headed for the tenth floor with just the usual members.
 They arrived at the stairs of the ninth floor with all their might.

 What they found there were ten wererats wandering around.