69-Subtle riddles

 Faces, faces, faces, faces of rats lined up in front of the stairs in a not-so-wide space.
 To be honest, it was not a very pleasant sight.

First there were seven, then there were nine. And today there are eleven. Two more rats at a time. ......
Terrible, isn't it, my dear?
Yeah, I think I can handle it, but I'm pretty sure it won't be long before things go sour.

 There are warrats that wander around, and there are individuals that remain motionless.
 In the back of the room, I could see them snuggling together in a friendly manner.

 There is a little room for them now, but if they continue to increase, the front of the stairs will soon be filled with warrats.
 Even if we manage to wipe them out, it will take a long time just to remove the carcasses.

Hmm, I think there's a way to stop the increase or bring the numbers back to normal. ......
Is that so?
Underground labyrinths are basically designed so that you can go down. There are some traps that are hard to find the first time, but they don't have to be so unreasonable.

 If you don't want people to explore in the first place, block the entrance itself.
 If you want to lure people in and kill them, you don't have to leave the stairs for the return trip.

 I'm assuming that the original game is something that can be cleared without fail, but I don't think that's far off the mark given the specifications of the labyrinth so far.
 Well, I hope so, too, in my opinion.
 Dracula 2 was such a masterpiece that it was even said to be miraculously balanced.

"Oh, I get it!

 Mia suddenly shouted while Paula and I were thinking.
 Mia suddenly shouted, accompanied by a clap of her fists.

"Oh, did you find something?
Look, they're all rats. That's why there are more and more of them, Sensei!

 I couldn't help sighing loudly.
 But Paula seemed to be different.
 She nodded admiringly and gently stroked the girl's golden hair.

You've got a good point, Mia. You've got a great eye for detail.
"Is that a compliment?

 Paula smiled at me as I questioned her.
 I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's worth it.

If you can think of a reason why there are more rats on .........
I see! So that's what it is.

 Mr. Etan, who had been pondering in silence, suddenly sounded convinced.
 This one has a cute reaction, with both palms clasped together.

 What, am I the only one who doesn't understand ......?
 I'm not the only one who doesn't understand.

I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one.

 The source of the warrat in Dracula 2 is the very popular Japanese groundhog.
 This rodent, which has unusually little body hair, is said to be a thermophilic animal even though it is a mammal.
 As a result, they are extremely cold, and often keep each other warm by overlapping each other.
 I thought this was a faithful reproduction of that. .......

 And why are they moving their hips so hard, the guy above?

...... They're in the middle of mating.
The bottom one is a female? I'm not sure why they're increasing in number.

 I didn't want to look too hard at the lower half of the body because I didn't want to see too much lounging around, but there was a trap in there ........
 Once again, the female seemed to be the only one.

 I opened my mouth stupidly in surprise and looked at Paula to ask.
 She squirmed and turned her head to the side.

 When I turned to Mia, she lifted her chin and stretched her chest wide with a look of pride on her face.
 At her feet, Yoru and Kuu also lifted their noses and stretched their stomachs.
 No, you guys don't understand.

 Finally, I looked at Mr. Etan and he nodded in embarrassment.
 Apparently, those two animals are in the middle of mating, which is most likely the reason for the increase in the number of warrats.
 If you look closely, you can see that the other males are also waiting for their turn.

"Wow, is that how it works?

 It's a downward-looking story!
 I've been trying to think about it seriously, but what about my position?

Please go to ............ and do it.
That's probably the boss, so kill him quickly.
Okay, okay.

 I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not, but it's a good idea.

When the boss is defeated, we'll take care of the rest. Paula and Mia, buy us some time. Kuu will do the honors.
"Yes, sir.
Wait, can we just burn it?

 A female war rat stops moving after being shot in the head with a brilliant sniper shot.
 The male that was covering her lets out a sad squeal.
 Fireballs flew and whips cracked as ten warrats came at them with eyes filled with anger.

 Then a merciless blizzard of feathers.
 As they all fell and stopped moving, I touched the first dead one and retrieved it, and a lump of magic stone appeared in the item list.
 It seemed that this female was the boss after all.

The next day, the warrats returned to the seven and I breathed out loud.

 The next day, I exhaled loudly in front of the warrats that had returned to the seven of them.