67-Depart for a tour of the 10th floor

 I had just been assigned a new job, but since there were so many people who wanted to go, we decided to go see the tenth floor first.
 Joining us were the usual four of us (myself, Paula, Mia, and Etan), as well as the well-known village chief and his wife, and Heimo.
 There were also two mage women from the sewing group, and three warriors and two archers from the youth group.

 As for the demons, there are Yoru, Kuu, and the blue slimes Su and Ra.
 For the demons, there was Yoru, Kuu, and the blue slime Su and Ra. And for the 8th and 10th floors, Gobbler and two goblins who were good at archery came forward to help build a base.

"Let's get going then. Are you ready?
"Yes, sir. Ready to go!
Hey, man, that slime ride looks like fun! Don't you have one for me?
Mr. Nino, am I joining you as a swordsman?
You, please don't be so reckless.
I hear there's a big ocean on the next floor.
I wonder which one's bigger, the Dragon's Inner Sea.

 The noise was several times louder than usual.
 The sixth floor is divided into east and west, and the correct route to the stairs is the west side.
 But today, we dared to go from the east.

I'll let you fight the crabs first.

 Crabs and turtles also appear on the dead-end road to the east, but it would take about forty minutes to collect them.
 So I thought I'd ask the youth group, who were free after the escort, to hunt them for me. .......

 He must have had a good amount of confidence after having dealt with demons up to the fourth floor.
 The young men took on the crabs with great vigor, but the results were not so good.

No, the spear doesn't stick. It's so hard, this thing!
"d*mn, arrows don't work either! He's wielding scissors. Get back!
What's with the water bubbles? Is that even possible?

 It seems that the dog bone spears and goblin shortbows were not powerful enough.
 The fire bombs of the female helpers were easily blocked by the water bubbles, and without a decisive blow, the turtles entered the fray.
 Thanks to the intervention of the village chief and Heimo, we were barely able to pick up a victory.

The dog bones were already too much for me.

 I don't have a lot of white magic stone left, but I can't afford to have anyone get hurt.
 The boss skeleton on the seventh floor drops an iron spear, and I'll give you two restored ones.

This should work. We can't have enough for everyone, so we'll have to take turns using them.
Oh, thank you!

Let me touch it!

 I guess I should have made the tip of the iron spear and the arrowhead first, instead of re-hitting the sword.
 Since the Dark Mace is known for its strength, and since the village chief and Heimo joined the battle from the beginning, the crab hunt went off without a hitch.
 At this rate, I think I can leave it to them.
 Even if something happens, crabs and turtles are slow and can escape to the fifth floor.

 The search for the sixth floor was over in about an hour and a half, including the defeat of the boss, the giant crab.
 As for the seventh floor, the two members of the sewing team will do their best to deal with the shadows here.

Are you sure it's okay to shoot?
"Are you sure you're okay?

 The fireballs were fired with a familiar reaction, and the shadow demons were defeated one by one.
 It's really a good way to gain experience because you only need to keep your distance and shoot magic.

 The skeleton tower in the center of the village was a great success, thanks to the coordinated efforts of the village chief and his wife.
 I'll be sure to collect the raggedy swords and shields the skeletons were using.
 The boss, a large skeleton, is indeed a tough one, so this is where the regulars come in.

"Oh, ......, what strength you have, .......
"Wow, that's awesome ......

 Yoru and Kuu's impressive fight drew praise from the youth group.

 The tour started in about three hours.
 It was almost noon, so they decided to take a break on the eighth floor.

What the hell! Bones, weird shadows, nothing much!

 Heimo was bored because he hadn't had much to do up to this point and the scenery was gloomy, but the view of the wooden corridor made his eyes go wide.

"Whoa! What the hell is this place? I can't wait to see this!
"............ ah!
............ It's huge.

 The young men of the youth group forgot to move with their mouths wide open.
 The chiefs were also impressed, shaking their shoulders in small increments.


 Etan whistled softly and summoned a group of fairies to lead us to the west tree's trunk.
 There was a hole in the trunk four or five meters above the ground where a person could fit through.
 Yes, at that height, a wolf could not reach it even if it jumped up.

 We ate lunch in a circle under the trunk.
 The menu consisted of roasted wild rabbit with rosemary and leftovers of this morning's stew.
 The rest is hard bread brought by the youth group.

"It's quite a sight, Mr. Nino.
"I've never seen such a big tree before. It's very impressive.

 I nodded and continued talking to the village chief and his wife, who seemed to be in a good mood.

It's not so easy to cut down a tree this big, though.
Yes, I suppose you could say that.
I'm afraid the scales are going to go bad soon.

 Oh, well, I'll have to remember to ask for the scales.
 After we finished eating, we immediately started hunting wolves.

 There was some commotion along the way, with Heimo and Gobu participating in the battle for the green tonic, but we were able to destroy the pack of black-haired wolves in less than two hours, faster than yesterday.
 It seems that the fairies have become more coordinated, and that Gobbler's archers are playing an important role.
 I think we should have a few of them here permanently.

 By the way, we were making progress while collecting ivy, but strangely enough, we found out that plant vines cannot be collected in the item list.
 It may be that the mysterious space does not recognize some items that were not in the game.
 However, there are times when you can store items that didn't appear in Dracula 2, so it's really a mystery.

Okay, two more floors to go.

 The lone boss monster is turned into an arrowhead, and you can easily collect its fur and other items.
 By the way, Yoru and Kuu don't want to eat the meat of the boss wolf either, probably because the meat I fed them before wasn't good.  
 They also ignored the boss wererat on the ninth floor, probably because they didn't like the humanoid form.

 Before proceeding to the ninth floor, place the extra white light stone on the second step from the top of the stairs and light it up.
 This is a sign that we've passed this point, and I've placed them on all the stairs up to this point as well.

 The chiefs and youths following us will be able to see this signal and judge whether the passage has been cleaned.
 If I put my magic power into it, it will stay on for half a day, so it won't go off by itself and make a mistake.

 It also served as a marker to show how far we had come.
 This morning's words from the youth group reminded me that it was not impossible that we would face difficulties in returning home.

"Oh, this is a dark place again! Yeah, I like it!

 Perhaps it was because the beastmen basically lived in caves that the atmosphere of this floor, like an abandoned mine, suited them.
 But that was before he saw the demons.

"What the hell are these things? What the hell is wrong with them?

 It's a human being with a huge caterpillar and a giant rat face from the neck up.
 This is where the remote attackers come into play, but we have plenty of them today, so no worries.

 We didn't find any equipment in the warrat's stash, but we did find a man-made spring in the west corridor just inside the entrance.
 There seems to be no shortage of water on this floor either.

 Without any particularly dangerous situations, we filled in the rest of the blank map.
 After about forty minutes, we arrived at the front of the stairs.

All right, we're almost to the tenth floor. Let's get this done quickly.

 But the boss was just a bunch of war rats.
 The boss was just a bunch of warrats. Kuu flew through the air with ease and unleashed a blizzard of purple feathers, and it was over in a few seconds.

 Okay, let's collect them.
 The boss is this ninth one.
 ............ Huh?