122-Egg Acquisition Quest Part 2

 It was the goblin's bow, just barely drawn, that announced the opening.
 The goblin's bow was just barely drawn, and it seemed to have taken the firebird by surprise.

 With a whine of air, the arrow shot out from the branch and beautifully pierced the thigh of the large bird.
 A high-pitched squeal rang out as the pain pierced through the soft feathers, followed by an angry cry.

 With arrows sprouting from its legs, the fire-breathing bird closes in on the tree where the gobbler is hiding.
 The other two birds reacted and quickly followed suit.


 The goblin jumped down from the tree with a mocking cry.
 The bird's beak spits fire at the goblin's back.

 But the next moment, two red spheres shoot out from the base of the tree.
 The flaming breath was easily blocked by the red slime.

 At the same time, a whip extended from the side and wrapped around the neck of one of the following birds.
 Another bird was struck in the head by a spinning shadow from above.


 At his brother's call, Yoru, who had also spun into a firmer shape, unleashed a swift kick.
 The fire-breathing bird, shaken violently in the abdomen, flipped over.

 It's a good idea to keep your eyes peeled for the next one.
 A breath later, a red flame ran across the spot.

"Nyaa, I'll help you!

 The cat-eared girl zigzagged across the ground in lowly beast mode.
 The head of the bird that had been chasing Paula moved left and right at the mercy of the new prey's quick movements.

 The bird's black tail spun in a circle and released its magic power.
I'm not sure what to do.

 The bird, unaware that its number of companions had decreased, charged at the red slime with an arrow through its leg.
 However, two blue spheres appeared next.

 Without hesitation, the fire-breathing bird swung its pointed beak down.
 However, the sharp tips were unable to penetrate the frozen skin and were repelled.
 The large bird let out a cry of pain as the blue slime came crashing down on it.

 The fire-breathing bird opened its beak in anger and tried to spit fire, but this time a small figure swooped down from above.
 Another arrow pierced the leg of the demon that had stopped moving in the bright light.

I'm going to kill it, too!

 I'll take care of it too!" Tinya struck a blow with her knife from behind and slipped away.
 The firebird tried to turn around, but its body tilted at an angle.
 It seems that the paralyzing potion on the arrow has finally taken effect.

 All that was left was for Gobbowl to add more paralyzing arrows, and for the blue slime and Tinya to inflict wounds.
 Even if they breathed fire, the red slime would shield them, or Yoh would interfere before that.

 I breathed out a sigh of relief and turned my attention to the two fighting on the other side.
 Yoru's entire body was just about to be engulfed in the fire that had been spewed out.


 As I open my mouth wide, a carefree voice rings in my ears.


 With scorching flames wrapped around his body, the little beast closed the distance to the fire-breathing bird without a care in the world.
 Yoru's claws easily punched through the feathers that should have absorbed most of the impact.

 Kuu mercilessly rakes the face of the bleeding firebird.
 More feathers and fresh blood splattered, and the demon's body was quickly dismantled.
 It was a far more one-sided violation than he had expected.

It's getting really strong. ....... But how resistant are those two?
"Hmm, they're special.

 Paula, who had returned with the fire-breathing birds, smiled and replied to my mumbling.

"Good work. Oh, you're done over there, too?

 A firebird that had been stabbed deeply in the base of the neck by Tinya, who had jumped on its back, lay on the ground, emitting a screeching cry of despair.
 After all, the violence of numbers is strong.

"Yah, everyone wins!

 As I watched the goblins shouting with joy, I spoke to the kappa who were supposed to be beside me.

"Are you relieved now? I said!

 I looked next to me and let out a yelp of surprise.
 I turned to look next to me and let out a yelp of surprise. There was Kacchan, lying on the ground with his eyes closed, and his brother kappa shaking him hard.

 Apparently, the fire-breathing bird that Paula had brought with her had triggered the familiar pretend-death behavior.

 It is unlikely that he will wake up for a while, so I will collect some things in the meantime.
 From the body of the firebird, I was able to collect a red magic stone and plenty of meat and feathers.

 Unfortunately, the bones, which would make a good soup stock, are not recognized as items and remain lying on the ground.
 After the slimes had eaten its entrails and other parts, Gobbler kept the remaining large bones in a basket on his back.

 Yoru, who must have been hit head-on by the flames, is digging up the eggs buried in the fallen leaves with Kuu.
 Half-boiled fried eggs are their favorite these days.


 They carried the eggs in a good mood, so I collected four of them and took the fifth one to my brother Kappa without putting it away.
 Kacchan was still lying on the ground.

Here's the egg you asked for. I have four more, but if you need more, I can help.

 After alternately staring at the proffered eggs and my face, the elder kappa straightened his posture and dexterously assumed a seiza posture.
 Then he bowed deeply and pointed the plate of his head at me, his weak point.

 Just when I thought this was the end.
 The brother kappa kept his head down and pointed beyond the trees.

 Apparently, the quest was not over yet.