140-in search of a new meat one of them

 After finishing our lunch, we decided to resume our search.
 Our destination was the forest on the other side of the river.

 The forest to the east is the home of the Firebird, but across the river is a different kind of monster.
 According to Annie, it's a very dangerous animal with four legs.

Four legs. Yeah, that sounds promising.
"I'm in!
"I'm looking forward to it, my dear.

 Everyone agrees with me, but we're still missing one animal.
 Normally, there would be a lot of yowling going on here.

"Hey, where's Tinya?
No, I don't see her.

 Annie pointed to a black triangular ear popping out from the corner of the stone wall.
 The beast's ears, which had been twitching, sensed our gaze and hurriedly pulled back.

We've been spotted. Let's get out of here!
Kuu, Yoru, please.
Take it!
"Come on, Kaa, give it your all!

 The little ones started running as if they were rolling, and easily captured the girl with the beast ears as well as the stone frog that was clinging to her.
 When Tinya was pulled to the riverbank, she and Kaa shook their heads violently.

I don't want to go in the water anymore! I want you to let me go!
It's going to be okay this time. ...... maybe.
I'm sure I'll be thrown in the river again! For God's sake!

 He seems to have gotten used to it thanks to the bath, but he still doesn't like to get wet.
 He and Ka-kun, who also hates water, hug each other and make exaggerated pleas.

 However, this can't be helped.
 So far, I have not found any bridge-like structures in the river that crosses this level.
 There is no ford that can be crossed on foot, so there are only two options to reach the other side: swim or take a boat.
 There is also the option of flying, but only a limited number of people can do that, so let's not count that for now.

 So we chose a raft made of logs tightly connected by ivy.
 However, if that was all we had, we would have been swept away downstream the moment we floated on the water.

 Therefore, we decided to prepare a special power engine as well.
 This power engine does not require much energy, and it can adjust the speed and change the direction freely, and it can even rescue us immediately if we fall into the river.

 The name is Kappa Screw.
 The principle is quite simple: you simply ask the kappa to push the raft from behind with their flapping feet.

 Kacchan approaches the girl, her ears twitching, with a firm gait.
 He placed a gentle hand on her shoulder to reassure her.


 Kacchan nodded as if to say, "I'll leave it to you.
 The two of them stared at each other for a while, but Tinya quickly looked away, clung to Ka-kun and said.

I'm sorry. I believed it before and got hurt badly!

 The last time, Kacchan had been overzealous during the trial run, causing a tragic accident in which the raft, pushed too hard on one side, lost its balance and overturned.
 We were all rescued by the kappa immediately, and we were lucky that we were only drenched all over.

Don't let it get to you. Kacchan didn't mean any harm either.
"Nah, nah. But it was really scary. ......

 It was the older kappa, Annie, who put her hand on Tinya's shoulder.
 I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it.

"............. I believe you when you say so.

 The two kappa seemed to have succeeded in persuading the girl.
 But this time, Annie's arm flailing around gave me a hint of unease.

Don't get too excited. Just push me to the shore over there.

 They replied cheerfully and jumped into the river.
 Then, with their hands on the back of the raft, they looked at us with sparkling eyes.

"......, sir.
"Yeah, I know. Annie, Kacchan, why don't you go back and forth first?

 The siblings twisted their heads together at my request, but they seemed to be up for it.
 They untied the ropes that held the raft together and began to flap their feet in competition with each other.
 Immediately, the water splashes upwards and the raft starts to move forward.

Oh, I think I can make it.

 Annie, the stronger of the two, skillfully matched Kacchan's footwork to her momentum.
 The two siblings must be very close.
 The raft, pushed by the two of them, was cutting through the water at a furious pace, quickly closing the distance to the other side.
 At this rate, it looked like we would be able to cross the river without incident.

 But the relief was short-lived.
 When I reached the middle of the river, the balance between the force of pushing and the force of floating finally reached its limit.

 It must have been a bad idea not to have anything on board.

 Suddenly, the head of the raft lifted up to the sky.
 The raft ran along the surface in a wheelie state.
 Then, as if it was going to hit the other side of the river hard, it plunged into the grass with a loud crash and finally stopped.

 The two siblings, who had been flailing about in a daze, opened their black, beady eyes wide when they realized the devastation before them.
 Then they turned around and opened their beaks in a friendly manner.
 Tinya and I looked at each other and let out a deep breath.

"Well, that was a close call.
"Nah, it was a good thing I didn't believe you.