139-Kappa village under reconstruction

 I've got a lot going on at the same time, but I haven't forgotten to explore the underground labyrinth.
 Today, too, I'm diligently exploring the fifteenth floor.

"Well, it's starting to take shape.

 Annie, the older kappa, replied cheerfully next to me.
 I took the liberty of naming her after myself, since I didn't want to keep calling her "big brother kappa" or "big brother kappa", but she seemed to like the name quite a bit, and it was cute to see her proudly showing her chest when I called her Annie.

 What I was looking at with Annie was a stone shelter that was being built near the river.
 It's not much, just a pile of square stones surrounded on all sides.
 The construction was simple: the stones were collected by going to the seventh floor tower every day, and were arranged alternately without gaps.

Yes, it's thick and tall enough.

 The stone wall was nearly three meters high and more than twenty centimeters thick, so it would not collapse easily even if it was attacked by a fire-breathing bird or a giant water snake.
 Normally, it would take several people a month to build such a magnificent wall, but in my case, I can reach out and place the stones at will, so as long as I have a little foothold, I can do it in no time.

Now we just need to finish the roof and floor.

 It was impossible for an amateur to form a roof with stones, so I decided to use logs to cover the top and bottom.
 I'm planning to use logs to cover the top and bottom of the roof, but I'm not sure I can do it alone, so I'm planning to get some help.

I'll put a door on it, too.

 I have already asked the head carpenter to make a small door for kappa on top of the normal door for humans.
 As for the price of the work, he offered me all the meat I could eat at the tavern for a week.

 I was busy with the construction of the trading post, but when I asked him for a favor, he said he would accept it as long as I could eat a lot of delicious meat.
 It seems that he is steadily becoming addicted to the charm of this village.

We'll have to celebrate when it's all finished.

 Annie hugged my legs and started to push me.
 I'm glad she's happy.

 The kappa, who had been drying their shells on the rocks, gathered around to see Annie's excitement and started playing with her back shell, pointing it at me.
 It hurt a little, but it was cute.

 As for the kappa, several of them had already settled on the ground, the fifth, eighth, and tenth floors, respectively.
 The kappa are very popular because of their ability to generate rainclouds anywhere, their cute appearance, and their honest character.
 In addition, since there is a vacant slot for Paula's servant demon, she seems to have lost her resistance to going to the other floors, going to the bath on the eleventh floor on a daily basis.

 Also, as a result of the migration, new kappa were born, and to my surprise, most of them were born not only in the middle of the river downstream, but also around the cobblestones here.
 The goblins are popping up all over the village, so I thought the location would be fixed, but it seems it's not.
 Perhaps they are more likely to be born in places where many people gather.

"Hey, I'm back!
Sorry to keep you waiting, my dear.

 While my legs were being jostled by the kappa, a familiar voice rang out in my ears.
 At the same time, Yoru and Kuu came running up to me and joined in the struggle, clinging to me.


Welcome back. Oh, that's a lot. Good job.
"That was heavy.

 Sighing, Tinya lowered the basket on her back and found it filled with large white eggs.
 Since I was stuck building a shelter, Paula and the others had gone to the eastern forest to collect fire-breathing bird eggs.

You're safe ......, aren't you, Kacchan?
"Yes, he did a great job.

 The truth is that firebirds are a large species and take a little time to reappear.
 So, if you defeat it, you will not be able to collect the eggs during that time.
 So the plan was to steal the eggs secretly.

 Originally, my brother Annie was supposed to be the guide, but recently Kakchan has been taking the lead.
 She is also taking an active part in stealing the eggs by using .
 However, perhaps because of his overzealousness, he usually ends up falling asleep in Paula's arms on the way home.

Let's have lunch.

 At my words, the little kids and kappa who were playing at my feet suddenly stopped moving and started to line up in front of the big flat rock.
 They were completely fed.

 First, fresh fire-breathing bird eggs and salted mutton are cooked on the rock.
 Next to her, Paula cut the meat and eggs into slices and placed them on top of the bread.
 The dish is then finished with salted green hard nuts.

"...... Kupapa!
"...... Kupapaa
"Nyaa, nyaa, nyaa!

 The kappa were busy receiving the bread, happy and depressed.
 Apparently, the kappa love the yolk of the fire-breathing bird's egg.
 However, some kappa inevitably eat only the white part.

 It depends on the luck of the draw, but the kappa who get it right get excited and the kappa who miss it let out a cry of grief.
 While I was cooking with my cheeks relaxed, Kakchan, who had just woken up, was standing in line to receive the bread with egg and meat on it.

 He was blatantly disappointed to find that it was the white part.
 Annie poked her shoulder to make her feel better.
 The bread in her hand had a yolk on it that looked like it was about to spill.
 The older brother speaks in a gentle voice to the younger sister who rolls her eyes.

"Kupa, kupaa.

 The two siblings sat side by side by the river, sharing the yolk and biting into the bread.
 The two siblings are very close to each other.