141-in search of new meat that two

 In the end, we decided that it was too dangerous to push from behind and asked the kappa to tow the raft.
 This kappa dugout method was unexpectedly stable and we were able to cross the river easily.

Hmmm... they're smart, aren't they?

 When Paula praised the kappa for their successful landing, they gathered around and clung to her legs one after another.
 As Paula praised the kappa for their successful landing, they gathered around and clung to her legs.
 The timidness they had shown when we first met them was a lie.

"You've gotten used to us, haven't you?
"Yes, they look just like my little ones.

 Many of the fairy species are not good fighters, so they tend to live in groups.
 As a result, they have high communication skills and can accurately judge whether they are a threat or a benefit to themselves.
 Therefore, they will show their affection to those whom they think are safe.

"Well, I'll see you on the way back.

 "Kippa!" "Khihihihi!" "Kpakpa!" The goblins who had helped me build the raft replied from the other side of the river, along with the kappa.
 A dozen or so goblins who had helped us build the raft had come to us, hoping to settle here because they knew they could eat our eggs.
 Currently, the goblins who are good at archery are leading the garrison, and the goblins who are good at crafting are in charge of making the rafts.
 In cooperation with the kappa, who are good at underwater activities, a number of new rafts are steadily being completed, and it is likely that they will soon be applied to floating bridges and water bases.

 We waved goodbye to the goblins who, like Paula, were tightly attached to the kappa, and headed for the forest at the foot of the mountain to the west.
 Unlike the riverbanks to the east, there was less grass here, making it relatively easy to walk.  

 Leading the way was Tinya, our scout, followed by four red and blue slimes.
 Behind her are Yoru, Kacchan, Kuu, and Annie.
 As usual, they like to play with trains.
 At the end of the line is me, Paula, and Kaa, the stone-faced frog.

 Kerr is wearing a slime skin raincoat because he doesn't like to get wet.
 However, I recently found out that the kappa that can call for rain can actually keep the rain clouds themselves at a distance.
 Thanks to this, Paula and I have been freed from our tight clothing.
 Although I can't let go of my slime skin just yet, because I can't be sure that it won't rain.

Oh, I see it now.
It's a little different from the forest over there.

 After about ten minutes, a group of trees came into view, but as Paula had said, the appearance was somewhat different.
 Compared to the shrubbery to the east, this forest was lined with thicker trunks.
 The fallen leaves on the ground were thicker and drier.

The visibility is pretty good.
Yes, you can see a lot.

 There are not many branches and bushes, so the visibility is quite good.
 The footing is a little difficult to walk on, but the impression is completely different from the dense forest on the east side.
 However, the similarities soon became apparent.

"Hey, what's this?

 Tinya, who was walking in the lead, suddenly pointed to a tree trunk that had turned black in parts.

 As we approached, we saw that the bark had been gouged and burned over a wide area.
 We stopped to look for the cause, as we had often seen them in the eastern forest.

"Are there firebirds in this forest too?
"But there's something different. It's a hole in the ground.
Do you know what it is? Annie.

 The brother kappa shook his head in response to Paula's question and jumped up with his arms outstretched wide.
 Then he got down on all fours and ran around in circles.

"Oh, so this is the work of a four-legged demon. Does it use fire too?

 The kappa nodded adorably, and I quickly dug into the depths of my memory.
 I'm not sure what to make of it.

I'm not sure what to do.

 The next moment, a loud noise rang out from beyond the treetops, causing us to shout out in unison.
 At the same time, a soft touch covered us.

 As I was forced to lie down on the ground, I hurriedly drew in my breath and listened carefully.
 But there was only one explosion, and no more loud noises.
 As I let out a sigh of relief, a worried voice whispered in my ear.

"I'm sorry, my dear. Are you hurt?
"No, thank you. Are you okay?

 As I spoke back, distracted by the two soft touches on my back, Paula sat up and looked around.  
 Even the little ones hiding behind the slime and stone skin frogs stretched their necks and scurried around.

Yes, there's no sign of them approaching.
I see. ......

 I'm not sure if it's because I'm a little disappointed in the way he said it, but Paula gave me a quizzical look.
 I'm sure you'll be able to understand why I've been doing this for so long.

"You can't do this. Not at a time like this.

 As I stood up and brushed off the dust, Tinya came noiselessly back through the trees.
 The beast-eared girl, her eyes wide, forced her voice down as she reported.

"Hey, there's a big one! Over here!

 Apparently, she had gone to check the identity of the sound before she knew it.
 We followed Tinya's lead, keeping our footsteps as quiet as possible.

 Within three minutes of walking, I heard what sounded like a raspy snort.

 Gently peeking out from behind a tree, I saw a black mass.
 Four short, thick legs supported a massive, fur-covered body.
 The protruding nasal surface was covered with countless ugly masses, and small eyeballs glowed as if they were buried.
 What I saw was a huge boar that was almost as tall as my navel.

 The four-legged beast was picking at something that had fallen to the ground with its white crescent-shaped tusks extending from the tip of its nose.
 Then, as if it suddenly looked up, the big boar started running toward the tree in front of him.

 The beast crashed into the sturdy tree trunk without showing any hesitation.
 What rang in our ears was an even louder explosion than the previous one.
 In no time at all, the huge tree shook violently, and fruit that seemed to be 30 centimeters long fell to the ground in drops.

 As the boar stepped back, a gaping hole appeared in the bark near the root.
 It's not just a rush, it's so powerful that I finally figure out who the monster is.

So, it's an exploding boar!