142-In search of new meat, part 3

"By explosions, do you mean the loud noise you just made, my dear?
"Yeah, that might be a bit troublesome.

 The explosive boar is a brainy monster that specializes in physical strength and physical attack, but is not good at magic.
 The main speciality of the boar is the same as that of the goat, but unlike the goat, which only uses its horns to poke, the boar's power is far greater.
 The reason for this lies in their troublesome constitution, which is also the origin of their name.

See the prominent mass on the boar's head and face?
Yes, quite a lot.
Yeah, it's pretty ugly.
Don't attack it by mistake.

 At first glance, it's just a bulge in the skin, but it's filled with a flammable liquid that will explode if it accidentally leaks out.
 When you hear that, it sounds like a suicidal creature with bombs attached to its body.
 But in fact, the structure is so well designed that the mass can only be blown outward.

What does that mean?
Well, to put it simply, it's like only the ones you hit get hurt.

 The directional bombs are both the boar's armor and its means of attack.
 In the game, it is easy to understand that direct attacks will result in painful counterattacks.

That's a problematic opponent.
No, the point is, you don't need to hit that mass. ......

 I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to do it.
 Yeah, that sounds good enough to me.

"Okay, here's the plan.

 "Okay, here's the plan.
 When the boar had finished eating and was taking a break, Yol, in four-legged mode, jumped out from behind a tree.
 The monster let out a snort and turned to face the small body that was coming at him at once.

 The beast bared its fangs menacingly, its nose close to the ground.
 The distance between Yoru and the monster quickly closes, and just when it looks like they're going to collide...

Just when it looked like they were going to collide... "IZAMAI!

 There was a sound of air being blasted, and Yoru's figure disappeared.
 The next moment, his body appeared in the gap between his abdomen and the ground, right under the exploding boar.
 . This is Yoru's special technique of turning his own body into electricity and moving at high speed.


 The beast child, its arms and legs covered with tiny lightning bolts, leaps off the ground with its fists raised high in the air.
 The boar, whose soft parts were deeply gouged from a perfect blind spot, let out a throaty roar.

 Yoru rolls to get away from it.
 The one who jumped in to replace him was Kuu, who glided down low in the sky.


 With a flap of his wings, the bird child now delivers a sharp kick to the lower flank of the giant boar.
 The monster, struck in the abdomen where it was not covered by a mass, choked and staggered again.

Okay, I'm good. I can do it!

 The explosive boar's masses are concentrated in the upper part of its body, so I thought that the shorter and more mobile Yoru and Kuu would be able to avoid the dangerous parts and attack, and I was right.
 As if in convolution, lightning flashed from Yoru's legs.

"Nya! You're going too far!

 As Tinya said, the target may have been too close, and the beastie's body appeared in a place past the exploding boar.
 Yoru cheerfully thrusts his fist into the empty air.

 Just as the monster, its eyes blazing with rage, was about to attack Yoru, who was defenseless and exposed.
 Suddenly, a stake of earth rose up from the ground and pierced the chest of the exploding boar.

You did well, Kaa.

 In a soft voice, Paula congratulated the stone-faced frog who had saved her ally's life by unleashing a stone spike in the nick of time.
 You've been prepared for this kind of situation? You are really dependable.

 Unfortunately, the stone spikes were not powerful enough to penetrate the tough boar fur.
 But it seems to have succeeded in buying some time.
 Kuu flew through the air and struck the boar's side with his claws, killing its momentum.
 Yoru, realizing that he had struck out, immediately moved under the boar's stomach and punched him again.


 The boar breathed out wildly from its long snout and was furious, but there was nothing he could do about the two animals that were moving around.
 It's a good idea to keep your eyes on the prize.
 The difference in speed was directly reflected in the damage, and in less than fifteen minutes, the monster ran out of power and fell on its side.

Okay. It's going to take a while, but I think I can beat it safely.

 If we can improve the accuracy of the , we can shorten the time even more. And with the way things are going, a flying machine might be useful.

I'm not sure what to do.

 After getting Tinia to confirm that I've completely stopped breathing, I approach and collect the items from the monster.
 There's boar meat, boar fur, red magic stone, and...

"Oh, an explosive mass. That'll help.

 In the game, this item was only used to inflict damage by throwing it during battle, but in this world, it has a variety of uses.
 Perhaps because of its rarity (two stars), I only got four of them.
 There must have been a lot of them, but they must have been discarded in the mysterious space when the fur was collected.

"Oh well. But I got plenty of the meat I wanted, so that's good.

"Meat Festival!

 The two kappa and the demon children ran in circles around the exploding boar.
 Then they tripped over a nut that the boar had left behind and fell to the ground together.

"Hey, are you okay?

 As I hurriedly approached, my brother kappa got up and pointed at the ground.
 Then he looked up at me and nodded meaningfully.

 It seemed to be telling me to look at a nut.
 It was about the size of a soccer ball and covered with green skin, but when it fell to the ground, part of it broke off, revealing a lumpy brown shell.
 When I crouched down and touched the shell, it was instantly stored in the possessions section.

"Oh, this is a walnut?

 In the game, it was a very filling portable food, but in this one, it's even bigger than I thought it would be.
 I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea.
 That's when I finally realized what the kappa shells really were.

"So these are made from walnut shells?

 It's tough, water-repellent, and surprisingly light, making it the perfect material for armor.
 As I was admiring it, my brother kappa became embarrassed and pointed at the ground again.
 There were more than ten walnuts lying on the ground.

"Oh, not only meat, but also walnuts are a big harvest.
"Are you going to eat these? Are you going to eat this?
"Yes, it's quite tasty.

 I took out the walnuts and roasted them quickly.
 The crunchy texture was more favorable than I expected.
 Yes, it would make a good snack for the little ones.

 With our morale boosted, we killed the boars we found and collected more and more giant walnuts.
 And before we knew it, we were halfway up the mountain.

 Looking down through the trees, we could clearly see the river that crossed the center of the hierarchy.
 At the foot of the mountain, there was a large flat rock and a kappa house.
 Around a number of floating rafts, kappa are playing innocently.

 If you follow the flowing water with your eyes, you will come to the sandbar where we saved the adult kappa the other day.
 Because there is no one here at the moment, it seems to be a spacious place.
 As I looked further down, my eyes widened in surprise.

"What the ......, is that ......?

 After passing the sandbar, the stream swung left and right, widening its width.
 Then, suddenly, it leads to a circular lake with a gaping hole in it.

 In the center of the lake was an island of greenery, but the view was more arresting than that.
 The surface of the lake around the island was filled with something black.

 It was a swarm of giant water snakes, their long bodies twisting and turning.