44-To the new floor

 I've gotten used to training them from level 1 after doing it many times.
 Recently, Yoru and Kuu have been playing the role of walls to catch attacks.

 Even without chemicals, there is too much of a difference in their physical defenses, and most of their attacks are bounced back with their round bellies.
 Since there is no way to control the difference in weight, she can be rolled around, but she seems to be perfectly fine with it.
 In addition, since they are faster than us, they can easily intervene to protect us even if someone else is targeted.

 The screeching of bats and the digestive juices of earthworms are a bit tricky, but there are also , , and .
 The fairies Yoh and Gobbler have also come to share the task of collecting demons, and have become a harmonious duo.

 So, even though we were occasionally interrupted by raiding birds, we got the four villagers to level 15 and reached the fifth floor.

"Well then, Mee-kun, Miz-san, I'm counting on you.

 Leaving the four of us in the hands of two large worms that had become the guardians of the field, we headed for the familiar village.
 Although we almost fell off the assault bird several times, we didn't take any detours and arrived at the village in about 20 minutes.
 It took us less than two hours in total to get there, and we were getting used to the route.

"Oh, what are you doing today? It looks really interesting.
"This looks like a lot of fun.

 "This looks like a lot of fun," the two women replied.
 Today, a fashion show was being held in the square of the goblin village.

 There were jackets made of bird leather, waistcoats made of horned rabbit leather.
 They were wearing bat-feather hats, scarves, and red feathers, all dressed as they wished.
 The goblins, who seemed to be judges, looked at them and seemed to decide whether they were good or bad based on the number of applause they received.  

 They are made of almost the same material, but if you look closely, you will be surprised to see the differences in their taste.
 I used to make a drawstring bag with bat wings.

"Oh, us too?
"Oh, you don't mind, do you? Thank you very much.

 Mia and Paula were immediately surrounded and made to change into leather clothes.
 The blonde girl was dressed in a soft, fluffy rabbit leather top and bottom, a large bat-feather cape, and a bat-feather hat.
 The brown-skinned beauty is dressed in a tight-fitting birdskin top and bottom, a choice that brings out the best in both of them.

 In fact, I had ordered new equipment for Mia and Paula, hoping that I could make them soon.
 The details are still a little rough, but the result is much better than I expected.
 They look so cute and different from the wild robes and village girls they were wearing.

 While I was admiring her, I also found myself surrounded by goblins before I knew it.

What, you don't mean ...... for me too?

 As I excitedly relaxed my body to make it easier for them to undress me, they quietly shook their heads.
 Apparently not.

 The goblins dragged me to the front of the work desk.
 The saddle for a donkey that I had left there as an example was placed on top of it.
 I gasped when I saw a silhouette next to it that looked exactly like it, but a bit bigger.

I gasped when I saw a similar but larger silhouette next to it. That's really great. Thank you!

 It was a saddle for assault birds. It had stirrups to put your feet on.
 I hurriedly took it outside the gate, put it on Tochan's back, and fastened the leather strap around her belly.
 He bent down and got on it, and found it very stable and easy to ride.
 Yeah, yeah, yeah, this is good stuff!

 But he still felt uncomfortable, and turned around and poked me with his beak.

Well, I guess I'll just have to let him get used to it.

 The reins aren't ready yet, either.
 When I returned to the village, Akahane tugged on my sleeve this time.

 When I entered one of the huts, I found a pile of olives.
 They were being collected by the patrol scouts.

 This floor is too big and it takes too much time to go around each olive tree.
 If I touch them, I can collect the fruits in a moment, but it is possible to pick them one by one by hand.
 Fortunately, I have a surplus of goblin hands, so I asked for help.

"Yes, thank you.

 And it's not just olives I'm collecting.
 The carcasses of horned rabbits were also piled high.

 In an instant, I put them away in a special space, and take out rabbit meat, salt, and tanned rabbit leather instead.
 Red Feather chuckled at the new pile of goods.

I'll bring you some more souvenirs, so you can look forward to them.

 Leaving the processing of the meat and leather to the goblins, we decided to move on.
 When we peeked into the Goblin King's room, we found Yoru and Kuu, who we thought were nowhere to be found, frolicking together.
 It seems that they were playing a game of tag with the King, a combination of "Daruma-san ga Tottorita" (Daruma fell), wearing and taking off the fairy silver crown.

 I quickly defeated him, collected a new crown and a bone club, and proceeded to the end of the bars.

Well, we're almost to the sixth floor.
Which way are we going to start today? Sensei.
Right. Now that we've checked the east side, let's move on.

 On the sixth floor, where the underground salt lake is located, there is an east-west path that runs along the wall.
 The east side of the path turns gently to the north, then suddenly breaks off after about thirty minutes.
 At the end of the road, there was nothing remarkable, except a set of giant tortoises and crabs.

 And then the opposite direction, to the west.
 The road gradually curves to the north, and after about 30 minutes, the road is blocked by water and ends.
 However, there is a staircase with iron bars and an even bigger crab waiting for us.

 I filled in the map and found that it was basically a straight and easy floor.
 Most of it is occupied by a lake, so it's not much of a choice.

And we haven't even gotten to the bottom of the lake yet.
"Well, I'm looking forward to it, my dear.

No, it's not fun at all. ......

 No, it's not fun at all. It's too scary to play a game where you have to navigate through pitch-black, bottomless water.
 In addition, the lake is definitely several kilometers long, based on the part of the map shown.

I'm really glad there's a staircase that leads to the ground.

 We made our way along the narrow path without much trouble, with Yo fishing for crabs and giant turtles along the way.
 It's not a place I want to stay too long, but the materials are very popular.

 In front of the stairs, there was only the boss crab, no other mooks around, and the ground was a little wider, so we could fight without worry.

 The current members are Yoru, an attacker and a shield, and Kuu, an attacker and an attractor.
 The fairy Yoh flies around and distracts the enemy, and Gobbler supports her with his bow.
 The two blue slimes that continue to inflict damage unobtrusively at our feet.
 Then there was Mia, the rear guard, and Paula, the middle guard and commander.
 That's it.

 I asked them to stay in the village with Imochichi, since the assault birds were not suitable for taking to new places.

All right, let's take them down quickly.

 The beast and the bird jumped in to attract the attention of the boss crab.
 The big crab reacted sluggishly and wielded a huge pair of scissors that could have cut my torso in half.
 It's probably a boss, so its level adds up to at least 21.

 But Yoru and Kuu were much faster.
 But Yoru and Kuu are much faster. The two large scissors only cut the air vainly again and again.
 The blue slimes that sneak up on them bump into them.

 Su and Ra, who had already reached level 20, naturally had new skills.
 At first, the sound was like hitting a water bag, but it gradually turned into a sound like hitting with a lump of rock.
 It was a technique called , which applied the freezing power of the medium, turning the inside of the body into a block of ice.

 The boss crab, whose leg joints were crushed, tried to defend itself by blowing out a series of .
 Then, wind blades and arrows came flying at it, and the bubbles popped and disappeared one after another.
 Then, the boss crab activates its next technique, "Shears of Protection," and forms a wall covering its front with both arms.
 Then, the fairy Yoh softly swooped down and kissed him cutely.
 It's an abnormality technique that causes confusion.

 The giant crab abandons its solid defense and starts swinging its scissors around in a messy manner.
 Then Paula, cracking her whip, gave him a sharp command.

"Go, Yol, Tail, Kuu!

 Yoru instantly dives into the empty belly of the boss crab and stabs it with his outstretched tail.
 Koo, his small body covered in purple electric current, plummets down from near the ceiling.

 The large crab, its whole body scorched and its shell dyed purple, turned itself around and lay on its back on the ground.
 Its eight legs twitched in unison as if it were struggling, and bubbles spouted from its mouth dripped down its shell.
 The boss crab's movements became slower and slower, and then it quietly stopped.
 At the same time, the bars began to lift slowly.


For a guy that big, it was pretty easy.
Good work. If you keep your level up, you won't be worried at all.
"Sir, Yoru and Kuu are looking for something.

 The two slobbering animals were given a generous helping of the giant crab's meat, and Yol grew scissors on his hands. .......
 But it's not like some cicada-shaped alien, it's a protrusion from his elbow.
 I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but I think it's a good idea.

 The items recovered were a small blue demon stone, a large crab shell and large crab meat.
 There didn't seem to be anything else, so we decided to move on.

 What greeted us on the seventh floor was yet another artificial passage covered with stones.
 However, there was not a single white-lighted stone in sight, and everything was shrouded in pitch darkness.
 The floor was cracked and chipped in places, as if it had aged a great deal, and the walls had cracks and fissures in several places.

 The walls also have some cracks and fissures. This also gives an eerie impression.

It looks very old-fashioned.
Ugh, doesn't it smell musty?
Yo, please.

 With wings fluttering with a hint of light, the fairy slowly leads the way.
 But within five meters, she comes to a halt.

 The stone passage is illuminated by a pale light.
 The figure of a person appeared there without a sound.