18-Finally return

 We decided to leave the search for the fifth underground floor for the next day.

 It's too big, and I'm sure I won't have enough time to explore it now.
 It might be a floor I'll be visiting for a long time, so I'd like to take my time and check every inch of it anyway.
 For that reason, I need to prepare a little more.

 Also, the fact that everyone is mentally exhausted is a big factor.
 Or rather, I'm really worried about that.

 It seems that I made a mistake by telling them about the Dragon of Doom in the excitement of finding the level I wanted.
 To tell you the truth, the content was so far-fetched that I was going to keep that part of the story to myself. .......
 But I had a sense of solidarity that we had come this far together, and I just went ahead with it.

 As a result, Mia was puzzled, but Paula suddenly went crazy.
 She suddenly got down on her knees and became cuddly, and just stared at my face in fascination.

 The color of her eyes was so serious that it was scary.
 Also, he seems to understand my words, but about 70% of them are misunderstood.
 Or there is some kind of sub-speech that I don't remember saying, and it's being added without my permission.
 I can't help feeling that way.

 I'm sure it's because I'm exhausted, but I want to get back on the ground as soon as possible so that I can get some rest.
 You've been on your toes all day.

Let's call it a day and get out of here.
Yes, my Lord.
Don't do that.
Is that bad?

 I'm afraid he's going to ask me back with a straight face.
 I let out a small breath and prepared myself. Yeah, take the poison.

I'm feeling distant. I like it because it was more friendly before. ......

 I'm not sure what to say, but I'm going to say it.
 It sounds bad to say that I was in lust, but that's exactly how I felt, and I was overwhelmed with s*xuality.
 If you're a man, you'll understand why I shy away from this point.

"Yes, sir.

 Paula's chocolate-colored skin blended with a light red, and I was once again thinking about where I'd gone wrong.

"Well, we'll see about that when we get back to the village. Is Mia okay?
...... Yes, as per Nino's orders ...... and .............

 When I turned to look at her, it was obvious that Mia was acting strangely.
 Her eyes were unfocused and she seemed far from okay.
 I remembered that Paula and Mia had been talking earlier, and I hurriedly asked her.

"What, did you do something?
Yes, I did. Yes, I've given them a bit of a lesson in language.
Put it back.

"Just put it back, Mr. Paula!

 I was too scared to use the honorific, and Mr. Paula's eyes widened as if he had been hit with a hammer.

"Oh, sir. You know, .......
Please, Mr. Paula!
I don't deserve to be called that. ......
If you don't get it back soon, I'm gonna have to keep using the honorific. Mr. Paula!
I understand, sir. Right away.

 I'm not sure, but I think he understands.
 I looked for Yoru and Kuu to stabilize my mind.

 The touch of those two animals would surely calm me down.
 As I looked around, I saw that the beast and the bird were lying face down on top of the blue slimes.

 If you listen closely, you can hear them breathing softly and sweetly.
 They've been running around a lot today.
 As I stroked their heads, Mia came back to me, shaking her head.
 Behind her is Paula with a smile on her lips.

I'm feeling a little fuzzy. Did I say anything weird, sir?
No, not really. ......
Hmmm, that's a funny question, Mia. Well, let's get back to it, shall we, my dear?

 And so we were finally on our way home.

 Here's a summary of the loot we collected, level by level.

 First basement floor.
 Twenty-four blue demon stones. One small blue demon stone.
 Three blue slime skins. 21 blue slime bodily fluids. 8 labyrinth moss.

 20 slime bags filled with labyrinth water. 1 large bag of slime with labyrinth water.
 5 pairs of slime earplugs. 2 Demon's Life Recovery Potion (low level).

 Basement Level 2.
 15 Green Demon Stones. 1 Green Demon Stone (Small). 12 black magic stones.
 10 bat's meat. Twenty-two bat wings. Two large bat wings.

 Ten dog bones. Twenty-eight bat fecaliths.

 Third basement.
 14 yellow demon stones. 1 Yellow Demon Stone (small). 24 red magic stones.
 11 Earthworm Meat. 25 Wire Tails.
 18 pieces of copper ore. 6 White Ore.

 4th basement.
 5 white magic stones. 1 small white magic stone. 5 Yellow Demon Stones. Yellow Demon Stone (Small) 1pc.
 Fairy Scales (6). 6 large caterpillar's thread bags.
 Twenty-one bug bumps.

 At any rate, I'm very grateful for the large amount of magic stones.
 There are many other items worth smelting, and I'm about to scream with joy.

 Also, the copper ore and white light stone on the third floor, and the worm hump on the fourth floor were collected by opening the item section and touching them here and there.
 Since I was lucky enough to get the labyrinth moss and bat poop stone, I just looked for suspicious places.
 From now on, I don't know what I'll be able to collect at every level, so I'll just have to keep touching things around.

 As for the white light stone, it's basically a light in the dungeon, so collecting it is discouraged.
 It's only collected in places where there's plenty of light, or in dungeons where the magical element is very strong.
 There was no such clustered place on the fourth basement floor, but I knew it would fetch a high price, so I collected it on my way out.
 I can't wait for tomorrow's confirmation on this.

 The messengers were two blue slimes and a big worm.
 In addition, a fairy named Yo and a giant caterpillar named Imotchi joined the party.

 I wanted to have a fairy as a companion, because it looks lovely and can serve as a light, but if there are too many followers and servants, a large amount of magic power will be needed to maintain .
 Considering Paula's burden, I don't want her to be overwhelmed today.

 That's what I was thinking, but for some reason, Paula became to me even though I didn't say anything.
 She smiled silently at me in surprise.
 I'm scared. Please don't read my thoughts.

 But it's amazing that she can turn a fairy with high magic defense from to in one shot.
 Also, the caterpillar is the one that the fairy Yo-chan was riding.
 Mia took pity on Yo-chan and asked Paula to take care of her, because she was following us hard even after she was subjugated.
 Mia took pity on her and asked Paula to take care of her. At first, she thought she was creepy, but now she's even given her a name.  

 Finally, here are the results of everyone's hard work today.

---------- --I'm sorry.

Name: Paula Alvarez
Race: Demon race
Occupation: Squire (Level: 16)
Physical strength: 13/13
Magic power: 41/72
Physical attack power: 18
Physical Defense: 11
Magic Attack Power: 51
Magic Defense: 19
Speed: 38
Special ability: , , , .

Equipment: weapon (black leather whip), head (traveler's robe), body (traveler's robe), hands (black leather gloves), feet (black leather boots)
---------- --

 As usual, his magic power and magic attack power are outstanding.
 He also has good speed, and I was very grateful that he was able to move ahead of me.

---------- --Name: Jor
Name: Yoru
Race: Sea Urchin
Occupation: Squire (Level: 15)
Physical strength: 45/45
Magic power: 30/30
Physical attack power: 30 (+9)
Physical defense: 30 (+16)
Magic Attack: 23 (+5)
Magic Defense: 23 (+5)
Speed: 23 (+5)
Special ability: , .

Equipment: Weapon (worm slobber), Head (none), Body (slime body), Hands (none), Legs (none)
---------- --

 His physical defense and attack power are consistently high, making him an excellent shield and attacker.
 To be honest, I feel that this level is very strong.

---------- --Name: Kuu
Name: Kuu
Race: Sea Urchin
Occupation: Squire (Level: 15)
Physical strength: 30/30
Magic power: 22/45
Physical attack power: 23 (+6)
Physical defense: 23 (+15)
Magic Attack: 30 (+6)
Magic Defense: 30 (+6)

Speed: 23 (+10)
Special ability: , .

Equipment: Weapon (caterpillar thread), head (none), body (slime body), hands (bat wings), legs (none)
---------- --This one has magic and speed.

 This one used its magic and high speed to attack first, and became the key to my troops' attack.
 It's also great that Yoru and Kuu are able to share their roles.

---------- --Name: Mia
Name: Mia
Race: Pan racial
Occupation: Mage (Level: 15)
Physical Strength: 15/15
Magic Power: 16/45
Physical Attack Power: 8
Physical Defense: 11
Magic Attack: 23
Magic Defense: 18
Speed: 14
Special Abilities: , , , .

Equipment: Weapon (none), head (white cape), body (villager's clothes), hands (none), feet (leather boots)
---------- --

 Although the figures are those of an average mage, he is able to use both offensive and defensive magic, and his activity is increasing greatly.
 It's really a nice surprise to see him grow so much.

 It was already getting dark when we went outside, as we looked for items we forgot to collect along the way and bathed slowly in the fountain.
 It seemed that I had spent almost the entire day in the dungeon.

 It's been a long time since I've been on the ground, and I stretch out and inhale the air to the bottom of my lungs.
 Then I stopped moving with a start.

 Before I knew it, we were surrounded by a group of armed men.