42-Chapter 1 Character Introduction

◆◇◆ Introduction of characters


Nino(Male/26 years old/Alchemist/Panther race)
Dark hair, dark eyes, plain face. He has a slim figure, and is slightly taller than most men.
He is not afraid of people, but he does not like to stand out.
His memories of his previous life were awakened when he saw the Doomsday Moon.
She has mastered the near-universal art of alchemy and is planning to build a shelter in the underground labyrinth.

Paula Alvarez (Female / 24 / Demon Master / Demon Race)
A beautiful red-haired woman with large reddish eyes and seductive lips.
Her brown skin and black tail are proof of her demon race. Her body shape is glamorous.
She speaks a little softly, but has a keen eye that sees into the hearts of others.
She is the daughter of a powerful nobleman in the Dunkelheid Magic Empire, and prefers men with high magic power.

Yoru (♀/under one year old/subordinate demon/species unknown)
A mysterious demon born from a demon egg that was kept in Paula's family's possession.
Its entire body is covered in fluffy animal hair, but for some reason only its face is human-like.
It has large triangular beast ears. About the height of a three-year-old child.

Kuu(♂/under one year old/Subordinate demon/species unknown)
A demon born from an egg like Yoru. He is a twin, but this one is said to be his younger brother.
Unlike his sister, his body is covered with feathers, and he can fly.
The feathers around its neck are soft and puffy. He is about the same height as his sister.

Dirk (Male / 51 / Healer / Demon race)
A man who is the chief of a frontier village. He is a tall man with a straw hat and an austere appearance.
His character is honest and tenacious. He has a single horn growing out of his forehead and is blessed with the blessing of light.

Karina (Female/49 years old/Healer/Oniracial)
The wife of the village chief, she has a straight back.
She also has a horn on her forehead, but has little experience as a healer.
She has a calm personality and is the leader of the women of the village. She is the best seamstress in the village.

Ute (female/44 years old/pantheracial)
The hostess of the village's only tavern, the Barrel of Tomorrow.
The owner of the only tavern in the village, the Barrel of Tomorrow. She has a stocky build, but so does her character.
Her husband died early and she raised her only daughter by herself. A good advisor to the villagers.

Hans (Male / 36 / Mage / Swordsman / Panther)
A peddler between King's Landing and the village. He has a good-natured personality not suited for a merchant.
He has a medium height and an unremarkable appearance, so he tried to grow a mustache.
But still inconspicuous.
He and Ute are older siblings, but their resemblance is so great that people are usually surprised.

Mia (female/17 years old/Mage/Panther race)
She is the daughter of tomorrow's Sake Barrel Pavilion. She has a cheerful personality and can easily open up to anyone.
She is a beautiful woman with curly blond hair and a full body, but she is not aware of it and is a girl who yearns for the city.

Heimo (Male / 24 / Warrior / Beast Race)
A man who runs a blacksmith shop in the village. A man who runs a blacksmith shop in the village. He has small bear ears and a beard.
He has a stocky body, but is thick and sturdy.
He has a tendency to get angry, but forgets easily.
He left his homeland, the Emirate of Fram, and came to the Kingdom of Holy Vilnia as a trainee.

Eugen (Male/65 years old/Paranthian)
He is a bald-headed old man with a long white beard who spends most of his time in taverns.
He is a drunk who knows a lot about the situation in the West and knows everything.
He is a drunk who knows a lot about this part of the world and knows everything about it. He says and does a lot of random things, but sometimes he has sharp words that should not be underestimated.

-Licht, the capital

Valtrude (Female/42 years old/ Demon race)
The Queen of the Holy Vilnia Kingdom. She has shining blond hair and dazzling golden eyes.
She has three curly horns, a sign of royalty. She is a moderate and has adopted a policy of harmony with various races.

Alma (female/17 years old/ demon race)
One of the Queen's daughters. One of the queen's daughters. A quiet girl with her mother's good looks. She has three horns like her mother.
She was supposed to be the princess maiden in the once-in-a-century ceremony to send off the gods, but her ship was wrecked and she was lost.

Siegmund (Male/41 years old/Oniracial)
Siegmund is the leader of the Holy Order of the Dragon Spear, a beautiful swordsman with twin curved horns.
He has a graceful appearance that makes it hard to believe he has a child.
He is the most talented swordsman and spearman in the kingdom, and is also the best purifier. She has a soft spot for her daughter.

Rosalinde (Female/19 years old/Oniracial)
Siegmund's only daughter, a knight in charge of guarding the princess miko.
She is a beautiful woman with a slender, toned physique and straight hair cut off at the collar.
She and her escort are currently missing.

Nicklaus (Male/66 years old/Oniracial)

Archbishop of the Holy Koumyou Church. Seemingly a mild-mannered old man with a white beard.
He has no hair on his head, but has two long curved horns. But underneath his priestly hat, he wears a .......
He hates the royal family and is secretly plotting to take away their influence.

Barnabas (Male / 50 / Alchemist / Demon Race)
The head of the Royal Alchemy Workshop. He is the head of the Royal Alchemy Workshop.
He wears a pair of glasses and has a neat mustache.
His tone is gentle and he has a reputation for taking good care of his subordinates. He has a thin head.

Arnolt (Male / 23 / Alchemist / Demon race)
A skilled alchemist belonging to the Royal Alchemy Workshop.
He is a handsome man with fresh and dazzling white teeth.
However, he's a racist at heart and a demon race supremacist.
He is also the reason why Nino was kicked out.

Enni (female/27 years old/beast race)
The landlady of Nino's former lodging house. A woman with brown hair and lovely fox ears.
She is a strong, dependable, and reliable older sister. She has a nine-year-old daughter and two sons, ages seven and five.

Olli (Male / 29 / Beast)
He is a cook at the Golden Bear Restaurant on the first floor of the boarding house. He is from the same orphanage as Nino.
He is built like a large bear, but his round animal ears are surprisingly cute.
He is a simple man, but when the time comes, he can be angry for the sake of others. He is an excellent cook.

Leocadio Alvarez (Male/41 years old/ Demon race)
A man of the demon race who does a wide range of business in the capital. He is Paula's uncle and a former Imperial nobleman.
His appearance is youthful and breathtakingly beautiful. However, he has recently suffered a back injury and is unable to use his cane.