87-Amazing Underground Search Part 2

"Looks like we're about to leave. Then we'll go with you.
You're not going to ...... back to Earth, are you? Yes, I knew that.
Good luck, you two.
Of course you're coming with us.
"Nya, I'm too full to move.

 The group was relaxing after lunch, but it seemed that they were going deep underground again.
 Noemi wants to refrain from any more surprises, but she reluctantly stands up because she doesn't want to be left here.

"Come on, let's go," she said.
This soft pillow and fluffy comforter is the best. ...... munch munch munch.

 Under the head of a girl with cat ears lying down.
 There was a black and yellow striped furball underneath her head.
 Also under her arm was a feather ball with wings that looked like insects.
 For some reason, both of them were sleeping peacefully with peaceful expressions on their faces, attached to the girl.

 Noemi's blood instantly drained from her face at the sight of Tinya, who had taken the liberty of using the terrifying beast as bedding.  

Noemi's face instantly drained of blood at the sight of Tinya using the horrible beast as bedding. "Where did you get it from?" "Hurry up and give it back!
"Nyaa, I'll give you back our pillow and comforter.
Noemi and Yoru, please calm down. Noemi, I'll take care of Yoru and Kuu. Tinya, how did you like the soup?
Oh, I almost charged you for the fallen cheek.
There's a demon on the next floor that drops meat. You might get eaten again.
You should have said that earlier! Let's get out of here!

 The beast girl jumped up and the demon woman shook her head without saying anything.
 I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not, but it's a good idea.

"Nya, nya, nya! It's full of water! I've been tricked!
"Wow, ......, so much water so deep underground. ......
It's all salt water.
Oh, so there's salt here, too?
Nyannya! Something weird is coming out! My hands are like scissors, it's so inconvenient!
You've never even seen a crab. ......?

 With the participation of two beautiful women, the young men were able to kill the giant crabs and turtles one after another.
 Then came the seventh floor.

I've never been on this floor before. I'm getting nervous.
"Nya, nya, nya! It's just a shadow! Let's see if I can cut it, Tei! Nya, I can't see!
You look pretty good for a guy.
I can smell it. Nya, now just the bones! Let's see if we can cut it, shall we? It's weak. It's a small fish.
I wonder who built this tower underground, and for what purpose.

 In the event that you're not sure what you're looking for, you'll be able to find it on the web.

"Yao! Is this a forest? The ceiling is too high!
It's amazing ...... that such a large tree can be found so deep underground.
Yeah, it's really amazing. ....... Oh, there's smoke over there.
Is that charcoal being burned? ...... What's that?
"Nya, nya, nya! It's a big dragonfly! It's cutting some branches! It's amazing!
"That's the sword-tailed dragonfly I heard about. Is this big one an antler deer?
"Oh, there are so many little ones on it. I want to ride one too.
"Oh, there are even sheep here? What's going on here? ......

 Noemi and the others went down to the next floor after enjoying the view of the tree corridor, marveling at the magnificent huts built in the trees and participating in the milking.

Noemi and the others went down to the next floor, where the big wolf seemed to miss his friends.
Next stop, ....... I wonder if it's a mine.
"Hey, guys, look, look. How's my new workshop?

 The man, a small bear-like beast of a man, was proud of his new workshop, but behind him was a large, half-built furnace.
 All around him, goblins are hauling rocks.

You're building here?
There's plenty of ore here. It's a safe entrance, no demons will come here.
Oh, you're crazy.
What's with the cat ears? I don't want to be told by you!

 I'm not sure if it's a good idea to be told by a bear-ear, Noemi thought.
 While fussing over the disgusting black dumpling and the naked man with a ratty head, Noemi and her friends made it to the tenth floor.
 Then they opened their eyes wider than ever.

"Nya, nya, nya! We're outside! What a wonder!
"What? Wasn't there a staircase downstairs? What? Why?
"Well, what a wonderful view.

 We continued to hunt sheep on the cliffs and watch dragonflies fly in the central lake, and the time passed quickly.
 Then, as the sun was setting, our pleasant visit came to an abrupt end.

"Nya, nya, nya! Those two look like they're having fun! I want to try it too! Hey, there's something here!
"What? A moth? A bee? Huh?
Everyone, get to that cave while you can! Hurry up!
My instincts are telling me it's dangerous as hell in there!
It's too dangerous outside! Come on, get in!
"Yah! There's a really big bee! If it stings, it'll be as big as Noemi's tits!
"Oh, shut up. Hans, are you sure about that?
Yes, it's the second time he's beaten it.

 Perhaps he's telling the truth.
 By the time Noemi arrived here, she had seen the villagers fight up close and personal.

 A girl who could shoot dozens of fireballs with terrifying power and not give a d*mn.

 A man of the demon race who, despite his advanced age, is able to wield a sword with great skill and even use healing techniques.
 A maiden of the tree race who uses fairies as arms and legs and shoots arrows at will even though she is not a demoness.
 A beastly man of small stature but full of fighting spirit, wielding an iron spear with gusto.

 And that's not all.
 Young men with large shields to ward off all attacks from demons, and women who use high-powered magic without hesitation.
 A group of well-trained archers who shot their arrows in perfect unison.
 How could they have gathered such a powerful force?

 And those two Hexenbiests.
 Despite their cute appearance, a single swing of their claws can easily tear apart a demon's body, and a single kick can shatter its bones.
 It's unbelievable how strong they are.

 And Paula was able to use nearly ten monsters, including those monsters.
 On top of that, a man with extraordinary magical power who can control all of them as if they were his hands and feet.

 It's strange to think that he can't win.
 Even though she knew that much, Noemi could not help but nod at the murmurings of the girl next to her.

They're all crazy. They're all crazy. They're definitely crazy.