131-Unexpected Visitors Part 3

"Is that all right?

 I nodded back to Noemi, who asked briefly, looking around the tavern.
 There was no sign of Louise and the others.

 The village chief had already taken the three women, the young lady, the maid, and the weaver, to his house, since they had already agreed on a plan and were probably tired from the long and unfamiliar journey.
 However, since there was only one room available, the carpenters and masters would have to sleep on the floor of the tavern.

 Since we are likely to be friends with them for a long time, we asked Ute to serve us some food and drink so that we would not be suspicious.
 At first, the craftsmen were unhappy with the state of the village, which was deserted without a proper inn, but now they are enjoying the apple wine and rabbit meat.

"This wine is so sweet and sour, I can drink as much as I want.
Meat is only good when it's dripping with fat. Yeah, it's good.
Hey, you want some more?
Oh, thank you!
Another plate for me, landlady!

 Perhaps it was because they had been eating only preserved food on the road, but they seemed to have a firm grip on their stomachs.
 I hope that some of the carpenters will stay in this village.

We'd love to have more people.
But ......

 Once they start working, the peculiarities of this village will surely be exposed.
 As the captain of the guard, it is natural for me to worry about that.
 But there's something else he doesn't like.

"Just to confirm, how was your impression of Miss Louise compared to before?
"Huh? Well... Well, she's a lot more quiet. ....... No, she has a very ladylike personality.
I knew it.

 He didn't seem to question her ability to travel all the way to this remote village.
 It was an impossible act for the daughter of a famous family, but it was not unnatural.

 That's the Lady Louise I know.
 I'm talking about in the game, though.

 She appears in the middle of Dracula 2, and is a character who suddenly opens a store in a village that has started to develop, and threatens the main character's studio.
 After a few confrontation events, she changed her high-handed behavior and became a pretty young lady, and joined the heroine list.
 The reason I didn't recognize her at first sight was that she was the one who had lost her strong vertical rolls and tongue.

 But to have her change that way after only a few days of encounter: .......
 Hans, you're amazing.

 Letting out a sigh of admiration, I looked around at the people at the table.
 Paula and Noemi, the village chief, Heimo and Etan, all the usual suspects were there.
 Yoru and Kuu had already sneaked into bed with Tinya via the back door.
 They are probably cooing and sighing in their sleep.

Let's start the emergency meeting. First, Miss Louise's request, I think it's impossible to refuse.

 Whatever the motive, the involvement of the Lant merchants in this village was the same as in the game.
 Perhaps it is an unavoidable trend.
 But that doesn't guarantee that the rest of the story will be the same.
 And even if I said I trusted the character because I knew him from the game, it would only make my head look suspicious.

"Oh, so you're such a big deal, huh? That girl?
The Lantos are distant relatives of the Gwinner family, so they can't afford to lose face.

 They don't have the title of nobility, but they are in a similar position.
 If you are involved in business in this region, he is not someone you can ignore.

I'm very happy that you brought the loom with you. I'm sure the fairies will be very happy to see it.
"Yes, my wife was very excited.

 On the contrary, it would be a shame to lose the opportunity to get to know a business association with such influence.
 Hans-san must have taken that into consideration when he entrusted his decision to me.

It will still be quite some time before the trading post is ready, so let's do our best to disguise it. If we can establish a sales channel, it will change the village in many ways, and I don't think we can afford to miss the opportunity.

 In the worst case, if they were exposed, Hans-san might be able to persuade them to do something about it.
 Each of the three men tucked their chins at my words.
 But Paula and the others didn't seem so optimistic, and kept their worried gazes on me.

 I also think it's a bit difficult to keep the existence of the labyrinth a secret.
 But right now, we have no choice but to bring the Lantos into the fold.

 The main reason for this is the information in the second page of Hans' letter.
 It had come to me via Mr. Jörg, the president of the association, and it was too much to pass up.

 I looked around the table again, took a breath, and continued.

Actually, Hans-san informed me that the lord is looking for the merchant who sold the white light stone lantern.