132-Unexpected Visitors Part 4

"Your lordship is .......

 The first person to respond was the village chief, Dirk.
 The first to react was the village chief, Dirk, who had worked in the lord's mansion for a long time and had been appointed head of the village, so he must know the man well.
 I also know him well, or rather, I have fought him many times before.
 Of course, I'm not talking about this world.

 Viscount Gwinner.
 In the human destruction route of Dracula 2, he and Bernhardt, a frontier count, rebelled against Queen Valtrude, and were in conflict with the protagonist.

 This is the highlight of the middle stage of the game.
 However, if you underestimate him as a mid-boss, you will be met with a painful retribution.

 The reason for this is the existence of mercenary groups that cooperate with the rebel army.
 Because they are too strong, everyone makes the same mistake at first.
 ...... Oh, this is the one we're going to lose.
 And then the game over screen comes up and you're shocked.

 And the reason why I immediately accepted Miss Louise's request was because the mercenary group was close to the Lant merchant company.
 In fact, it seems that some of them were accompanying her to escort the carriage this time.
 Also, the reason why you can't see them in the tavern is because they don't eat the same food as their employers as much as possible.
 It seems that they are still troublesome even in this real world.

Something troublesome is going on here.
You're dealing with a lord: ....... That's a problem.

 The two people from other countries, the beast and the tree, also seem to understand the gravity of the situation.
 The other party has a legitimate claim to this land.
 If they find out about the underground labyrinth, there's nothing we can do.

 If the villagers are strong enough, they might be able to fight back.
 However, they are only improvised, and there is no way they can stand up to those who have fought against them before.
 You may be able to swing a sword at a demon without hesitation, but you will inevitably be hesitant when it is a human.

 That's why I decided to take out those who might be obstacles at this stage.
 And it's not that there are no other options.

The National Day event in May. If you can get Hans to step up to the plate at that event, ......
"What do you have in mind? Sir.
Yeah, I finally figured out how to use the water purification potion.

 I looked around the table as I gathered my thoughts.

I'll take care of this. I'll take care of this, but I'll need your help as well.
"Oh, you're very dependable. Then I'll do my best.
I'll do my best. - Oh, I'll leave everything to you, young man!
I'm happy to help in any way I can.
I'll do my best. Mr. Nino, Miss Paula.

"Yes, I will accompany you wherever you go, my dear.

 There was no guarantee that it would work, but it was still better than not trying at all.
 The way my brother kappa pulled us along, I felt strongly about it again.
 I'm also happy to report.

"Oh, by the way, the kappa have joined us.
"Oh, that's great news!

 The village head immediately reacts with happiness.
 Considering the time and effort it takes to water the plants, I can't help but understand his feelings.

"And we also had a little harvest. Mr. Ute, may I ask you to do something?
Yes, it's steaming up nicely.

 As if he had been waiting for me, a steamed eel was brought to the table.
 I had secretly given him the ingredients and asked him to order it.

"Oh, I haven't had fish in a while. This looks delicious!
Is this another demon?
Yes, it looks long and thin, but it's really delicious.

 If I tell people it's a snake, they won't like it.
 The village chiefs reached for the steamy platter, took a bite, and all of them looked as if they were melting.
 They looked at each other in silence and then competed to take another bite.

 It was a night of many revelations at once, but it seemed to have ended well.

 Late at night, I fell asleep with this thought.
 I was awakened by a small knock at the door.

 I gently opened the door and saw Noemi standing in the hallway.
 A black bird was perched on her shoulder.

 The demoness looked into my eyes, exhaled quietly, and told me what she wanted.

I'm sorry to disturb you at this time of night, but could you please come with me? It seems that someone has tried to enter the village.