137-The village that bed

 The next day, after she and the village chief had agreed on the location of the trading post, Miss Louise returned home with an elated look on her face.
 She must have felt that she had been successfully accepted into the village.

 However, it is unclear when we will see him again.
 It seems that they are constructing a rather magnificent building, and if it is not completed, it may take several years.

 If we wait too long, the world will die first, so we have decided to help as much as we can.
 Besides, we want to increase our allies as much as possible before the Lord notices the existence of the Dragon Jade Palace.

 It would take about two and a half to three days by carriage from here to Octogone, the capital of Viscount Gwinner's domain.
 However, when they came here, they carried five carpenters and two looms, so it took them four days.

 It is said that the materials for construction were originally planned to be brought from near the capital.
 However, it would have taken an inordinate amount of time if they had been transported by wagon.
 Moreover, the cost would have been terrible.

 So I told the village chief that the wood and stone would be provided by the village.
 It would be good for our income.

 Next to the tavern, there was a large space for carriages, which became the site for the building of the trading post.
 Because the tavern was noisy at night, there was a good distance between the tavern and the surrounding houses, and the space seemed to be just right.

Let's get started, shall we?

 The first thing the carpenters did was to build a temporary hut for themselves to live in.
 There was talk of renting the floor of a tavern to sleep in, but it was still cold and the weather was a bit harsh.
 They also wanted to keep their important tools in a locked place.

"Oh, thanks, Yol.
You brought Kuu with you? Thanks.

 Demons and demons, but demon hunters themselves are not that uncommon in large cities and towns.
 Therefore, thanks to the brown-skinned Paula and the others, the slimes were accepted by the carpenters more easily than expected.

 However, this was not the case with Yoru and Kuu, and they were quite surprised.
 However, their friendliness and willingness to help must have been appreciated.
 In about three days, they were treated as mascots and friends at the site.

 I had secretly piled up some dried logs behind the tavern so that they could be used immediately, and the hut for sleeping is already half built.
 Once that's done, they'll start laying the foundation.

 They said they would use stones for the foundation after that, and they were currently transporting them from the underground labyrinth.
 The source of the stone is actually the seventh floor.

 The seventh floor was supposed to be a useless floor with nothing on it.
 But in fact, there was one place that was very convenient.
 It is the mysterious tower that is the home of the skeletons.

 It's just an old building, and the top is crumbling, so it's quite dangerous.
 But that's not really the point.
 The important thing is that the tower is made of stone.

 As for my item collection, not all items can be stored in the mysterious space if you touch them.
 In the case of logs, you have to cut down the tree before it is recognized as a material.

 And it seems that the same constraint was applied to buildings.
 It all started when a group of young men heard that they needed stone to build a trading post, and suggested that they could use the tower by dismantling it.

 However, the structures in the labyrinth are not so easily moved.
 The floor and walls of the basement floor were made of stone, but it was completely impossible to remove the stones.

 However, in the tower of skeletons, only the top floor has no roof and the walls are in danger of collapsing.
 Naturally, the stones used as building materials could be easily removed.
 The plan was to carry them all the way down to the ground, but when I touched the stones that had been removed from the tower, I was able to retrieve them easily.
 And the part that had been removed was complemented exactly the next day.

 In other words, this also means that the square stones are now freely available.
 It's not much once you realize it, but it's a great discovery.

 So now I'm collecting the stones from the top floor of the tower, taking them out of the mysterious space near the village, and loading them into a cart to take them to the building site.
 It is said that the stone can be found near the river.
 It seems that two of the carpenters know how to be masons, so they are probably suspicious of me, but the front is important.

 So, the construction of the trading post will start soon.

 The next change that came to the village was the introduction of looms.
 One of these looms will be placed in the village chief's house, and he will teach the weavers how to weave.
 The other loom, of course, has already been transported to the goblin village on the fifth underground level.

 And we also need materials to weave the loom.
 As an excuse for the supply, I decided to start herding crooked sheep near the village.

 Since they are not demons that would attack people, they are in a free-range state, having been subjugated and then released from servitude on the ground.
 In order to prevent it from escaping, I am now working hard to build a fence.

 Thanks to this, the work in the underground labyrinth has been delayed, but it seems that the transformation of the village has been more interesting than I expected.
 The villagers have also taken the initiative in helping us with the work.

 The building of the trading post seems to have created various ripples in the village.