22-The beginning of the exchange

 I opened my eyelids, feeling as if someone was calling me.
 For the second day in a row, I awoke on the floor of a tavern.

 The people of the village were lying around me, folded up like corpses.
 For a moment, I was nervous, but then I was relieved when a few of them started to creep around.

"Good morning ......, good morning ......, good morning .............

 I got up and greeted them, but my throat hurt.
 I'm totally laughing too hard.

"Good morning, my dear.

 I turned my eyes to see Paula with a worried look on her face, holding out a vial of Restore Magic.
 It's the one I gave you to take at your own discretion in case of emergency.
 I had used up all the labyrinth moss in last night's alchemy, so I gratefully accepted it.

 I gulped it down in one gulp, and the pain in my throat eased up.
 I see, so this is how cells are activated.

Thank you. Thank you very much.

 When I thanked her in a sane voice, Paula bowed deeply to me.

I'm sorry about last night. How can I apologize to you for the trouble I caused you because I was too naive?
"Ah, the matter of mixing fairy scales without permission: ......

 The memory of last night floats in my mind, dimly.
 I hadn't laughed that much in a long time since my memory of my previous life came back.
 The people in the village couldn't contain their excitement and were laughing just by looking at each other's faces. .......

 It was really fun.

 Probably, the reason why I was in such a good mood (high) was because the labyrinth water and fairy scales were so compatible.
 If it had been ordinary water or purified water, the effect would have been a little milder.
 Another reason is that the people in the village, including me, did not have a high tolerance to the drug.
 The lack of familiarity with the drug caused it to work too well and led to last night's unbelievable orgy.

"Well, you couldn't have predicted that. I had no choice.

 I don't know if it's a good idea to talk about the results, but I've gotten to know most of the villagers now.
 I don't have any lingering sluggishness or depression in my body, but rather I feel refreshed and comfortable.
 The only thing is that it could be used as a stimulant, but I'm afraid of what might happen, so I'll try to avoid using it in the future.

 As if sensing that my voice did not contain anger, Paula's expression quickly changed to one of relief.
 I reached out and pinched her cheek and tugged.

I'll be very angry if you do it again. And I'll be very angry if you do it again.

 At the end of a very exciting moment, the chorus of "Glory to the Labyrinth Empire" was led by Paula, right?
 As I was puzzled by the beautiful woman who looked so happy to have her cheek pulled, I heard something again.



 I hurriedly got up and looked out the window to see what was going on.

 Hovering around the central square of the village were a group of demon children astride a blue slime.
 Behind them, a group of children accompanied them, shouting at the top of their lungs.
 Behind them, there seemed to be a large worm and a large caterpillar.

"Yol, Kuu!

 I hurriedly pushed open the door and shouted, and the two animals immediately responded to my voice and turned around.
 Their eyes were wide open and filled with tears, as if they were about to spill out.

 When Yoru and Kuu noticed me, they kicked the blue slime in the side and tried their best to get to me.
 No, it's faster to just get off and run.

 I guess they noticed before I could point it out, but they jumped down from the slime and jumped into my chest at full speed.
 I did my best to hold them, and they buried their faces in my neck and sniffed me.
 As I patted them gently on the back, children started to gather around.

"Is that you, old man?
"Is he?
"Good for you, cat.

 The children told me that the two animals had wandered into the village early in the morning.
 They were crying and looking for someone, so we helped them up.
 Well, they slept a lot last night, so I left them in front of the labyrinth.
 When you woke up, you didn't see me or Paula, so you got worried.

I'm sorry.

 You're all pissed off.

Thank you for looking for them with me. Aren't these guys scary?
No, I mean, I saw them in a carriage once.
Yeah, I saw them.

 They seemed to have remembered that I had introduced them on the first day.
 They were all still very young, no more than three years old and less than six years old.

"Thank you for taking care of me. What would you like to thank me for?
"Thank you?
Well, well, well, well!

 The girl with pigtails pointed to a pudgy blue slime.
 I'm relieved that she doesn't seem to have any aversion to demons.

"Paula, can I ask you a favor?
"Yes, my lord.

 The children who were given rides by the blue slime, the giant caterpillar and the worm shouted with joy.
 For those who couldn't get on, fairies flew around to take care of them.
 Of course, scales are strictly forbidden.












「お、錬成のあんちゃん、魔青銅作れるのか. すげぇじゃねえか. こっちはネズミのしっぽの針金? 弾力があって面白れぇな」



 Of course, things will never work out the way you envisioned at first.
 But the best way to develop a craftsman is to believe in him and keep giving him opportunities.
 This is something I learned firsthand from Barnabas, the workshop manager.

 The man, who resembled a small bear and was looking at the materials carefully, suddenly started kicking the floor and stomping on the ground.

"d*mn! What the hell?
What's wrong? 
The underground labyrinth looks like a lot of fun, but this job looks like a lot of fun too!

 I'm sure he thinks he's really mad, but his gesture is cute.
 It's not fair that he's not much older than me.

If you finish this job, I'll take you to the labyrinth.
Are you sure? That's a promise!
You've got five days. Are you sure?
Yeah, I'll take care of it!

 Heimo pulled up in a good mood, and I patted him on the chest.

How's it going over there?
"What do you think, Sensei? Isn't this really cool?

 Heimo pulled up his face and said, "How about that one?

Look, it's only a temporary fix, so don't move, Mia.
"Oh, sorry, sorry, Auntie.
Next time I call you Auntie, your hand might slip. You don't know where the needle's gonna stick.
Oh, I'm sorry.

 What the lively ladies are making for me is an armor made of tanned bat wings.
 The parts of demons that contain a lot of magical elements in their bodies are much tougher than ordinary ones, or have unusual characteristics.
 A bat's wing, which at first glance looks like it will tear easily, is actually quite strong.

 Also, in the game, it is normal to wear different types of equipment, but this is not the case in the real world.
 You have to have them made to fit your individual size, which can be a bit troublesome.

 Well, the good news is that you don't have to worry so much about weapons.

 The dog bone is and sharpened.
 Then, attach the bone to the end of a wooden stick of an appropriate length prepared by Ute.
 Yes, the dog bone spear is complete.
 It's only one star in rarity.

 In the meantime, the work I had asked Paula and the others to do seemed to be finished.
 I returned to the tavern with the village chief and asked Ute for some food, and then we left together.

 This is my second attempt at the Dragon Jade Palace.