76-The unexpected outbreak of air battles

 The dance of honeybees to inform their mates of the location of flowers is well known, but there is another known means of communication by bees: the release of information chemicals (pheromones).

 Perhaps the venomous stinger contained an alarming scent.
 It seems to have caused the bees to call out in large numbers to their enraged brethren.

 With the sound of countless wings echoing in our ears, we turned back the way we had come.

 Leading the way were Yoru and Kuu, who had made a great start.
 We can hear them giggling and enjoying the chase.
 The two blue slimes jump up and down in pursuit of them, followed by Etan and Paula, who run lightly behind them.
 Mia, who was running behind them, was also running fast, not unlike a mage.

 And I, at the back of the pack, am moving my legs in a huff.
 I'm trying my best to keep up with them, but the distance between us is quickly closing.

 Just as I was getting impatient, my body suddenly lifted off the ground.
 When I turned around to see what was going on, a dragonfly with a sword tail was grabbing my back and lifting me up.
 Ken-chan, the dragonfly, accelerated through the air and caught up with the lead group at once.

"Phew. Thank you, Paula.
"No. It's not that hard.
It looks like they'll catch up to us soon. It's gonna be a little difficult to outrun.
Oh, my God! You're so angry!

 The three of us can still talk while running, but it's going to be tough against the flying bees.
 But stopping to intercept those numbers is not a realistic option.

"Okay, let's change course. Paula, I need you to head east.
"Yes, sir.

 The sword-tailed dragonfly carrying me tilted its body to the left, gaining more speed.
 Yoru and Kuu, who had overtaken me, followed with bright eyes.

 We hurriedly crossed the river, and instead of heading for the south stairs, we arched our way to the center of the tenth floor.
 When I saw that the bees were following us, I threw the bee venom stinger that I had collected to Mr. Etan, who was following a little later.

"Shoot it in there.
"I see! I see.

 As he ran, Etan dexterously tied the stinger to the end of the arrow.
 As soon as he was ready, he easily released the arrow from the string without focusing on the target.

 The arrow drew a mountainous curve, and when it reached its destination, it made a quiet sound.
 Then, with ripples on the surface of the lake, it dissolved the poison that had been applied.

 Perhaps reacting to the scent, several bees immediately changed their course and headed for the spot where the arrow had fallen.
 But that place was also the territory of the sword-tailed dragonflies.

 The dragonflies, their wings trembling from the arrow suddenly shot into the lake, attacked the new intruders without mercy, as if they were the culprits.

 Their hard transparent wings seemed to pose enough of a threat just by moving them.

 The dragonfly slashed mercilessly at the few bees that had recklessly entered its territory.

 The moment the silvery glow crossed his path, the bodies of the army of bees shattered at once and blew away.
 Then the sword-like abdomen was swung, and the bees that had barely survived were cut in half by the blow.

 The bees were killed in cold blood, but they seemed to have released a large amount of pheromones when they died.
 The swarm of demons that had been heading this way quickly changed direction and steered towards the surface of the lake.

 There were about fifty army bees.
 In contrast, there were less than twenty sword-tailed dragonflies.

 Although the difference in strength was more than twice as great, the difference in performance made it easy to close the gap and overtake them.
 The bees couldn't seem to keep up with the speed of the dragonfly, which is said to be one of the fastest flying insects.

 In front of the dragonflies flying in all directions, the number of bees dwindled quickly.
 They manage to fly their stingers in groups, but the dragonflies are too fast for them to even catch them.
 Or rather, even if they do, they seem to be almost unharmed.

 In less than a few minutes, the battle was quickly settled.
 Most of the bees were scattered on the surface of the lake, and a few of the remaining bees were grabbed from behind and had their heads bitten off.
 I was angry when they attacked me out of the blue, but I couldn't help but feel sorry for them when they were eaten alive.

"Wow. Dragonfly, you're so strong!
It's no wonder they're so different in size. Besides, bees and dragonflies are about twice as fast as each other.

 We breathed a sigh of relief as we managed to escape to a safe place while the insects were fighting.
 For an impromptu plan, it seemed to have worked out better than expected.
 Moreover, it seems to be applicable in many ways.
 I'll have to do some more research on the habits of insects. .......

Well, I'm glad everyone's okay.
"No, not everyone. How's the wound? Sir.

 I waved my hand at Paula, who took out a silk bandage with concern.
 Perhaps it was because I had taken a potion to restore my magic, but the blood had already stopped and only a dull ache remained.

I'm sorry for making you worry. I'll be a little more careful next time.

 I'll be a little more careful next time," Paula said, her face clouded by my words.

I'll be ...... faster.
It's important to be remorseful, but don't let it drag you down too far. I'm sure you'll be glad to know that I'm not the only one.
"............ Yes.

 He seemed to be convinced, but his feelings hadn't caught up with him yet.
 Thinking back, there were a few unnatural glances and pauses today.
 Maybe it was because he had been away for a week and wanted to help me more?

 Once again, I made sure everyone was okay, and I turned back to the stairs, stretching deliberately.

Yeah, I'm tired of running around, let's get out of here.
I'm hungry! I'm hungry.

 I nodded awkwardly to Paula, who nodded awkwardly to Mia and the others, and I continued casually.

I'd like to catch a few sheep first, can you help me?

 Etan quickly found the bent-horned sheep we were looking for.
 He said it had a shorter horn than the others, but it was too far away for me to see.

 Ken, the sword-tailed dragonfly, jumped up and easily snatched one of the sheep from among the fleeing sheep.
 I guess sheep hunting is going to be a lot easier from now on.

 The sheep are bleating desperately, but there's no way to escape when you've got a firm grip on them.
 As it jiggled its feet, Paula easily subjugated it.

 After she was lowered to the ground and became quiet, I kneeled down next to her and gently patted her stomach.
 Yeah, I think I can do this.

 I put a platter of crabs from the item list under her belly and squeezed the sheep's nipples in an imitative way.
 After a few tries, a white streak suddenly sprays out from the tip.

"There it is!
Good job!

 The milking was a success.
 Sheep's milk was a standard item in the game, but for some reason it could not be collected from the carcass, so I decided to try milking it alive.

 I tried licking it with my fingers, and found it to be mildly sweet and very tasty.
 Actual goat's milk is said to be foul-smelling and strong, but this one seems to be sheep's milk, and is suitable for everyone.
 Yoru and Kuu came up to me, sniffing and smelling, and I let them lick it.

 Again, their eyes immediately change color.
 They clung to my arm, begging for more.

"Hold on, hold on. Come on, I'm coming out.

 As I squeezed, the beast and the bird began to fight for it, pushing each other with their heads.
 Yeah, it's very popular.

"Oh, that's so fun! Me too! Me too!

 Mia wanted to do it, so I asked her to take over the milking.
 Yoru and Kuu couldn't wait to get their hands on the empty nipples and started to suckle directly.

 I took a few steps away and moved to stand next to Paula, who was watching everyone fighting over the milk.
 I took a few steps away and moved to stand next to Paula, who was watching all of the breastfeeding.

I haven't thanked you properly yet. Thank you for helping me escape. And I'm sure the sheep are very happy to see you. We couldn't be more grateful to you, Paula.

 The demon race woman's eyes widened slightly at my abrupt speech.

"Well, I'd like you to stay by my side and help me in the future, if possible. ......
Yes, it would be my pleasure. Sir.

 I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that.