9-First broadcast!

'Uh, uh, testes.'

 The next day. In the city of beginnings, I logged back in and was about to try my hand at my first delivery.
 As I waved my hand at the treasure ball floating in front of me and tested my microphone, the comment board that I had left open began to display text.

"First look.
"First look.
"First time.

'Oh, welcome, first-timer. I don't know if I'm doing well since it's my first time streaming, but can you hear me?

"I can hear you.
"First time.
"The sound quality is as good as a high-end microphone.
That's a feature of the game.
"It's a game feature.

 I was a little happy to see the comments appearing one after another, and relieved to know that my voice had been heard.

I'm glad. Oh, thank you for being a first-timer. I'll start the distribution then. My name is Sukuna. If you watched yesterday's broadcast of Rin-chan's ...... Rinne, you might know me.'

 Yesterday, Rin-chan and I finished the broadcast after raising our level by one level, and then I was asked to advertise the next day's broadcast.
 It was called "Sukuna's First Broadcast". The title of the broadcast was simple but easy to understand.
 It is now past six in the morning. To be honest, I'm still a little sleepy because of the early morning.

"I've been watching.
"Do you know Rinne?
"You're Skuna, right?
"I followed you on the official account of the Reivers.
"I'm a new member of upheroes.
I really like it when you call me "Rin-chan.
"You mean you're a professional gamer?

 I'm glad to see that people have been coming to the site since the beginning, though it's only because of the publicity from Rin's broadcast yesterday.
 The number of listeners has been increasing at a moderate pace, and the comment section has been busy as well.

 I can't believe I'm following an official account. I just created it yesterday, so I'm pretty sure it's unfollowed. .......

 By the way, "livers" is a famous video site affiliated with WLO.
 You can watch live streams from here, save time shifts, and post regular videos.
 It is also possible to do a little publicity, and if you follow your favorite distributors, you can receive notifications of their distribution.

You can also follow your favorite streamers and receive notifications of their streams. I don't really know, but I'm sure I'll be working on something like that soon. Oh, and this channel is a certified account for Ryvers, so you can follow me if you want. I'll also post announcements here.

I followed you.
"I followed you.
"I'm laughing that Rinne is following me faster than the official HEROES.
"Is it love ......?

 I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not.

 But that's beside the point. It's a good idea to get started as soon as possible, since people are starting to gather.

'Today, I'm thinking of going through the southern plains to the End Forest for leveling. Wolf doesn't have enough experience, right?

"You've already gone south?
"I mean, from the beginning.
"Lynne's Spartan Leveling Course
I've been thinking about it for a while.
"It was all work at the end.
"A demon who bludgeoned a wolf to death with a smile.
"It's a demon girl, so it can't be helped.

I'm not sure what to make of that.

 I think it's bad that Wolf is paper armored.
 The listeners laughed at me when I said that. I don't understand.

Anyway, let's get through the southern plains! Let's head for the forest at the end of the road!

 Even though it was my first delivery, I was upset with the listeners who already felt as if they were my friends, but I managed to organize them and proceeded with the story.
 I walked out into the early morning meadow, carrying the gold bar that I had restored to its original state at the NPC blacksmith before starting the broadcast.



 Without using any particular arts, the three Wolves exploded with a simple, cartoonish cracking sound.

'It seems that the charm of the gold bar is its high durability, but I don't really know how much durability it loses.

 I muttered to myself as I quickly checked the results, which didn't add up to much.
 I guess it's one of those things that happens to all deliverers, but I can't seem to find the right balance between honorific and casual.
 I hope you'll forgive me if I'm a bit of a mess.
 It would be easier if I could just use tame like Rin-chan, but I'm sure I'd feel more comfortable using honorifics when talking in front of strangers.

 We're halfway through the plains, and we're on the march, crushing three packs of wolves.
 In the midst of this, I was talking about the durability of weapons, which sometimes decreases and sometimes does not.
 I had thought that one attack consumed one endurance, but when I counted it, I found that it consumed only one endurance every two attacks.

"Tell me about it, erotic man.
I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what's going on.
It's only five seconds.
"You're typing too fast.

 We all praise the knowledgeable listeners for their fast answers.

 Well, it's true that I stopped aiming at the brain and chin after I became able to one-punch the enemy by hitting relatively soft parts.
 That messy play was putting a strain on the gold bar.

'So the durability is decreasing because I've been cutting corners ......?

You're too brainy.
I'm sure you've heard of it.
"A demon of rapid-fire aim.
I'm going to kick you in the face with no mercy.
"It's so devilish, it's funny.
I'm not laughing at you. ...... My crotch fluttered.

I'm not going to aim for the metal target! You can't hit a target unless it's a surprise hit. I'm sure you'll be able to figure out how to do it. Or take out the eyes?



 I thought the basic strategy was to take away its mobility and then defeat it carefully, but apparently that's not the case.

 In the event you're not sure what you're looking for, there are a few things you can do. You have to step or jump with your body.
 If you can close the distance and attack the lower part of the body well, you can complete the wooden figure in no time. You did it.

 Aiming at the eyes is difficult, but if you can take away their vision, you'll have an advantage over the legs.
 However, I don't know if this game has a setting for eye loss, so I guess it's best to hack away at the limbs as I experienced firsthand.

So, why am I thinking about human destruction?

"Human Destruction.
"Stop saying scary things with .......
"I knew it was a bludgeoning demon girl!
"The time was for girls who were killing ......?

 The listeners are slowly losing their inhibitions.
 I'll take it as a good sign that the comments are going well.


'What's up?
"What's wrong?
'You made a funny noise.

'No, it's the map ......, or was it that weird of a voice?

 As I walked with a distant look in my eyes, conversing with the comments, I suddenly felt a chill run through me.

 Just kidding, a large ripple appeared on the map displayed by the "Detect" skill.
 I tilted my head at the phenomenon I had never seen before, and fiddled with it a bit, but there was no reaction.

'That's ......, isn't it, Red Wolf?

 If the map is useless, I run my eyes over it to cover my field of vision, and I see an obvious foreign object.
 It was a wolf with slightly austere red fur that I had never seen before on this plain.

 It's definitely looking at us. Or maybe I should say waiting.
 Perhaps seeing that I had noticed its gaze, the red wolf was approaching me with gentle steps.

'What's wrong?
I've never seen a red wolf before.
'I've never seen a red wolf before.

'Maybe it's a monster. It's huge.

 From a distance, it's hard to tell exactly how big it is, but roughly speaking, it's at least three times the size of a wolf.
 The distance between us is slowly closing, and I'm wary of being taken by surprise if it is a monster.

"It's Aria.

 In the midst of all this, I suddenly saw one of the comments floating around the edge of my vision.


 This impatient, fast typing was so fast that I didn't even have time to make fun of the endurance explanation. The response came back so fast that there was no time to make fun of it.
 The content was very easy to understand, and contained enough information to astonish me.

'Boss monster in the southern grasslands!

'Oh no.'

 When I read that comment, the Red Wolf was already in front of me.
 The lone wolf roared with a noble roar, its sharp eyes filled with fighting spirit.

 --Aria, the lone red wolf.
 --Level 28.