Blunt Type Ogre Girl’s Way to Live Streaming

Futayado Nanako calls herself a part time warrior, though all the places she worked at got bankrupt, now has too much time on her hands. And to that opportunity, she was invited by a very close friend of hers, a pro gamer and a live streamer, and decided to do the world’s first VRMMO with a live stream function 《WorldLive-ONLINE》. And so, a real cheat girl who has extraordinary strength (21 years old) carries a blunt weapon and rampages through the VR world, a bludgeoning refreshing story where the viewers tremble in fear !

Author: Hakoiri Hebineko 箱入蛇猫
Chapters: 160



2-Prologue 2
3-Prologue 3
4-default setting
5-The Devil and the Crab
6-weapon skill
7-Speaking of ogre, it's still a gold bar.
8-New Equipment and Skills
9-First broadcast!
10-Alone Red Wolf Aria
11-momentary clash
12-Rewards for the Battle of the Red Wolf
13-Talking about a player who likes to distribute.
14-bulletin board
15-Log out and share information
16-against production and contractual arrangements
17-one's first dungeon
18-Second Town and Occupation
19-proficiency and money thrown
20-Remembrance of Linn
21-an unexpected visitor
22-on the third morning
23-road leading to the Devil's
24-with a strange connection and throw
25-The name of the equipment is...
26-named skill
27-hidden meaning
28-Lawless wetlands
29-Talking: Tears at the Light
30-Haruru Workshop
31-striking weapons and arts
32-The Murder Princess
33-Murder Princess 2
35-a shrine in the afterlife
37-at the mall
38-at a high cafe
39-road to the front
40-be far from heavyweight equipment
41-grappler's square
42-the sun leaking from the Devil's Forest
43-a big fight
45-Symbolism and the Lord of the Forest
47-the closest ogre to the god
48-Oath to Amber
49-bulletin board exclusively for demons
50-a nostalgic game
51-a second encounter
52-Manju and Oni no Mai
53-status violence
54-at the mercy of
55-amber perspective of
56-a castle of forgetfulness
57-Speaking of which, Linnae said,
58-The Gold Bar and the Gorilla
59-reunion with a talker
60-Which one is the gorilla?
61-unexpected and uncomfortable feeling
62-If you aim at it, you'll get it right.
63-a daydream in the setting sun
64-the end of a long day
65-What I lost is...
66-Event Announcement
67-the master of a round table
68-at the Clan House
69-cold tomaton
70-scorched rock cave
71-permanent scorched earth master
72-the whims of Menaeus
73-Adventurer Guild
74-guild staff's embarrassment
75-Kitten Maru and Auction
76-one's career as a blacksmith
77-a white-spotted woodpecker a white-spotted woodp...
78-each day
79-shadow sewing
80-a nostalgic face
81-in a good mood Nana
82-The Knight of Jewelry and Armour
83-dungeon map
84-The Second Knight
85-the sound of a dragon and its beauty
86-The Trap, the Returning Devil
87-annihilation reward
88-Stardust Mystery Capture Thread
90-the third morning
91-Drago and Linne
92-a variety of weapons
93-Bloom's request
95-Remembrance of Nanaka
96-the first act of the town
97-further trap
98-the thunder of judgment
99-golden ordeal
100-Golden Trials 2
101-It's fun to fight.
102-the last blow
103-after an ordeal
104-Update Event Information
105-request to Haruru
106-various trials
107-full of money
108-pyrotechnist Skuna
109-Day 8 bulletin board
110-skill selection
111-Battle of the Apostles: Gathering
112-Battle of the Apostles: Opening
113-Battle of the Apostles: Early on
114-Battle of the Apostles: Leopard Change
115-Battle of the Apostles: Fist Dance
116-Battle of the Apostles: Starlight
117-Battle of the Apostles: A fierce battle
118-Battle of the Apostles: Awakening
119-Battle of the Apostles: Violation
120-Who's that impulse for?
121-one's last memory
122-Apostle Destruction Battle Comprehensive Thread + ...
123-character introduction
124-#About yesterday's incident
125-#have too much free time
126-#Zero Wars 4 First Time Play
127-to be imprisoned
128-release and next goal
129-slow distribution
130-an unexpected encounter
131-a first-time relationship
132-unwavering conviction
133-A smile
134-We're going to the Fifth Street.
135-To the Oni-no-Sato
136-Master's Generation-Sunday
137-The village chief is on a white day.
138-The Moon Wolf and the Moonlight Jewel
139-a person who rides a horse and shoots a target wit...
140-Ryukaburuma Skuna Corporation
141-after a mini-game
142-Skuna's Throwing Course
143-an unexpected visitor
144-the home of a falconer
145-a hungry vegetable
146-What is WGCS?
147-the other party
148-reno teaching
149-ibis' hobby
150-at the end of a life-and-at the end of one's strug...
151-The meeting place and the quest.
152-Akagane Workshop
153-fox-ear performer
154-Boundary technology
155-a trump card of gold and snowflakes
156-chat with someone on Sunday
157-a scene at a kabuki theater
158-Rewards of the Ryukaburuma
159-a nickname for Linnae
160-comprehensive thread and nanasle