37-at the mall

'It's still so strange how few people come around here.

 I muttered to Rin-chan as we walked through the city.

 Lin-chan is a conspicuous person.
 She is beautiful, well proportioned, and tall enough to be a woman. Yes, if you walked down the street without a disguise, you would immediately be noticed.

 She is also famous as a distributor, professional gamer, and video contributor, so her face is known to many people.
 Even if you don't go as far as ...... to be surrounded by fans when you walk down the street, you'll attract enough people to make it difficult for you to act.

 However, as you might expect, Rin is very good at disguising herself. She is so good at disguising herself that even I, who have known her for a long time, could not recognize her at a glance.
 Even now, even though there are many people around her, she doesn't even pay attention to Rin-chan. If anything, the people around me are so indifferent that it's almost scary.

'If only I had a little disguise and eye guidance, I could do this.

'I have no idea how to do that.

 Eye Guidance ...... is called misdirection. It's used in magic tricks to plant seeds.
 When I was listening to her, I didn't understand what she was talking about, but she showed me an old basketball manga.
 You look like you can do it, but at least it's something I can't do.

 If you turn a blind eye to your athleticism, you're so versatile that there's nothing you can't do.
 She doesn't start anything on her own, but when the need arises, she can master it in a flash.

 When Rin-chan's mother got mad at her for playing video games all the time, she turned in a test she had gotten a perfect score on, and even now she's learning special skills to get out of the way of everyday life.
 In any case, Rin doesn't like to be interrupted in what she wants to do.

 In addition, the reason why Rin-chan is not interested in her own fashion is probably because she has no chance to wear it even if she were to dress up.
 I thought she should become a model ......, but I think she has done gravure a few times. I think I've done some gravure a few times.

'What's wrong?

'No, it's nothing.

 Seeing that I was lost in thought for a while, Rin-chan asked me with some concern.
 I replied and turned around to see that the shopping mall was right in front of me.

 I remember that this mall, which is not the same as ...... but contains some expensive stores, was Rin-chan's favorite place.
 If you ask why she went there, it was because there was a delicious confectionery shop that did not do mail order.

 In fact, Rin loves cookies.

'Nana's here today, so we can stock up.

'Whoa, you're carrying a load.

'I'm as strong as a bear.'

 Bear. Or at least a gorilla. ...... No, I wonder which is stronger, a gorilla or a bear?

'I hope that's what Rin is asking. Speaking of which, when are you coming, Toka?

'She said she had some things to do and that it would be after four. I told her to meet me at the cafe after shopping.'

'Hmm, students are so busy.

 We walk through the mall, chatting.
 The pastry shop you're looking for is located in the basement level of the mall, so you're aiming for the lower level.


'Today we have butter and ...... cocoa and .......'

'Haha, in moderation.

 As soon as we arrived at the pastry shop, I called out lightly to Rin-chan, whose eyes were as sharp as a hawk's, and I looked at the selection to see if there was anything I wanted to eat.
 Rin's goal was cookies, but as a pastry shop, they also sold cakes, cream puffs, cookies, and madeleines.
 I've eaten a whole cake two days in a row, so I'd better try to eat less cake.

I'm not sure what to do. Isn't that Nanaka-senpai?


 As I was looking at the seasonal madeleines in the baked goods section, I let out a strange sound at the sudden voice that came to me.
 There was no doubt that the voice was familiar to me. I turned around and saw a familiar figure.

'You're Saku-chan!


 A boy who looked like a very friendly girl .......
 He replied cheerfully.


 His name is Sakura Sato. His name is Sakura Sato, and although he looks like a girl at first glance, he is a real boy.
 He was still in high school, and I met him when I was working part-time at a restaurant. It was at one of the last three part-time jobs I had.

'Oh, so you're working here now.

'I see. The pay is good for the work.

'You were thinking about what to do after you quit, weren't you?

 I stroked him, and he narrowed his eyes as if he was feeling good.
 He is a very cute boy in this way, and accepts things that he would normally be embarrassed to do.
 He is really a friendly boy. That's why she was very popular among the part-time workers at my previous job.

'Oh, by the way, Saku-chan. I've started doing that, WLO.


'Really, really. I'm not going to lie.'

 Oh, I'm hallucinating tail wagging.
 Saku-chan was close in age to me among the part-timers, so we talked a lot during work.
 Especially, his hobby is video games, and I used to watch him play video games in the back of the room before I left Rin.
 I responded to his maniacal talk in a certain way, and as a result, he became very fond of me.

 It's thanks to him that I knew about WLO before Lin-chan asked me to talk about it.

'Please don't suddenly start talking like a liar. No, but no matter what game I invited you to, you didn't do it because you were busy. ...... Well, what are you doing now, Nanaka-senpai?

'I'm not working at the moment. I thought I worked too much.

'You're really overworked, so that's the right answer. Oh, but you're looking a lot paler.

'Really? You're very perceptive.

 This is one of his specialties or characteristics. He is very sensitive to very small changes such as a haircut, a change in hairstyle, or a change in shampoo.

'Nana, I bought something for you. ...... Oh, who is this girl?

 She must have finished her shopping.
 Rin, who quickly pushed four bags of cookies at me with both hands, looked at Saku-chan as if she was looking at something unusual.

'This is a girl I met at work. She's working here now.'

'Nice to meet you, I'm Sakira Sato.'

'Hi. I'm Butane Takashou.

 I've been working for a few years now, and I've always wanted to be a gamer.

'Hmm? I've heard this voice somewhere: ......Rinne......?

 He didn't recognize her right away because she was wearing sunglasses, but he was convinced after looking at her from top to bottom.
 I'm sure you're not the only one who can't believe it.

'P, the professional gamer Rinne-san ......?

'Yes. Nice to meet you, right?'

 Saku-chan froze, her face turning red as Rinne winked at her, shifting her sunglasses.

 It's okay that you're dealing with us, but I wonder if your part-time job is safe. .......
 I was watching this rather interesting scene, thinking about such important but unimportant things in this situation.