'There was a thing called .......'

'You've come back with quite an intense experience in half a day.

 I was killed by a drunkard and took a desperation penalty, but I was also tired and logged out immediately.
 Even though the effects of the "Hungry Wolf" had worn off, the penalty for the hair ornament meant that I wouldn't get any experience for 12 hours anyway.
 I sent a quick email to Rin before I logged out, and we agreed to have lunch together.

 As I was fighting the cheese on the pizza, Rin said with a sigh.

'Murder Princess......, she really never learns, does she?


'Well, I guess you could say she's famous. He was caught once in the early days, but he was caught on his first offense, so he came out quickly. He's at a ridiculously high level right now. Rumor has it that he's leveling all the time, except when he goes PKing on a whim.

'Ngg ...... cripple, huh?

 After all this time, I don't know why Lowe was in that place.
 He was a much higher level opponent than me. I'm pretty sure that's what Rin told me.
 Even if he wanted to hunt weaker prey, there was no reason for him to come back to the second town from the fifth town, which was currently the front line, considering the trouble he would have to go back to leveling.

'Maybe he had some business in the vicinity of Dualis and went to see the swampy area where the anomaly was happening while he was there.'

'In that sense, Lowe might have been more of a disaster.

'That's true. The black dragon itself has been seen several times, but it's called ...... Apocalypse.'

It seems so.

 Apocalypse, the true dragon of reason.
 It's a great way to get to know the people in your area.
 And I'm sure his huge body isn't just for show.

'But I've never seen magic like that before. There was a girl who was broadcasting the scene where the spell was being cast. It's become a huge topic of conversation on social media.

'I don't know, I disappeared before I got hit, what was it like?

 She quickly fumbled with her device to show me the video, and handed it back to me as soon as she had clipped the one I wanted.
 It looked like it was being broadcast from a distance, at least several hundred meters away.
 He seemed to be a newcomer of the second group, asking the listeners 'What is that? to the listeners.

 The video begins with me running away from the scene, but I was too far away to see it.
 I guess the flickering light is a spear.

 After a while, there was a sound like a bell, and then a pause of about 20 seconds.
 Then the screen lagged for a moment, and before I knew it, a huge magic circle was unfolding high in the sky. .......
 The magic of extreme light that came down swelled up around the point of impact, and finally burst and disappeared.
 I'm not sure what to make of it.


'It's really pitiful, isn't it?

I'm not sure what to say, but I'll try.

 It wasn't about range or anything like that.
 It was firing with the power to destroy the field itself.
 Maybe she's not the only casualty. .......

 By the way, I just said I was, but I think Lowe is still alive too.
 How is it that the players around us are dead and we're still alive?

'It seems to have wiped out all the players and monsters in a 300 meter radius. Maybe it's some kind of conditional magic.

'The mere possibility of fighting this thing makes me sick.

'It specializes in magic, right? It's covered in gunmetal, isn't it?

'I got my stomach gouged just by a graze.'

'That's too soft. Maybe if it was me or Toka, it wouldn't do that much damage.'

'I don't know. Even I didn't take much damage, and it seemed like the attack was mainly for missing parts.

 Lin-chan seemed to be enjoying herself as she watched me complaining.
 However, as long as it's set up as a monster, it's probably going to fight, but how can I prevent it?

'Maybe an event item?

'I'm sure it's impossible to win without countermeasures. For example, the color of the magic circle indicates that it's a dark magic, right? If you increase your attribute resistance, you might be able to prevent it.

'I want to propose the theory that the demon tribe will die anyway.

 I'm stuck. Well, there are probably opponents that can't be defeated, and if the [Doji] evolves, it might be able to prevent them in a good way.

'If that happens, give up. Ah, are you out of pizza? There's cake in the fridge.

'Really? Wow, sachertorte.'

'Light, I thought Nana might like it.

'I love these high-calorie things.

 When I was feeling unsatisfied after eating two pizzas, I was informed of the sweets in the fridge.
 While eating the sachertorte that Toka-chan had brought me, we had a fruitless conversation about the Apocalypse.

 Incidentally, I also ate a cheese tart that Toka-chan brought me last night.
 Rin is rich, and it's not that I can't afford it, but just the fact that she brought it to me makes me happy.

'You're not going to dive again today, are you Nana?

'Yeah. My efficiency will drop until midnight due to the despena.

'Then let's go shopping this afternoon with Light. It's been a while since I've seen Nana's clothes.


 I stiffened at Rin's suggestion.

 Neither Lin nor I care about our outfits. That's what I said before.
 However, for some reason, Rin loves to use me as a dress-up doll, and once she catches me, she can't escape for several hours.
 And since the purpose of the doll is to change her clothes, whether or not to buy her is another matter.

 Up to now, we have been making a rather serious effort to distract Rin from the clothing store when we play together.
 But here comes the trap.

'Toka will be home in about an hour today, so be ready. I'm going to take a shower.

'No, I'll just go to .......'

'Is that okay?


 For a moment I felt a terrible chill. I surrendered to the flying eyes and collapsed onto the couch.
 Thus, we decided to kill our sudden free time by shopping.