72-the whims of Menaeus

 Boom, boom, boom.
 I couldn't do anything but stand there in an indescribable mood as the slime, Meneas, bounced around like that.

'You didn't do anything to me.

'Not cute.
'It's kind of funny.

 The giant slime is bouncing around like it's in a state of inactivity. The difference in level between the two is almost twice as great as the difference in level between the two, and it doesn't look like it can be beaten by blows, so I don't think I can beat it.
 Perhaps this is what Aa-chan was talking about in the depths of the perpetual scorched earth.
 As I looked at him, thinking that his body, which seemed to be strong against both blows and slashes, might be weak against magic, Meneas transformed a part of his body and slowly extended a tentacle-like thing.
 While I was on the alert, Meneas poked at the menu card. It seemed to be trying to tell me something, but I couldn't grasp its intention.

'What is it?

'Tentacle play?
'Oh, come on.
'You're kind of cute.
'Is there something you want?
'Maybe you want some ore?

'I see.'

 I took out my heavy metal to test it out, and was knocked down by a tentacle.
 Just a light hit wiped out 40% of my HP. No way.

'Are you dissatisfied with Heavy Metal? ......'

 If I make two more mistakes, I'll probably die.
 Not caring about the increasing number of tentacles tapping the menu card, I examine the items I have, not just ores, to see what Menace might want.
 Well, red metal is probably the best choice in terms of rare materials that I have on hand right now.
 There's also one more material I'd like to use: .......

 I'm going to try to use all the red metal I have. However, I only have about three ingots.
 When you want to make a weapon from a material with fire properties, red metal is the mineral that is easiest to blend in.
 The most interesting thing about Menace, which looks like a flame, is this.

 After bouncing his body, Meneas entangled the red metal with his tentacles, put it on the burning fire inside his body, melted it into liquid form, and began to absorb it.
 I know it's a waste, but I can get three of these items in three hours. We can collect them again.
 I have no idea what Menace is thinking, but he's stopped rushing me with his tentacles.
 As he was slowly absorbing the red metal, Meneas was shivering somewhat pleasantly, and at least he didn't seem to mind.
 It seemed that it would take a while for him to absorb the red metal, and I felt that it would be a waste to run away from here, so I drank a potion and tried to keep an eye on him.


 Even though I was caught off guard, Menace snatched the potion bottle out of my hand and shook it a few times before taking the entire bottle into his body.

'Hmmm ...... I wonder what he wants.'

"I don't know.
"It's a strange life form. ......
"I want to touch it.
I want to be melted.

'Abnormal hobbies are not allowed here.

 It really is a strange life form. I can't see any harm in it at the moment, but it did some damage.
 It's like a chicken race among the listeners, telling me to get closer or touch it, but you have to understand that if it hits you even once, you'll immediately respawn.

 I must have waited for about ten minutes. After finally digesting all the red metal, Meneas created a gem-like substance from the flames inside his body and spat it out.
 Grabbing it with his tentacles, Meneas threw it to me as if to pass it on.
 I look at the item in my hand and marvel at the red jewel, brighter than rubies. Seeing that it is hot to the touch just by holding it, it must be a treasure with fire properties.
 You put it away in your inventory and look at the details of the item from the menu card.

--Item: Crimson Jewel

Item: Crimson Jewel
Rarity: High Rare
Effect: A crystal-clear red jewel. It is refined very rarely in areas where red metal is produced, including high-temperature areas such as volcanoes. By increasing the pyrophilic properties of red metal, it becomes possible to synthesize materials with fire or flame attributes into any metal.


 From the description, it seems that this item has the effect of combining materials that contain the fire attribute with metal materials.
 The difference between this item and Red Metal is that the base metal does not have to be red metal. For example, it can be used to add fire properties to heavy metal weapons.
 Rarity: This isn't the first time I've seen a high rarity item, and the Water Dragonglass that I was quietly preparing myself to take out just in case is also a high rarity item.
 Considering the rarity of Epic and Legendary items that are rarely available, this is one of the rarest basic items in the game.

I've just completed Petit Quest: Menace's Hunger.


 The small fanfare that suddenly sounded startled me, and I couldn't help but shout out.
 What's a petit quest?

'What is it?
'What's wrong?
What's wrong?
"Chikuwa Daimyojin.

'No, I got a notification that I've completed a ...... petit quest. What's ...... Chikuwa Daimyojin?

"It was a quest.
"It was a quest.
"You did it!
"Petit Quest?

I've never heard of such quests occurring from Menace, but I'm sure you can find them at . I've never heard of such quests occurring in Menace. ......
"f*cking fast typing brother!
I don't know.

'I see.'

 I've never heard of such a quest from Menace, but I've heard of ," "d*mn fast typing bro!
 Was I lucky? No, well, Aa-chan's explanation sounded like a monster that was supposed to be killed, so I guess I was lucky that I wasn't killed instantly.

 Meneas bounced up and down in a good mood, stroked my head with his tentacle, and started waving his hand as if to say bye.
 I don't think there's anything to be gained by staying here any longer, and I'm certainly not belligerent enough to want to fight in this situation.
 I felt like I was getting to know him a little better, but I also got a rare item as a result, so there was definitely a return.

'Well, next time you come back, it'll be time to fight.

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 I decided to leave the perpetual scorched earth, thinking that he was a cute guy until the end.
 Meneas had been waving his tentacles for quite a while, but when I got about a kilometer away, he started spitting out huge rocks again.
 It might have been a fully-automatic weapon that was fired at the opponent who entered Menace's territory.
 This time, however, they weren't aimed at me, but flew towards the mountain, which means that someone other than me must have climbed up the mountain of perpetual scorched earth.
 Wishing that unlucky player good luck, I was now chewing on the fact that I had just had a somewhat valuable experience.