73-Adventurer Guild

 The day after my encounter with Meneas, the Flame Immortal. I was visiting my first facility in the city of Fieas.

'Welcome to the Adventurer's Guild! Today's business is ...... and the proof is!

'Haha ......'.

 It's been a long time since I've had a conversation with a knowledgeable NPC, so this response feels fresh. This is the first conversation I've had with a staff NPC since the Occupational Registration Office, so it's not surprising.
 The certificate of a lone vanquisher with a name that I always wear around my neck is an item that few people seem to have, and from the NPC's point of view, it's proof that I've defeated a nomad solo, so they say there's no better proof of my strength.
 However, at the moment, it is not known whether this item can only be obtained from a solo Named or whether it can also be obtained from an ordinary Named ......, i.e. a party Named, by solo defeat.
 At this point, there are only six Named that have been defeated, and like Menaeus, who I met yesterday, all of them have overwhelming strength that doesn't match their level, so they aren't something that can be easily defeated solo.
 Nevertheless, I need you to break the freeze so that I can continue my story. I decided to call out to the woman who had frozen up.

'Um, ......'.

'Huh! I'm sorry, are you sure you want to register today?'

'Yes, sir.

 The Adventurer's Guild. It is the name of the organization that oversees the clans created by the players, and it is an intermediary that takes on various jobs, or quests for the players, from ordinary people, nobles, and sometimes even the state.
 Amber and Melty, whom I met recently, also belong to this organization, and most of the NPCs who excel in combat belong to this organization. Most of the NPCs who excel in combat belong to this organization. The Adventurer's Guild is also the one that has formally adopted two names, such as 《Breakthrough Castle》.

 There are several advantages to belonging to this guild, but as far as I can tell, there are two major advantages.
 The first is the clans. If you want to create a clan or join a clan, you must join the Adventurer's Guild.
 As I mentioned earlier, clans are under the direct control of the Adventurer's Guild, and are treated as a mutual aid organization for adventurers who belong to the Adventurer's Guild.

 The other reason is that you can come and accept quests at any time.
 There are quests that occur naturally in the city, quests that anyone can accept from the same NPC, and extra quests with special conditions, such as the one I am accepting.
 Guild quests are of the constant quest type, such as killing a certain number of monsters or gathering items.
 If you think of it as a reward for playing your normal game, it's a simple benefit.
 In addition, it seems that if you do a lot of quests, your rank as an adventurer will increase, and the higher your rank, the higher the sensitivity of NPCs.

 So, that's all I know about guilds.
 I didn't want to join a clan or take quests, so I left it alone until now, but since I'm going to be mainly leveling for a while and it doesn't take much time to register, I came to register.

 I gave him the menu card and asked him to register. As I looked at the receptionist, thinking that it took a surprisingly long time and that she was bored, or that a beautiful woman would be better as a receptionist, she returned my menu card to me in about five minutes.

'We have checked the war record engraved on the menu card. There was no criminal record, so your registration has been successfully completed. In the future, you will receive discounts when shopping at the guild's directly managed stores, so please make use of them.''


'There are no quotas for adventurers, but you will have to complete quests to increase your rank. To receive quests, please use the menu card in front of the bulletin board or come to the reception desk.

'I understand.

'Information on how to use the Adventurer's Guild can be found in the help section of the menu. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask the staff. This completes the instructions for registration, do you have any questions?'

'Not at the moment, sir.

'Well then, Mr. Skuna . We at the guild look forward to seeing you in action. Would you like to accept a quest from ......?'

'Yes, please.

 I thought that this was a rather clerical procedure compared to the job registration office, but after confirming that the word adventurer was engraved in part of my status, I decided to accept the quest for now.
 Deliver 10 gorilla pelts, deliver 30 pieces of rabbit meat, regardless of quality, deliver 10 medium potions, and kill 10 Kirabids. A quick look at the quests shows that there are many quests that involve killing or delivering items. It's no wonder they're called "regular" quests.
 Delivering potions is also under the jurisdiction of the Adventurer's Guild. I see.

'Oh, this looks like a good one.

 The request I picked up was for the pelts of Mysteria Rabi. The more the merrier, they said. Compared to other requests, this one has a higher rank rating and a more generous reward.
 The deadline for the request is 10 days. After that, it will be considered a failure and your rank rating will be lowered.

In the event that you've got a lot of money, you'll be able to use it for a lot of things. It might not be enough even if you have 10 days to find and defeat it.

'It's okay. I've hunted a few of them before.

 Looking at the request I presented, the guild staff lady said with a worried expression. It's nice of you to be concerned, but this monster is a good match for me.
 I was planning to take a leisurely stroll around Fierce today, so I decided to take it without any problem.

'If that's the case, I think you should take the rabbit quests while you're at it. The current Sukuna-san can take up to three quests at the same time.

'Oh, I think I'll do that then. ...... Is this Kirabit also a member of the Rabbit family?

'Yes, it is. The pitch-black rabbits you sometimes see outside the city are the same. They don't often appear along the streets, but they tend to hide in the deep grass.

 Black Rabbit: ...... You've seen them, but not killed them. That's a Kirabit, isn't it?

'Then this one and another one ...... are the rabbit meat delivery quests!

'Yes, sir. ...... Yes, the process is complete. You can report to any adventurer's guild, not just this one. I wish you the best of luck.

 And so I set out on my constant quest.



 With a pleasant breeze blowing, I throw the iron ball and throwing knife at the rainbow-colored shadow in the distance.

 If you try to throw knives from the first throw, you will inevitably end up with a delicate throw like threading a needle, but with the iron ball, you can hit the back just by considering the reflection.
 Once you've done it, it's not hard to hit a knife, so I recommend this move.

 I had already slaughtered three Mysteria Rabbis while walking around the grasslands for about an hour, and I was looking for a Kirabit.
 They're black rabbits that seem to be found deep in the grass, but they're hard to find.
 I killed about five of them, but they were not easy to kill.

 Unlike ordinary rabbits, rabbits are rabbit monsters that are about twice the size of a normal rabbit.
 Sometimes there are big rabbits like "Decalabit", but most of the rabbit monsters are the same size.
 However, this Kirabit is simply too small to be easily attacked.
 It is about half the size of a normal rabbit. It is very small, about the size of a mouse.
 However, its attack power is very high, and when I tried to hit it, a clean hit took away 10% of its power.
 It's not impossible to defeat it, but it's not easy to find, and I had a hard time with it.

But I got used to it.

 Pan! I made a light sound and popped the Kirabit away.
 The Kirabbit was indeed small and difficult to hit, but there was still plenty of opportunity when it attacked from that side.
 Watch for the moment when his body floats a little, and swing the metal rod as a counterattack, focusing on speed.
 Rabbits are generally low in HP, so it's basically impossible to defeat them with my strength.

 In the end, I had a hard time finding them, and ended up killing five Mysteria Rabbis while killing ten Kirabit. Nice work.