74-guild staff's embarrassment

'Have you heard? I heard that the Heavenly Eyes have come to seek an audience with the Emperor.''

 The Adventurer's Guild of Fieas. After the busy early morning hours, Larry was having a bit of free time at the reception desk when Tia, who was also having a bit of free time, asked him about it.

'I heard about it, it's pretty much the talk of the town.

'Hasn't it been seven years this time?

'It's been eight years. It's been eight years since I've seen him, and there hasn't been anything that's required him to be here recently.

 As Larry said, it is a known fact that the Melty of the Heavenly Eye only moves in the event of a national crisis.
 When he appeared eight years ago, if Larry's memory was correct, it was during a battle with the Seven Star King's family.
 It is still fresh in his memory that the Tenkan unexpectedly appeared and extinguished the giant dragon with only two shots of magic, as the Imperial Army and the Adventurer's Guild made a desperate challenge.
 However, there is a reason why the Heavenly Eyes cannot move easily. The scale of her battle was too large, and the damage to the surrounding area was devastating.
 Although the human casualties were minimal in that battle as well, it developed into a battle that burned down an entire field.
 When I think of how close we came to creating a second perpetual scorched earth, I can't help but shudder, which is my honest opinion as an ordinary person.
 Nevertheless, she is undoubtedly a great hero to mankind, and the name of the "Heavenly Eyes" is so great that there is a religion that worships her.
 The mere rumor that she had appeared in the Imperial Capital for the first time in a long time was enough to make people excited.

'Even if you say you belong to the guild, you're only lending us your name. I'd like to meet him once.

 Tia sighs with some resignation.
 In response, Larry recalled a memory that had been fading.

'I've seen her once before.

'No way! I'm jealous of you~......, what do you look like?'

'It looked like a normal vampire. I'm a woman, but even I could admire it.

'I see. But if she's that strong, it makes sense that she would be called a demonic woman who can charm women.

 Larry couldn't recall the memories of so many years ago with any clarity.
 However, the beauty and strength of the woman is strongly etched in his mind.
 It was because of this that Larry wanted to become an adventurer, and because he could not give up on his lack of talent, he became an employee of the guild.

'Hmm, I wonder why that person started to move.

'I think it's because foreign travelers have started to visit the city of beginnings,......, and I've heard that several famous monsters have been defeated recently.

''That red wolf was also defeated, right? I've heard that travelers from other countries are beyond death, but I never expected to be defeated by a traveler from the city of beginnings.

 As an employee of the Adventurer's Guild, your knowledge far exceeds that of ordinary people and ordinary adventurers.
 They have a common knowledge of the existence of the Seven Star King and the monsters that have his name, and they understand the significance of the existence of the Red Wolf.
 Even so, he can't help but be surprised when a monster that has never been defeated before is defeated.

'Rumor has it that it's a demon girl.

'Oh, so she's a demoness. I wonder if she's registered as an adventurer.

'If that's what you're talking about, I'm sure you'll be notified of the quandary. ......'

'That's true. Speaking of demons, do you think that's why Amber went across the bridge?'

'I'm sure of it.

 Unlike the Ten'igan, whose existence itself can be described as legendary, the Amber of the Breaking Castle is a relatively friendly hero.
 His calm and unshakable spirit coexists with the power to destroy everything.
 Her inner fierceness is also her charm as a demoness.
 Both Tia and Larry have met her in person, and have dealt with her as a receptionist on more than one occasion as she travels from place to place.
 However, she is also an adventurer who prefers to be alone, and her profile is not very detailed.
 There was no way of knowing why Amber, who already had enough wealth to live off of for the rest of her life, continued to be an adventurer.

'I don't understand what the Creator God thinks at all.

'That's true. But that's the kind of God he is.

 The Creator God, the God who rules this world, sometimes gives people trials, sometimes brings entertainment, invites travelers from other lands, and gives names to monsters.
 His principles are so erratic that they are almost unreadable, but I suppose that is why he is the supreme god.

 As Larry and Tia were chatting with each other while sorting out some papers, they suddenly felt a buzz in the guild.
 At this time of day, there were only three options for adventurers in the guild: they were having a strategy meeting, they were drinking in the daytime, or they were simply bored.
 In any case, there are usually not many of them, but even so, the agitation they felt made them curious and they looked outside the window.

 Following the gazes of the adventurers, it seemed that their eyes were fixed on something that had just entered.
 A girl from the demon tribe wearing a rust-colored kimono that I had never seen before and a scarlet metal accessory on her head.
 Her weapon of choice was a metal rod, and she didn't seem to have any luggage, but that's to be expected when you're carrying a menu card.
 If that were all, it would be enough to say that a demon girl with unusual equipment had arrived.
 Larry, who could not notice the uniqueness of the girl at first glance, greeted her as she came to his area of responsibility.

'Excuse me, can I have a word?

 The girl has a soft and gentle atmosphere, Larry thought somewhat rudely.
 She doesn't seem to have much energy. The majority of people who come to register with the adventurer's guild in Fierce are those who want to become famous and make money, or those who come with a sense of bravery, but this girl seems to have a loose demeanor, as if to say, 'I'm just curious, so I stopped by.
 The motto of the receptionist, however, is to be cheerful. For Larry, who deals with stern men on a daily basis, the mere fact that he was dealing with a pretty girl was enough to motivate him.

'Welcome to the Adventurer's Guild! Today's business is ....... What's the proof?

 Larry's smile faltered, and he looked shocked.
 The metal plate that the girl is wearing around her neck is made of orichalcone, one of the hardest metals known as "divine steel".
 It is the sign of a god-approved person. It is given only to those who have defeated a famous monster alone, a sign of testing.
 It was the first time Larry and even Tia, his senior, had seen the real thing.
 I know because we were talking just a moment ago.
 She was the demon girl who had defeated the red wolf in the vicinity of the city of beginnings just a few days ago.

'Hahaha ......'

 The girl's only response was a wry smile, as if she had already received this response before.
 Even though he knew that he had to remain calm, the bomb that was thrown into the air when he was out of it had put Larry in a very bad state of mind.

 The adventurers in the guild were buzzing because they were the first to notice this.
 Adventurers of a certain rank are well aware of the threats posed by famous men, and the existence of this proof is no different.
 This girl, who didn't look strong by any stretch of the imagination, proved her strength with just a single accessory.

 Moreover, after all this time, the hair ornament that this girl is wearing on her head. This also looks very similar to the shimmer of one of the "Shinko",........
 It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your vacation.

 Try to stay calm. Calmly. Tia looked at Larry as he explained the guild to the demon girl, Sukuna, and secretly thought it was a good thing it wasn't her.
 Fortunately, Sukuna was as gentle as she looked, and she didn't complain about Larry's absent-mindedness as she happily chose her quest.
 A strong adventurer is often accompanied by a strong personality, but in this sense, he may have a refreshing personality like Amber.
 If you look at her, you'll see her changing her expression as she examines her quests. However, demons are one of those races whose appearance and age do not match, so even if they look young, they are often quite old.
 Such demons do not like to be treated as children, so Larry never said anything about it.

'Oh, this looks like a good one.

 Flipping through the list of quests, Skuna picked out a quest about a certain nasty monster called Mysteria Rabi.
 It's a good thing that it's a constant quest because there's always a demand for it from certain sources, but the reality is that it's only defeated once a month.
 The trouble is that if you only look at the content of the quest, it appears to be an unbelievable quest with high rewards for killing a single monster and bringing back the materials.
 There's no reason to doubt her strength, and Mysteria Rabi herself is a weak monster, so there's no need to worry.
 However, this monster is special in a completely different vector than its strength. After considering all these factors, Larry stopped accepting the quest, but Sukuna said 'I've hunted it before' with a calm face.
 It was the best Larry could do to encourage her to take on more quests so that she could complete the minimum.


 Just over two hours later. When the adventurer's guild, which was a little crowded with adventurers who had come to eat at lunchtime, became buzzing again, Larry realized that Sukuna was coming, thinking, 'Oh, it was no good after all.

'Excuse me, sir.

'Sorry to keep you waiting. Are you reporting a quest accomplishment? Or would you like to cancel your order?'

'Uh, I'm reporting an achievement.

 Hmm, at least there were quests that were completed.
 Well, you can get rabbit meat from any rabbit you kill, and if you're lucky enough to find Kirabit, you should be able to kill him in about this amount of time.

'If you do, please move the delivery to here first.

'Oh, ...... is high-tech.'

 In the Adventurer's Guild, there is a special warehouse where items can be delivered directly from the menu card.
 Like the menu card, it is said to have been given by the creator gods, but Larry doesn't know the details of its history.
 The menu card has been with Larry since he was born, but in the past, this was not the case.
 He has heard that old people with long lives do not have menu cards, and that the "Heavenly Eyes" that live forever do not have menu cards.
 This is a useful tool that can turn the concept of carrying luggage upside down, so you have to be careful with it.

 I don't know what Sukuna means by the word 'wear', but he certainly seems to be impressed by it.
 After the delivery of the materials, Sukuna handed me a menu card and I immediately began to check my military history.

 The battle record on the menu card is a record of the number of opponents you have killed.
 Only monsters that have been killed since the last time you checked are shown, so it can be useful to prevent some cheating.
 If he had checked that earlier, he would have been able to check the number of Mysteria Rabi killed, but he was so nervous that he completely forgot.

'There are 10 Decalabit, 11 Kirabit, 7...... Carolabi, and 5......5 Mysteria Rabi!

 Larry couldn't help but exclaim loudly when he saw the displayed battle history.
 Since his battle history was saved when he registered earlier, it means that he has hunted during the past two hours.
 Five Mysteria Rabbis in just a few hours for a level 40 or so adventurer, when even a high level adventurer could not defeat them even after several days of serious chasing.
 It was crazy. It was clearly abnormal.
 The girl in front of me was still as vague and elusive as ever, and I couldn't believe that she was capable of killing so many Mysteria Rabbis.
 Trying to contain his surprise, Larry began to calculate the reward.

'Sorry to keep you waiting, sir. Here is your reward of 500,000 Iris.

 The bag full of rewards was placed on the reception counter with a thud.
 If you hold up the menu card, it will be stored in an instant, but appearance is also important.
 It is better for adventurers to receive the food in a visible way than in a tasteless way.

'Oh, ...... is amazing.'

 Larry felt a slight sense of accomplishment at Skuna's actual reaction of rolling his eyes.

 To put it bluntly, it was mostly the aristocracy that sought the materials for Mysteria Rabi.
 Despite the fact that they are relatively abundant around the imperial capital, the distribution of the materials is very small.
 Naturally, supply and demand don't match up, and the value of the materials just keeps going up and up.
 It's not uncommon for a single Mysteria Rabi to be worth several hundred thousand Iris to some people.
 This is why the rewards are the highest of all the regular quests, and will greatly affect your rank rating. Above all, it will make the nobles remember your name.
 On the other hand, if you fail to accept the quest, the damage to you as an adventurer will be immense.
 Therefore, adventurers with a bit of brains should not accept quests from nobles. In the end, you will realize that it is better to learn the basics.

 Incidentally, if you are only looking at the simple selling price, delivering Mysteria Rabbis to the Adventurer's Guild is not a wise choice.
 Although it has the aforementioned merits, it can be priced slightly lower due to the middleman of commissions.

'Well, I'll be back.

'Yes, take care.

 Larry watched Sukuna leave with a slight smile on his face, and sat down deeply in his chair with a big sigh.

'Good work. That was a storm, wasn't it?'

'It's true, ......, but that's the demon child who defeated the Red Wolf, isn't it? For that matter, ......'

'No aura, huh?'

 I'm sure you'll be able to understand why.
 In the event that you've got a lot of time, you may want to take a look at the following

'Master! I'm sorry, I was a little slack.

'No, I don't mind. I'll be busy again later. Still, it's an interesting guy you got here.

 The older man called Master said, and turned his eyes in the direction Sukuna had left.

I'm not sure if that's the demon's daughter the Ten-Gun was talking about. It seems it's true that the famous ones have been defeated in various places. I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that. (......) Will these foreign travelers turn this world upside down as predicted?

 A few days ago, I remembered the words of the vampire hero who suddenly came to me and told me about the future that would happen, and I laughed in my heart.
 Suddenly, travelers from other countries began to appear. The actions of the Heavenly Eyes that had broken the silence of eight years. The demon who defeated the incarnation of the Seven Star King. One by one, the monsters of renown were defeated.
 The birth of the world had only just begun.