58-The Gold Bar and the Gorilla

This is what it means to be comfortable in your hands.

 After parting with Amber and resting a bit to recover, I came to a weapon shop in the city of Trillia.
 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.

'Oh, it's unusual for a girl like you to be interested in something like that.

'Hmm, is it?

'Well, most of them sell swords, spears, and wands. I understand how you feel, and I don't have any complaints as long as they sell well, but that type of mace isn't very popular.

'It doesn't look good. It's far from fashionable.

'That's different.

 While chatting with the owner of the weapon shop, who was laughing, I checked the performance of the metal rod in my hand.
 The attack power is over 40, and the durability is 300, which is low for a metal rod. It's not enough to increase the power of a finisher, but it's still too high for everyday use.
 I thought the strength requirement was too low at 30, but if you think about it, it's just too heavy for a heavy metal weapon.
 However, I'm pretty sure it's still light.

'But you're right. That's a heavy metal hammer you're carrying. And it's very pure. I couldn't tell by looking at you, but you're pretty powerful.

'That's because I'm a demon.

'There aren't many people who come to this town who can carry something like that, even in the demon tribe.

 It's true that even Haruru, the maker of this weapon, said that it's not easy to find someone who can carry such a weapon, so I wonder if that's the case.

By the way, it's called the 'Golden Rod Piercing'. I'll give you a discount.

'Yeah, I like it. I might not have enough money, so can I sell some of the materials?

'Sure, I don't mind.

 Thus, I was allowed to buy a gold rod with an original price of 40,000 Iris for 20,000 Iris, which was half the price including the exchange of materials.
 According to the shopkeeper, it is an alloy of light steel (called karuhagane), which has the opposite properties of heavy metal, and ordinary iron, which seems to be the reason why it is a little light and less durable.
 The color is silver with a strong white tinge. Considering that the "Meteor Impact Zero" that I'm currently carrying is jet black, the light steel with the opposite properties must be a white mineral.

 I put the Meteor Impact Zero back in my inventory and stand with the gold bar I just bought on my back.

'How do you like it?

'I think it's good.
'I like it.'
"It suits you.
The Resurrection of the Bludgeoned Demoness.
'I did beat her to death, didn't I?' ......

'Hmmm... ...... Is that a compliment? 'Hey, is this really a compliment?

 If you pick up good comments, you can say it's a compliment. No, wait, the gold bar looks good on you, is that a girl ......?

'I'd like to do some leveling, but ...... Trillia is a lake city, so there aren't many monsters around the city.

"Can you swim?
I'm not sure what to do.
"Water dragon hunting!
"Are you going away?

'Hunting water dragons is a crime. By the way, I can swim, but if I don't have the diving skill, I'll lose all my SP in a minute.

 I don't know if that means he's using his SP to breathe, but I don't know about that.
 According to the story, there are ruins lying at the bottom of the lake that covers Trillia.
 Even the player with the highest diving skill can barely see it, so it's just a tourist attraction at present.

'Anyway, there's only one other way out of this town besides the gate we entered, right? Let's head that way. It's a fortress city, so it should be easy to defend.

I don't know.
I don't know." "Wasn't there a guy who was confident in war?

 For now, we've got our weapons, so let's go hunting and try to get to the next dungeon.
 That's how we agreed, and I headed to the gate that opened to Pheas.


 A gorilla-shaped monster howled in front of me.
 I wielded my metal rod against the gorilla, which, despite its name, wasn't very powerful.
 To put it simply, it's tough. Anyway, it's tough, but it's not strong.

 Once you are confronted with the power of an amber attack, and if you are directly hit by a belly flop, you will feel that most of the attacks are not strong enough.
 He uses his metal rod to block a large but fast right punch, then sneaks into the pocket of the powered gorilla and punches him in the side with his metal rod.
 Maybe it's because he's light, or maybe it's because he's taken off his heavy metal weapon that weighs him down.
 It's still good, this easy to hit feeling. It has a longer reach, can be thrown, and is as easy to use as a metal rod.

'That's it!

 With a gurgling sound, the metal rod is slammed into the jaws of the powered gorilla. Without missing the shaking and wobbling in my brain, I activated the new art of the striking weapon skill.
 It's called "Consecutive Strikes". It's a nondescript art that does nothing more than slap you twice.
 It's a little disappointing from the name, but it has the advantage of being an art with the rare effect that the strikes themselves are not tied to form, so as long as you hold it with both hands, you can hit the enemy pretty freely.
 Taking advantage of this, I pummeled the powered gorilla as if I were slapping it on the cheek, and it lost HP and disappeared.
 Incidentally, I'd already hunted about ten of them, and the experience value was quite good for being so tough.

'Why are there so many gorillas on this plain?

 The plains are not as large as ......, but they are quite vast, and they are mainly populated by gorillas.
 Even though it is a plain, there are some hills here and there, but basically the view is wide.
 The sky is clear and blue, and the air is warm to the touch. It was a very peaceful field where it felt good to just walk around.
 The only problem with the landscape is that everywhere you look there are powered gorillas. .......

 There's also a rhinoceros monster called Red Rainer, which I pretended not to see because it didn't attack me.
 It has a higher level than the gorilla and seems to be tougher than the gorilla, but it seems to be an inactive monster.
 It's relaxing to watch them graze peacefully, but sometimes I've seen players get involved in a fight with a gorilla and get blown to death by the gorilla, so I guess they're pretty strong monsters in this plain.
 There is no curse for the untouchable. I hunt gorillas because they're obviously not easy to hit and they're delicious.

'Gorilla, gorilla, gorilla.

 He hunts gorillas, humming to himself as he occasionally swaps his metal rod for Meteor Impact Zero.
 I can use the arts of the [Striking Weapon] skill with my two-handed mace, and of course I can use the arts of the [Two-handed Mace] skill, so I use different arts as needed.

 As I mentioned before, the two-handed mace is a weapon that puts a lot of emphasis on the firepower of a single blow.
 It has a high base attack power, a heavy attack weight, and a high damage multiplier for arts.
 However, it is relatively slow and difficult to handle.
 Basically, it is a type of weapon that is more effective when used with a tank or buffer.

 I mentioned earlier that you can hit with any form as long as you hold it with both hands, but basically, the arts of weapons with the striking attribute are not restricted by form.
 This is because the act of slashing is basically swinging through the weapon. As a result, it is easy to connect to a series of attacks.
 On the other hand, striking weapons have three basic choices: to be hit, to be flicked away, or to be crushed.
 For example, with a sword, you can do a double strike like a kesa-slash and a cut-up, but with a striking weapon, if you swing down in the manner of a kesa-slash, the attack will stop at your shoulder and you will not be able to swing up.
 Arts basically have a fixed trajectory, but if you do it with a striking weapon, you'll have to wait an uncommon amount of time for it to stiffen.
 For this reason, striking skills are allowed to have a relatively free form, and fixed-form techniques are more likely to be single-shot power-oriented arts.

 The basic art of the two-handed mace is "Smash".
 It is an extremely simple strike that is swung in a fixed form and has a power multiplier of 2.
 This firepower is so powerful that it can reduce the HP of even the toughest gorilla.

'Ooh, ooh, ooh!

What do you have against gorillas?
"You're high.
Maybe he was stressed out.
"The sound is horrible.

 The gorilla must die. There is no mercy.
 It's not good that the experience is so good.

'...... you ......!

 As I was fighting the gorilla with my metal rod, I suddenly heard a voice calling out to me.

'Hmm? Didn't you just hear something?

'I can't hear you.
'I can't hear you.
'Not at all.
"Are you sure you're not hallucinating?
'Ugh, ......, finally, Sukuna-tan, .......'

What do you mean 'finally'? Well, I can hear players' voices all over the plains. This seems to be directed at me. ......'

 I looked around and tried to find a figure that looked like him.
 Then, from where I was standing, I saw a figure running towards me, at least 200 meters behind me.
 I saw a figure of a player running towards me.

'Ah, ......, I see.

 Two hundred meters is only a few seconds away in this world, where our physical abilities are far more advanced than in the real world.
 A familiar player, or rather a player I had just recently played with.
 Come to think of it, she was also in the vicinity of Trillia, wasn't she?

'Sister Suk!

'Long time no see, Toka-chan.

 It's been a couple of days since I've been in this world.
 The one who appeared, a little out of breath, was my sister Toka-chan, Rin's cousin.