59-reunion with a talker

Toka-chan is here! Now we can win!

 I look up at her, leaving aside for the moment the listeners who are excited about it.

'I don't think it's been that long since I've seen you, ......'.

'Hmm, that's true. I've had a lot of intense time these past few days.

'I've seen you streaming a few times, but you've been in a lot of trouble, haven't you? I've never seen Amber in person before. He's a famous NPC who helps players in trouble on the field as they pass by.

 In fact, we have a fan club. Then Toka-chan opened the menu and showed me the fan club forum.

'I don't have a membership card, so I don't know what's being talked about on this board, but I'm sure the Suk-sister will be contacted soon.


'It doesn't seem to matter.'

'To be frank.

 I can't give or take even if she contacts me.
 It's only two days, but it's still two days.
 The connection between me and the amber is more than superficially described in the delivery.
 I don't want to do anything that might be detrimental to amber, and I don't want to be detrimental to amber. I don't think it's anything to worry about, though.

'Speaking of which, why are you here, Tooka?

'I've been leveling for two days yesterday and the day before, and I was planning to do it again today. Then I realized that I missed the notification of Suk-sama's delivery. That's why I rushed over.

'I see, so you can watch the broadcast from within the game as well.

 Just as the people on the demon tribe forums did, you can watch the feeds from within the game through the menu.
 You can view the BBS from anywhere as well, as long as you have a player ID and password. However, you can only post in safe areas such as the city.

 There may be some problems if the location of the player is exposed, but we can only say that the player has agreed to it.
 In the past, the act of sniping has been commonplace in online game distribution, and if a stalker is found, the management may take action to permanently ban the player.

'What level are you at now, Toka-chan?

'I'm 34!

'34? You've worked very hard.

 I don't remember the details, but I think I was around 25th level when I played with Toka before.
 It's a lot of work for a busy student like Toka to raise 9 levels at once.
 Besides, she has a supporter-type status build. If she did it by herself, she must have gone through a lot of trouble.

'I like this kind of work. The more time you put into it, the more your numbers will increase.

 I wonder if that's one way of thinking about it.
 Certainly, if you think that you can get clear returns such as experience and items on the spot, it's much more worthwhile than the reality where you can't see the results of your efforts.

'Sister Suk, what level are you at now?'

'32...... No, she's up to 33.'

 Before the fight with Amber, I was level 31, but before I knew it, I was level 33.
 It's funny, I think I've only heard one notification that I've leveled up. ...... Oh, could it be?

'I fought Amber, so I'm getting experience.

'Even though you lost?

'Guff......Well, yeah, you lost......'

'Oh, I'm sorry, Sister Suk!

 Toka-chan's unkind words pierced my heart. I think I heard a thud.

The grass.
"It's relentlessly funny.
The one that's hurting a lot.

'No, you can't ...... beat Amber, can you ......? I'm pretty sure her level is over three digits. ......'

'Oh, don't be depressed, Sister Suk!

 A listener's covering fire for Toka-chan killed me. I'm sorry.

'So can you guys fight that thing and win? I'd say so.

No, you can't.
It's impossible.

'I wonder what it is really like to cause an earthquake with a seismic leg. ......'

'I thought it was an earthquake in the game, but it was an attack by Amber, wasn't it? It seems that the whole Trillia was shaking.'


 I wonder if I can make such a phenomenon happen if I get my strength up to four digits, though it's probably only possible with Amber's estimated four-digit strength status.
 If I raise my level another 150 or so, I might be able to reach four digits. It's too unbalanced, isn't it?

'This is a different story...'


'Why are there so many gorillas on this plain?

 It's natural for games to have a theme for each field, not just for WLO.
 For example, in a national RPG, there is a hidden field where only slime monsters appear, or a bonus field where only monsters with high experience appear.

 For example, in WLO, the marshlands of Lores near Dualis were a frog kingdom inhabited only by frogs.
 The field between the south gate of the City of Beginnings and the Forest of Ends is Wolf territory.
 It is not uncommon for fields to be themed, such as the Demon Forest, where only monsters that can use magic appear.
 To put it more simply, the typical appearance patterns of nature, such as insect monsters in the forest or fish monsters in the sea, are also themes.

 To avoid any misunderstanding, I am not an expert on gorillas.
 I just have a strong image of gorillas living in the forest and feel uncomfortable when I see them walking around in the plains.
 If you say that the plains are gorilla-themed, that's all you're talking about.
 The experience is good, and they're not hard to beat just because they're so tough.
 Unlike the area around Dualis, the climate and terrain around Trillia are mild once you cross the lake, so it's not difficult to deal with gorillas.

'The reason why this field is full of gorillas is because the boss is like that.

'The boss? You mean the named ones?'

 Like Aria the Red Wolf in a pack of Wolves?
 Well, Aria was a lone wolf, but she was a monster worthy of being the boss of the Wolf field.
 I asked if it was the same, but the reply was a denial.

'No, it's not. It's the boss that guards the boundary from Trillia to Pheas.

'The boundary ...... is, in essence, a dungeon, right? So far, it looks like a plain as far as the eye can see, but I wonder if the gorillas will come out from that far away.

 Gorillas in the field, gorillas in the dungeon.
 I imagine a road full of gorillas, and I get a little fed up with it.
 Perhaps having read my thoughts, Toka-chan denied my idea, waving her hand as if in a panic.

'No, Sister Suk. There are no dungeons on the road from Trillia to Feas.


 There are no dungeons?

'There is a great river flowing between Trillia and Pheas. It's a long and vast river, about a kilometer long. There is only one great bridge to cross it. It is the location of the third guardian, the Armored Mount Gorilla, and is an unavoidable battle to reach the fourth city of Pheas.

'Armored, Mount Gorilla......'

'Mount ......'
I'm not sure what to make of that.

 You're the boss of the river. ...... Mount ......? I'm going to keep those words to myself and imagine a boss with a very strong name.
 By the way, I seem to remember Rin saying that the boss on the road from Trillia to Fierce was pretty strong.
 Perhaps it was the Armored Mounted Gorilla.

'It's a really strong boss. It's a physical type of boss that is simply tough, has high attack power, and is reasonably fast. I tried it once with a friend, but we lost.

'Oh, it's a physical-type boss?

'Yes. There are no magic attacks. However, it has enough attack power that even a tank can take a lot of damage, so it's not so easy to say that it's advantageous if it's physical.

'No, but ...... is a good match for me, isn't it?

 When I heard about the armored mount gorilla's characteristic of being a pure physical type, I thought that I, who also has a pure physical type status, would be a very good match for it.
 Well, it's not that he's good with the physical type, it's just that he's fatally weak against the magical type. ...... Still, from what I've heard, he doesn't seem to be the type to use a lot of magic tricks.

'That's true. So, I have a suggestion.

 This time, Toka-chan affirmed my idea with a smile and held up a finger, saying she had a suggestion.

'Why don't you come with me and challenge the boss like this?