60-Which one is the gorilla?

'Oh, ......, there's a lot of Rabbits in that field over there. Look, look, Toka-chan, there's a rainbow-colored Rabbit over there!

'Sister Suk, I can't see them.

'I see...'

 A great river flows in front of me. It seems that the name of the river that connects Trillia and Fieas is the Fiea River. It's an easy name, but it's quite common in real life, too.
 Toka-chan said that the width of the river is on the order of kilometers, but I think it's about 500 meters wide at this point.
 It may get wider as you get closer to the mouth of the river, so it may be a kilometer wide depending on your location.

 However, swimming across is probably impossible.
 This is not a matter of skill or SP.
 It's because I saw the shadows of several 30-meter class aquatic monsters shimmering in the deep water.
 I wonder what kind of river has monsters the size of a blue whale swimming in it.
 It seemed to have noticed me looking at it, and I wondered if it was intelligent or if it had a high sensing ability.
 Metaphorically speaking, it's probably a silent message from the management to cross the bridge properly.

 Yes, the bridge. As Toka-chan told me earlier, there is a big, big bridge connecting the two ends of this river, and we're right under it.
 If you ask me why I'm looking across the river, I'll simply say that I'm waiting for my turn at the boss's room.
 It's a huge bridge with a width of 100 meters, but only one party can enter during the boss battle.
 It seems that the bosses here are so strong that they are called 'the gateway to becoming a full-fledged player', and not many players in the first group have defeated them and moved on. The percentage is a little over 30%.

 It is said that it is necessary not only to level up, but also to understand its behavioral patterns by challenging it many times, and that it is very crowded here during golden hours and holidays.
 On weekdays, however, the waiting time was only long enough that the party in front of us was challenging the gate when we arrived here.
 To avoid trouble, NPCs like gatekeepers stand at the gate and give you a numbered ticket. This is a sign of waiting for your turn.
 Incidentally, you can use the warp point by showing the "Permit of Passage" that you get by defeating the boss here.
 Simply because the strength of mooks increases dramatically from Pheasus onward, a gatekeeper is watching over the gate to prevent weak people from entering.

'Oh, it's open.

'I can't tell if you won or lost.

'I wonder which it is.

 The gate at the entrance of the bridge opened, and the gatekeeper was looking at us.
 I had a soft conversation with Toka-chan, and handed the gate keeper the number card I had in my hand.
 I thought I might be able to look in from the side, but strangely I couldn't see the fight inside, so I guess there was some kind of barrier between us.

'Okay, I'm off then.

'I'll do my best!

'See you later!
'Good luck!
'Gorillas fighting gorillas: ......'

'Who's the gorilla?


'It's a big place.

'I wonder how it keeps its shape.'

'Isn't it magic?

 I knew it from looking at it, but it's a really big bridge. I can run around freely with this. I lightly grasped the handle of the metal rod and knew that there were no lingering effects from the battle with Amber.

 The gates closed noisily as if to say, "It's time for trials from here on out.
 It is a common ordeal for both the NPCs living in this world and us, the players.
 I took a deep breath as I watched the Armored Mount Gorilla begin to pop in the distance near the center of the bridge.

 The fully popped Mount Gorilla was certainly far more intimidating than the dungeon bosses I had fought in the past.
 Don! Don! a drumming sound so loud it hurt our ears. It was probably a threat to us.

 The mounted gorilla remains motionless, as if waiting for us. As a small test, we take out the weight that Haruru gave us a while ago.
 The distance between us. The force. Wind. The weight was released in a heap, calculating the angle of fire, and was twisted into the right eye of the mounted gorilla as aimed.

'What? I got hit.

'That's bullshit as usual.

 When I was surprised at the unexpected hit, Toka-chan replied heartwarmingly.
 I wondered if my reaction had been delayed because I was moving too far away. I thought it would be a normal hit, so I felt like I had hit the jackpot.
 The damage itself was only slight, even though I had hit the vital point. Still, I think I created an opening.

'Let's go!


 Toka and I decided to close the distance between us and the mounted gorilla.
 As a melee weapon user, I needed to close the distance to inflict damage, and Toka-chan's support spell would only be effective at a certain distance.

'At any rate, I'll go in first and get the target, and you can throw buffs when you think you can.

'Yes, sir. I'll match you, so you can move as you please.

'All right.

 The mounted gorilla was also in a fighting stance, perhaps because it was relieved of the pain in one eye, or perhaps because we were approaching. The fist of the giant gorilla, no more than five meters high, was approaching with a thud, and the metal rod I was wielding collided with it head-on.


 The moment I realized that I would be defeated, I changed the direction of my power and fought off the fist.
  The fist that was deflected hit the ground, causing a large crack in the bridge. This was proof of the tremendous destructive power of the bridge, which could not be compared to that of a common gorilla.

 He did not give up just because his attack was swept away, but dealt with the wind-swept fists by backstepping and parrying with his metal rod.
 After about five fists, the gorilla moved away.

'It's the boss, isn't it?

'Sister! Are you all right?

'No problem.

 The gorilla seemed to be a very clever monster, as it cut off its continuous attack in the middle.
 Probably, the gorilla in front of you is a monster with a proper concept of stamina. I guess he didn't want to waste his attack.
 This time, I have a few things to do.
 My aptitude, as pointed out by Amber. I'm a passive fighter with good eyesight. I'm not as good as Amber, but the boss in front of me still has a higher status than I do.

 The gorilla jumped at me again, but this time, instead of parrying the attack, I avoided it completely and hit its hind legs.
 The damage is minimal. The armored mounted gorilla has two HP gauges, but as the name suggests, its fur is as hard as armor.
 I hit the mounted gorilla three times in a row before it attacked, struck it from the side to shift the direction of the attack, and hit it with a downward swing at its slightly drifting jaw.

''Cheer Up, Protect.''

 He must have judged that the hate would not disperse once I hit him.
 The buffs that came from Toka-chan were Cheer Up, which strengthens muscles, and Protect, which strengthens sturdiness. Both of these spells are useful in close combat.

 You step around the mounted gorilla's two-handed slamming attacks and hit him with your hind toes as soon as he slows down.
 In addition to the increased firepower from the cheerleading, this time he also activated the slamming attack. And thanks to the fact that the toes were not covered by armor, they took good damage.
 While the gorilla was cowering, I hit it with a bokosuka and quickly dodged the press attack.

'Armed, Haste, Armor, Sensibility'.

 In addition to increasing your agility and dexterity, you receive buffs that increase your attack power and cut damage. You'll feel as if your entire body has been lightened by these enhancements.
 I closed the distance following the mounted gorilla as he backstepped to get some distance away from me, and hit him with a new art to his face that made him look slightly surprised, as if he didn't expect me to follow him.

I'm not sure what to do.

 The art of the [Striking Weapon] skill, 《Destroy》.
 At first glance, it looks no different from a slap, but this art has the effect that if your attack power exceeds your opponent's sturdiness, you can inflict damage that ignores sturdiness.
 Not cutting, but internal destruction. This may be an art for striking attacks.
 The increased attack power from Cheer Up and Armed seemed to have successfully surpassed the Mount Gorilla's defense, and the damage was greater than ever before.


 The gorilla waved its arms in disgust, and I, who hadn't come out of my rigidity, was caught in the attack and knocked down.
 The damage was negligible, but I was a bit surprised.

'Strong' and 'Accelerate'.

 Perhaps she judged that my attack had gained her even more hate, but Toka-chan activated her combined auxiliary magic.
 Strong is an intermediate auxiliary spell that increases strength and sturdiness, while Accel accelerates agility beyond Haste.

 I'm not sure if I'm good at managing hate, but the mount gorilla's hate is still directed at me.
 The constant buffing makes me feel very comfortable. I've definitely been able to perform better than usual.

 I glanced over at Toka-chan, and she smiled and waved back at me. I guess she still has some time left.
 With her standing firm behind me like that, I can keep my head up. It's because Toka-chan will be able to judge for herself how to manage hate, something I'm not used to.

 It's nice to be in a battle where you're not alone, I thought as I continued to fight the mounted gorilla.