61-unexpected and uncomfortable feeling

 The HP of a monster is determined by a number.
 This is something that doesn't need to be explained.
 In the old days of RPGs, even if you didn't know the HP of the enemy, you could defeat it by taking dozens or hundreds of damage.

 This is also the case in games that display the HP gauge in a quick glance.
 On the surface, the gauge is decreasing, but in reality, the numbers are being calculated.
 There are many reasons to adopt this type of appearance, but there is one advantage that is easy to understand for a type with a multi-stage gauge, such as the WLO boss monster.

 That is, you can manage the behavior pattern of the boss monster for each gauge.
 More precisely, it means that the player can easily understand the switching of the behavior pattern.
 If you want to do this with a single gauge, you should change the color of the gauge according to the percentage of HP, or something like that.
 You can also assign different values to each gauge, and it's a reasonable way to show the stages of damage more visually, yet with more room for thought than just displaying numbers.

 The most common state of bosses in such gauge-type games is called "frenzy" or "insanity".
 There are many ways to say this, but the most common one is that a cornered boss monster starts to play its trump card at the last gauge.
 This is a kind of a template, and there are other patterns like the red wolf, which has only one gauge but divides the gauge by color and changes its behavior according to the color.

 What am I trying to say?
 It means that the armored mounted gorilla in front of you has two gauges, so you have a trump card.


 It happened the moment I had shaved off one of the Mount Gorilla's HP gauges.
 The mount gorilla abandoned its close combat with me, retreated backward, and began to glow with a roar.

'Whoa, that's bright!


 ' 'Beak! It was a gorilla in golden armor that stood where it had settled after the glow that seemed to make a sound like a buzz.

'Yeah ......'.

 A gorilla in golden armor. Hmmm ...... hmmm.
 I wonder if this is possible.

"Yeah, .......
"That blew my mind.
"Mr. Fashion Sense!
"I've been waiting for that reaction.

 I couldn't help but glance at the comments that I usually don't see during a battle, and there were many listeners who had the same reaction as me.
 No, the armor itself is pretty cool.
 The armor itself is pretty cool, it's just that the guy wearing it is a big gorilla, so it's kind of ...... unreal.
 I wonder if there are people who like gorillas in the management.

It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.

'E...... Kyaaaaa'.

 I was so distracted by the impact and the comments section that I didn't react fast enough.
 The mounted gorilla grabbed the debris from the aftermath of the fight with its tail and threw it as hard as it could.
 If I had been able to react, I would have shot him down, but I was too quick to do so.
 Perhaps because Toka-chan herself was not paying attention, she was hit directly and was blown away with a scream.

'I won't let you!

 He dodged the debris that flew at him, avoiding the ones that might hit only him, and bouncing off the ones that might hit Toka-chan.
 It's a little late to mention this, but you haven't buffed yourself, Toka-chan. That's probably the reason why you didn't get enough hate even though you buffed yourself a little too much.

 Toka-chan's sturdiness is low because she's a specialized buffer and she prioritizes agility.
 As a result, she took more than half of her HP in damage.
 If you have a full party or a raid battle, then supporting the vanguard is not strange at all, but neglecting to buff yourself when you only have two allies is not a good idea.

 ...... Or maybe not. I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what you need to do.
 If anything, it's my fault for lacking focus.
 It was my job to step up for her and protect her.

 That's right. I had to protect her.

 I felt very uncomfortable the moment I thought that.


 I tilted my head and nodded without meaning to. It is not strange for me, standing in the vanguard, to protect Toka-chan.

 I'm not sure what to say.

 I'm not sure what to do. My ears are ringing. I'm dizzy. And yet your body keeps knocking away the debris on its own.
 I felt as if my body and mind were separating.
 I feel very sleepy.
 My mind is quiet. But I also feel like I'm about to erupt.
 Still, there's something behind me that I need to protect.

'So I have to destroy it.

 Those were the words that came out of my mouth so naturally.
 I couldn't stop myself from covering my mouth with my hand, and the words seemed to have come out regardless of my intention.
 The uncomfortable feeling melted away in the space of a moment.
 I feel as if my whole body is overflowing with power.
 For a moment, my head boiled as if it were about to boil, and then I felt it rapidly cool down.
 While handling the projectiles being thrown at me with only the minimum of movement, only the gap between my mind and body remained intact.

'Sister! Are you okay?

 Toka-chan's call made me jump.
 The sense of being out of sync was brought back at once.

'Let's see, ...... that's right, we have to defeat it.

 Seeing the mounted gorillas rousing in front of me awakens my slightly dazed consciousness.
 I'm not sure what that was about, but I need to beat this boss.

 It's not difficult to shoot down debris flying at you from the front, even if it's in the forest, and I'm feeling really good.
 Even if I don't feel as if I can fly, I feel as if I can move my avatar to the tips of my arms and legs with precision.

 Maybe it's the lack of debris, or maybe it's my stamina.
 I use my metal rod to parry the blows of the mounted gorilla, which has stopped throwing and has started to fight melee again.
 His power has increased, and his speed must have increased dramatically, but strangely, his movements seemed very slow.
 If you hit it head-on, it would naturally lose in strength. But if you hit it from the side, you can deflect the attack as much as you want.

 No, there was no need to deflect it in the first place. If you evade each fist that hits you randomly and decide to counter, you can make one more move than if you deflect each fist and then attack.
 The leeway will help you see through the next attack and allow you to counter with even more precision.
 Even if the mounted gorilla is tough, its HP will be reduced if it is countered by as many random hits as possible.
 If you want to counter, you should aim at the sharpest point possible. You don't know the vital point of a mounted gorilla, and you should aim at the head as before.

 Thinking so, I kept aiming mainly at the chin, and the mounted gorilla wobbled after about the 15th hit.
 I wondered if his brain had been shaken or if he had accumulated a stun value. In front of the wobbling gorilla, I let go of the metal rod as if I were throwing it upward, and clapped twice.
 A set of 《Oni no Mai》, and two sets. I danced the "Rapture Dance" and "Double-Edged Dance" in succession, then grabbed the gold bar in midair and used the momentum of my fall to strike the gorilla in the skull with the "Destroy" arts.
 The HP of the mounted gorilla was reduced to a trickle thanks to the increased muscle strength, including the buff from Toka-chan.

 The Mount Gorilla screamed and retreated, and as I tried to attack it, a small thunderbolt struck it with a bang.


 I flicked it with my metal rod and it disappeared. I looked at the mount gorilla, wondering where the lightning had come from, and it began to scatter lightning around it as its body hair, trembling in pain, turned golden.

'Too familiar .......'

'Sister, be careful!

'I'll take care of it!

 I won't make the same mistake twice in such a short time. After answering Toka-chan's call, I concentrated on transforming, which would be the true trump card of Mount Gorilla.
 When the scattered lightning subsided, the transformation seemed to be complete.
 The golden gorilla, with all its hair standing on end as if on fire, looked quite heroic. The black and gold gorilla didn't look so good, but this one seemed to be quite good-looking.

 From my observation, it seems that the lightning is not the aftermath of a transformation, but something that is actively released.
 The mounted gorilla doesn't actually wear lightning, and it does have a mysterious aura, but that's the same as Aria the Red Wolf, so it's not strange.

 Now, let's see how it comes.
 As soon as I thought that, I saw the gorilla that turned upside down, and I had a bad premonition.

'Shield! Magic Barrier!

 I'm not sure if it's a physical attack or a magic attack.
 It's probably because she doesn't know whether it's a physical attack or a magic attack. It's typical of Toka-chan to have both, just in case.
 By the way, no defensive spell has been cast on me, so I can feel her trust that I will be able to dodge it by myself.

 If it was a physical attack, but if it was magic, it would be fatal even if it was just a graze. ......?

 I'm sorry. I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea.

'Wait a minute!

 I thought you were going to release lightning!

 I suppressed my desire to complain and avoided the oncoming ray of carnage by flying sideways.
 It was a joke of an attack, but I had anticipated it so that it wouldn't matter what direction it hit.
 So although I was able to avoid it, the trajectory might have resulted in a clean hit to Toka-chan.
 Turning around as quickly as I could, I could see the shards of the Magic Barrier shattering into pieces.


'I'm fine ......'

 When I heard the reply and turned around, I saw Toka-chan burnt to a crisp at the edge of the bridge.
 She had successfully avoided a direct hit, but had been snatched and blown away.
 And I guess that attack is magical. Only the magic barrier is broken, so it must be. It's an awful surprise attack for a purely physical boss.
 Anyway, I'm glad you're alive. Now I can take him down without worry.

 It's probably because I shot him so hard. The mounted gorilla is tired and slowing down.
 While inwardly praising the powerful trump card that caught me by surprise, I dove into the pocket of the mounted gorilla, and firmly cut down the HP of the weakened boss who had exhausted his trump card.