23-road leading to the Devil's

 In the first place.
 Is it possible to forcibly transfer an item to a complete stranger who is not even your friend and you've never sent an email to?

 The answer is 'no'. Transferring items in this game is done by mutual agreement, unless you are forced to do so by contract.
 This is not so difficult to understand. It means that it can be established only after the exchange of "YES or NO".

 That's why you can't just hand over an item to someone like that.
 However, if you use a small loophole, there is a way to physically hand over an item of the size of this weight.

 That is, to give up the ownership of the item.
 The player named Haruru just picked up the item once it was no longer his, and gave it to him.
 In other words, right now, this weight is just like any other stone.

 In other words, this weight is now treated as if it were a stone on the ground. In the end, it all comes down to this.
 After all, unless I take the final action of receiving it, it's just an unowned weapon, and if I leave it there, it will eventually disappear due to endurance consumption, or be picked up by someone else.

 That seems like a waste of time, so after some deliberation, you press YES, and the weight in your pocket will be moved to your inventory.
 This proves that the current weight was a completely stray item.

'I wonder what it was. ......'

'I'm laughing because I'm being overpowered by a little girl.
'Is that a copper?
It's a pot.
"It's not wrong for a little girl's body type.
'It's a weight. ......'

'Well, I guess you should try using what you get. My body is starting to tingle, so let's go to the field.'

 Even though it was mostly due to my own curiosity, I spent more time than I expected looking at the street.
 Laughing at the frightened reactions of the commenters, I walked a little faster through the north gate.


 In the city of beginnings, the south gate was the most difficult field, but in this city, where there are no dead ends, the north gate is the most difficult.
 The Demon Forest, the dungeon that leads to the third city. The grassland that awaited us as a prelude was far worse than I had imagined.

 First of all, there are tall grasses like awn here and there, and on top of that, there are trench-like hiding places under your feet, rather than pitfalls .......
 You might get caught in a hole in the grass when you're watching out for a monster hiding in the grass, or you might not notice a monster hiding in the grass when you're paying attention to your feet.
 Or you find a large stone on the ground quite often.
 In short, it was a very unpleasant field where monsters always had a seclusion bonus.


'Yup. Hmm, maybe it's because we're mainly on rough roads, but the enemy levels are not that great.

 I smashed the skull of a goblin that had come at me from behind as a surprise attack, and it disappeared without a trace as its HP ran out.
 As I slowly made my way down the rough road, I was getting used to my new profession.

 To be honest, goblins, who were not even a higher species, were no longer my enemy.
 They're just mobs from the previous dungeon. Regardless of the terrain, even if they are out of position, they can be easily dealt with.

 In contrast to the fast and flexible wolves, goblins are only average in both agility and sturdiness.
 Except for the fact that many of them have weapons and are human-shaped, they are much easier to deal with than Wolves.

 The fact that they are human is also helpful for me because I can easily recognize their vital points, but some people just can't attack human monsters, so I think they are troublesome in that sense.
 In a world where insects, reptiles, and cute animals are all monsters, I don't think it's a good idea to talk about attacking humanoid monsters now.

 By the way, the goblin's rare drop weapons of the "ragged circle" series can be repaired at the NPC store to be reborn as beginner equipment.
 If you're a collector, you'll probably be happy to know that you've come all the way to Dualis and now have beginner equipment.
 By the way, you can sell it for 500 Iris. I guess the price is fair.

 Oh, there's a goblin archer aiming at you from behind a rock.


 What I just threw in a reasonably serious motion is the weight I just received.
 It looks like an ordinary weight that you can put on a scale, but somehow it's as big as a tennis ball, yet it's quite heavy. I estimate it to be about two kilograms.
 The weight, released in a simple pitching style, flew in the exact trajectory I had envisioned, and broke the goblin's neck.


 I clenched my fists in exhilaration as I watched the target, about 30 meters away, shatter and disappear.
 The goblin archer had a low durability and low attack power instead of being aimed at from a long distance.
 If it had been a hobgoblin, I probably wouldn't have been able to kill it with the blow I just delivered.

"What did you kill?
'Don't snipe like you're throwing an empty can into the trash.

'You don't throw an empty can into the trash like that.

 I don't see many of them nowadays, but there used to be metal baskets for throwing cans in the park.
 When I was reminiscing about such memories of the past, I received a lot of comments from listeners saying, 'No, that's not it. Why not?

It's easier to throw this weight than a knife, by the way.

 Needless to say, a ball-shaped object is easier to throw than a stick-shaped object.
 Especially for throwing knives, it is difficult to expect proper damage unless you throw them straight.
 On the other hand, just a heavy and hard weight can be expected to do some damage if you hit it with momentum.
 The simple pitching motion is enough, and the weight makes it more stable than a stone, so it is easier than throwing a knife.

 The downside is that the belt I'm wearing doesn't allow me to hold it.
 If you go to a young girl named Haruru, do you think she has such equipment ......?

 While testing the weight like that, I slaughtered goblins and rabbits for a while.

I'm not sure if this is the demon forest or not.

 I arrived safely in front of a dungeon that was too sunny to be called a forest.
 It looks like you can get in from anywhere, but there seems to be a small area that looks like a well-maintained entrance. And there's a hut.

"Are we going to the dungeon?
"Is this the dungeon where you're going to kill Skuna?

"Oh, if you look at the chemistry, ......
'It's not going to hit you unless you track it.

I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea. I'll just take a peek at the cabin and go home. I have to drop off at midnight.'

 Feeling the trust of the listeners, I headed towards the hut where players were gathering.
 When I got closer, I found it to be a larger building than I expected.
 Rather than a hut, it was more like a teahouse, a resting place.

'Excuse me, what is this place for?

'Hmm? Oh, well, to put it bluntly, it's a save point. ......, you, yesterday.'

 To save trouble, I asked the young man with the one-handed sword on his back about this place, and he responded that he seemed to have met me before.
 I remembered his face for five seconds.
 Yes, he was the young one-handed swordsman who had told me the location of the registration office.

'...... Ah! The man who showed me the way. Thank you for yesterday. Are you alone?'

'No, I have a friend. He's probably just shopping right now. ...... Excuse me, I'm Shuya.'

'I'm Sukuna. Oh, I'm streaming, are you okay?

'Yeah, I have a lot of friends who are broadcasters, so it's okay. Is ...... Sukuna? Your name is Sukuna?'

'Yes, but ......'.

 Shuya, the young one-handed swordsman, apparently knew my name before I did.
 However, he didn't seem to have seen the delivery directly, nor did he seem to have overheard the conversation.
 He looked as if something had become clear to him.

'Wait a minute, I'll go get my friend.

'Oh, yes.

 Shuya went straight to the second floor of the teahouse to call his friend, who was probably there.

'I wonder what it is.

'This is Listener.
"This is Listener." "Listener Kanner.

"What is a hammer?

 It's a strange feeling to be known by people you don't know, even though your name has been made famous by your delivery of the battle with Aria.
 I was a little bored while thinking about this, so I decided to wait and play with the comments while he was gone.