22-on the third morning

'Nana, pass the butter.'

'Here you go.

 Although we were a bit flustered by Toka-chan's appearance, Rin and I were still eating breakfast.

'Toka-chan, I hope you don't mind if I don't eat.

 Tooka-chan came and went like the wind, but that worried me a little.
 In addition, I think Rin said something earlier about making plans for today while eating, but I wondered if she was okay with that too.

'She eats first and then comes. She's a good eater.'

'She's well prepared.

'At any rate, even if she does her best at her pace, it'll be difficult to arrive at Dualis by midnight if she eats first. Well, we might be able to make it since we've got fuel in the form of Nana.''

 Rin muttered, a little reluctantly.

'Is it really that far from the Third City to Dualis?

'It's about two hours on foot, three hours if you're fighting. The way there takes a bit longer because of the boss, but the way back is about the same as I said.''

'Hmm ......, I think we can make it in time.'

 I looked at my watch, it wasn't even nine o'clock yet. If it takes as long as Rin said, it won't be too difficult for Toca to reach Dualis.
 When Rin heard my words, she gently turned away and said.

'Nana, have you forgotten? The ...... light has no sense of direction.'

'Oh, ......'.

 That's what I meant.

 For the sake of Toka-chan's honor, she could at least reach her destination if she had a map.
 She never took a wrong turn on the way to the school she was used to going to, and even today she made it to this apartment.
 However, since dungeons have many branches, and there are no landmarks like in modern towns, Toka-chan will probably walk like a cow while staring at the map.
 It was unknown whether we would be able to arrive by noon or not.

'Well, well, she's better at maps than she used to be, so I'm sure she'll make it.

 After clearing her throat and ending the conversation with Toka-chan, Rin bit into a piece of toast with only butter on it.

'Hmm, that's good ......, I want Nana to play with the light this afternoon.

'Sure. It's been a long time since I've done that, so I'm looking forward to it.

'I'll ask you to drop out for lunch, but you can do whatever you want in the morning. There are things you want to try, right?'

'Yes. Now that I have a job, I want to get used to it.

 The occupation I've chosen, "Doji", is a special occupation that allows you to specialize in physical skills by abandoning all magical skills.
 Since I failed yesterday without trying it out, today I wanted to try out the new profession and its changed status first.

'Oh, by the way, what did you choose as your profession? I couldn't ask you yesterday.'

'I chose 'Child'.

'...... Hmm, you're right. I'm sure Nana will be able to use it.'

'So you're saying that not many people will choose it?

'She's too weak against ranged magic. Besides, normal magic is usually too painful, so the disadvantages are more noticeable than the advantages of ....... It's peaky in a bad way.

 What Lin said is what anyone would think if they looked at the details of that profession.
 She's right, ranged magic may be a threat, but it's a big flaw when it turns ordinary magic into a super-powerful attack.
 I've only seen the lightning magic that Rin used, but I remember that it was quite fast, not to say real lightning.
 If it's one on one, you can dodge it no matter what, but if it's a group of people, it seems to be quite troublesome.

'Well, there are some equipment that corrects magic defense, so it's possible to compensate for that.

'That's true. Well, I'll think about it after I'm in trouble.

'That's a good idea. Do what you want to do, and if you need help, ask me.

 I smiled back at Rin, who smiled at me.
 It was going to be another fun day.


 It was past ten o'clock. After eating dinner, I made some announcements and hung up the laundry, and as I had announced yesterday, I started to deliver.

'It's only the third day, though.

 The streets of the fantasy world I've grown accustomed to. In the fountain plaza of the crowded city, which may be due to the fact that it was a holiday, I stretched my back.


'Hi, welcome. Please enjoy yourself.

 I send a loose greeting to the comments that are pouring in.
 Compared to yesterday and the day before, when I must have been a bit uptight, today I was more neutral in my delivery.

'Today, I thought I'd go try out some professions. The target is the field before the demon forest .......'

"I see.
'Aren't we going to the Demon Forest?
'I thought we were going to the swamp.

'Yes, I'm going to play with another girl this afternoon. Oh, another one than Lin-chan. I was thinking of going for a walk in the morning since I might not have time to go dungeon diving.'

 From the comments that flowed, many people were expecting a dungeon attack.
 I was originally planning to dive into the dungeon too, but it's too bad that I'm not there when Toka-chan is trying her best to get to this town.

 Having made up my mind to a certain extent, I walked through the streets of Dualis, aiming for the north gate, which was on the opposite side of the gate I had entered yesterday.

'Oh, so this is the street of stalls I heard about, huh?

 I muttered to myself as I looked at the many stalls scattered about the slightly swollen streets.

 Between the fountain plaza of Dualis and the road leading to the north gate, there is a street market called "Open Air Street".
 I heard that there are genuine player stores here, not so-called NPC stores.
 As you walk around, you'll see that all of the items on offer are only slightly more effective than NPC items.
 That's because almost all of the items for sale on the streets of Dualis are manufactured by novices.

'In the city of beginnings, there are almost no tutorials for production jobs, and you have to come to Dualis to get production skills.

"That's strange.
I don't know, maybe they want you to get used to VR.

 Listening to my poor explanation, a small discussion started among the listeners.
 I don't know what's really going on, but Lynne says that it's simply to diversify the players.

 It's true that if everything was in the first town, the town would be overwhelmed.
 Production can't be completed at the touch of a button, and above all, it takes up a lot of space. The shared workshop in Dualis is said to be very large.
 You may have a chance to visit there soon .......

 As I walked towards the gate, not buying anything, but intrigued by the items on the street, I was suddenly approached from downstairs.

'Um, ...... Sukuna-san, isn't it ......'.

 You can't see the voice, but you can't see the figure,......, and if you look down a little, you'll see a cute little girl with white hair looking at me with sleepy eyes.

'Yes, but who are you?

'My name is Haruru,......, and I've seen your distribution,......, and I'd really like to meet you,.......'

'Thanks for that. I'm Sukuna.'

 I reached out to shake his hand, only to be enveloped by two small hands.
 I was surprised by the sudden action, and when the young girl player named Haruru let go of my hand, my right hand had a heavy weight on it.
 With a handshake, Haruru deposited into my hand a small piece of iron, like a weight.

'It's my homemade throwing item. ...... I'll give it to you. ...... I'd really like you to use it. ......'

'Huh. No, but I can't just take it for free.'

'No, but you can't take it for free. ...... I'll be here all day in the street. ...... If you like it, I'd be happy to have you visit me... ...'

 With a sleepy look in her eyes, the little girl who called herself Haruru said this and disappeared into the crowd.
 As expected, it was difficult for me to find that little girl in the crowd.

'No, that ...... yeah ......'.

 As I stood there wondering what to do, I put the weight away in my pants pocket for now.