107-full of money

'I'm home.

"Welcome home.
"I'm home.
Good night.
"Good morning.
"Good evening.

'Don't act like it's a greeting fair'.

 I finished sending the items, relying on the contract Haruru had sent me, and resumed delivery when the time was just right.
 I'm in the safe room, after all. If you want to expand your drop, it's difficult to do so in the city.

 Well, there's not much else to do except check the results of the Gordo battle.
 We had at least three hours before our appointment with Rin, so we decided to choose a place where we could relax and attack the dungeon until then.

'I wanted to check the results of the battle we just had.

"Come on.
"Hey, hey!

'Well, let's get on with it. I haven't seen it yet either.

 It's a bit late to mention that the menu card is quite high-tech and useful, but one of the features I've noticed recently is the 'results display for the last 100 battles' feature.
 This is a system where the results displayed after a battle, i.e. the experience gained, irises, and dropped items, are saved for up to 100 battles and can be checked later.
 Basically, you can only check the previous battle from the notification, so this was a nice feature.
 Well, the battle with Gordo was one battle ago, so you can check it from the notification.

"Is Gordo treated as a Named?

'Nah, I guess not. He hasn't dropped any rare skills, and more importantly, he hasn't dropped any souls.

 As for the souls, it's possible that there was a player who defeated Gordo before me, but in any case, since he didn't drop any rare skills, it seems he's not a Named.
 It's been over two weeks since I killed Aria. As expected, new and existing Nameds have been defeated, and all of them have been confirmed to have rare skill drops.
 Unlike the souls, it seems that the rare skills are treated like normal rewards in the Named battles.
 However, it seems that not everyone in a party of Nameds will receive them.

'Anyway, I'm getting a lot of experience and Iris from Gordo. It's no wonder he's so golden.

"How much?
'Money is power.

'The experience is about three levels higher, and the money is about double my total wealth.

"It's increasing like crazy.

"Double the amount of money Sukuna has now. ......?
"Considering the difference in levels, that's at least three more.
"You can buy a house!

 The listener response was positive, but I was also honestly surprised by the amount of experience and the amount of Iris.
 In addition to the nearly three million Iris I earned from hunting Mysteria Rabi before the event, I also earned nearly two million Iris from endless hunting during the event, and a little over one million from selling off materials I didn't need, so my total wealth now is well over five million.

 To put it bluntly, I now have well over 10 million Iris.
 This increase is only from the Iris I got directly from Gordo.
 If I include the gold and silver treasure from the treasure chests on the monster floor before that, I've become rich beyond belief.

 Incidentally, I'm now level 75.
 With 15 levels left, I may be able to evolve into a higher rank of "Doji" ....... I feel like I'm finally starting to move forward with my promise to Drunkard and Amber.

 By the way, of course I can buy a house. I'm not buying it, though.

I'll show you the drop.

 The first thing I pulled out was a bunch of gold bars.
 I piled up the gold bars one by one as they fell with a clattering sound.

'That's a lot, isn't it?
'A lot.
"Yeah. ......
You're really rich.

 A four-tiered pyramid of gold bars, stacked in order from the bottom.
 The listeners were shocked when they saw the total of 10 gold bars.

'It's pure gold, by the way.

It's a waste of time.
I'm not sure if the selling price will change or not.
I'm not sure if it's a good idea.
"In games, millions of dollars can disappear in a flash.

 I don't know. I'm not sure if it's an apology for the lack of rare skills or rare drops, but I feel like I'm being pushed around with all my money.
 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for and what you need to do to get it.

I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what you need to do.

'Five million?

'Five million in real life?
No, the size doesn't look like a kilo to me.
"Are you a millionaire?
"Game over.

 Wow. I'm rich.

Oh, no. Skuna's broken.

"Oh, my God, I can't stop laughing.
"Isn't Real Rinne richer than this?
"Still, Sukuna is a commoner.
"The Red Wolf's soul should have been worth more. ......
"You can't really put a price on a soul.
It's the rarest of the current crop.

'Well, well, well...even if I have a lot of ......, I don't know what to do with it. ...... Maybe I'll buy a house. ......'

 I don't know what the value of gold is in this world, but gold has been valuable in all ages.
 I don't know if it's as valuable as it is in real life, but I'm sure it's worth a good price.

'Oh, here's a new item for you.


Item: Gold Sand Clock
Rarity: High Rare
An extravagant hourglass filled with beautiful gold sand.
The frame is made entirely of pure gold, making it a supreme item.
When used as an item, it reduces the cool time of the target skill or art by 50%.
This effect can only be activated once every 24 hours, and can only be used once per cool time.
You can use this item as many times as you like.

--What is it?

"What is that?
"That's a lot of gold.
"An hourglass made of gold sand: ......" "A dream come true.
"A cash item?
"It'll rewind time.

It's not that effective, though. It halves the cool time of the target skill.'

"It's not weak.
"Not weak, but not strong either.
'Some skills have a cooldown of several days, so it could be useful for those.
I don't know.

'I didn't know there was such a skill.'

 The overall reaction to the Hourglass was 'It's not bad. or something like that.
 Well, actually, I think so too.
 To be honest, I wouldn't use a skill that requires a whole day's cooldown again even if it was halved, and if you ask me if I'd shorten the cooldown to 10 or 20 minutes, that's kind of a waste too.
 I used it for the Wailing Dance today, thinking that it would be used as an ornamental item for a while.

 The cool time of the Wailing Dance is "three times the usage time". Since I used it for less than 40 minutes this time, I calculated that it would take about two hours to recover.
 I used the hourglass to cut that time in half, so I could recover in about an hour.
 I met up with Rin and talked about weapons with Haruru. ...... The cool time should be over by now.

 I don't think the scene that requires the Wailing Dance will come today, though.

 But I don't have a chance to use it, even more so for GARO, and I don't use any other arts with a cool time except GARO and Wailing Dance.
 If I didn't use it for the Hungry Wolf, I would have no choice but to use it for the Wailing Dance.

And that's about it for the items I'm interested in.

"I thought there would be more.
"I think so too.
I think so too." "But 10 gold bars is huge.
I'm sure you'll agree.
"I wanted a rare skill or something.

 It seems that listeners were expecting more flashy rewards, but ...... well, we didn't get any rare items that would make your eyeballs pop out.
 You may have been disappointed because you won against a strong opponent.
 You've got a tremendous amount of money in your pocket, but you can still make money if you want to.

'Hmm? You've got ...... some kind of title, too.

 If you look carefully at the results, you'll see that there's one more line that you missed.

"I'll do anything now. ......
What title?
"What title?

What kind of title?

 I can't imagine the effects and conditions for obtaining it at all from the name. ......?

--I don't know.

Title 《Launching Fireworks》.
This title is given to those who win a single battle against a boss monster of a higher level than themselves by using "Finisher" and "Meteor Impact" at least once each in their last attack. Increases attack power by 15% when equipped with a striking weapon, but decreases attack power by 30% when equipped with a non-striking weapon.


'Oh ......!

 It was a title with an effect far more powerful than its name would suggest.