108-pyrotechnist Skuna

'A bit of a seriously strong guy, this: ......'

"What does it do?
"Titles don't really mean much.
"Do you want to see it from above or from below?
It's not like that.
I don't know if it's that strong.
It's quite a feat, isn't it, to surprise a Sukuna?
It's a title, after all.

 There's a reason why the listener's reaction is not so good.
 Basically, titles are flavor elements, and only a limited number of them directly affect your status.

 The titles I've gotten so far are actually not the only ones I've gotten from fighting Aria.
 For example, you can get them every time you update the city you've reached, or for the number of monsters you've killed.
 Basically, these titles have no effect, so they are just titles you have.

 However, there is a slight favoritism correction for guild-related NPCs regarding the number of monsters killed.
 Some of the titles I got when I defeated Aria were the same ones, but they didn't have any correction to the status itself.

 In addition, there are other titles that you can get by gaining proficiency in weapon skills. These are the so-called "limited titles" that directly affect your status.
 In my case, since I have mastered the "Striking Weapon" skill, I also have a title related to it.

--The title

Title "Striking Weapon Professional
This title is given to those who have reached 500 proficiency in the [Striking Weapon] skill. When equipped with a bludgeoning weapon, attack power is increased by 5%.


 And here are the specific effects.
 As you can see, it's a small increase compared to "Fireworks", though it does have some compensation.
 Well, it's the "Fireworks" that's strange.

 That's why I'm wondering if I should honestly reveal the performance of "Fireworks". I can't help but wonder.
 But considering the lack of striking weapon users, it might be better to reveal such things.
 As of now, we still don't see many strike-arm users, and it would be sad if we don't see more of them.
 So, I decided to tell the effect of the title honestly.

'15% increase in attack power when equipped with a striking weapon, 30% decrease in attack power when equipped with a different weapon type.

'What the hell?
I'm not a fan.
"If it's always on, it's bad.
I don't know.
It's not fair that it has no real disadvantages.
It's not fair.

I'm not sure if it's a good thing or not.

 The reason why the effects of normal titles are modest is that they are basically effective only when you have them.
 In the current setup, all the effects are always active and add up, so if you make the effects too strong, you won't be able to get them back.

 I think this area will probably be restricted in an update.
 Currently, the effects are too jumbled up, and I think they'll set a limit on the number of items you can have as if it were another equipment slot.
 I'd like to see the current "dark pot" situation resolved, as it would expand the range of playstyles if there were more titles to choose from.

I'd like to know what the conditions are for getting it.

I'd like to know what you think of it.

'Thank you.'
I got it.
"It's gonna be a b*tc* to get anyway.
"If it's easy to get, it's bad.
"Can anyone get it?

'It's more difficult, but I think anyone with a striking weapon has a chance.'

 Single combat against a superior opponent. Anyone can get this far.
 Winning it will be a challenge, but not impossible.
 Use a "finisher" or a "meteor impact" in the end. ...... I think this is the most difficult part.

 Both the Finisher and Meteor Impact boast 'unparalleled high firepower and attack speed'.
 But on the other hand, they are also high-risk, high-reward moves, and if you miss even once, you'll be stuck with a lot of post-attack stiffness.
 I think it's quite difficult to hit these moves reliably in a close fight against a superior opponent.

 In the first place, beating a superior opponent becomes harder and harder as your level increases.
 In that sense, it would be very difficult to beat a superior opponent with Meteor Impact.
 If you raise your skill level to 500, you'll be well over level 60 at that point.

'But why is it called "Fireworks"?

'Because they were exploding.
"Be careful with the volume.
"I'll never forgive you for being so slow and loud.
The world seems awfully quiet since the explosion earlier.
"My ruptured eardrum needs to go to the hospital.
"All I can think of is explosions and fireworks!

 I myself can only think of one reason why this title is called "Fireworks": the explosion.
 As I was groaning along with the listeners, a long comment was unexpectedly written.

The most beautiful moment for a weapon is when it breaks. The moment of destruction is the most beautiful moment for a weapon, and you compare that moment of brilliance to fireworks.

'Oh, I see! ...... By the way, should I go into your peculiar way of speaking?

 I was impressed by the answer that came back to me.
 I think that there are certain people who like that kind of thing, since Haruru even went to the trouble of making weapons that are designed to be destroyed.

 And maybe there are people with similar tastes in the management.
 The Finisher's weapon destroying property itself is a very special art, and yet they went to the trouble of making the final art of the striking weapon skill a weapon destroying art called "Meteor Impact".
 He even prepared a special title for using it.

 Well, I don't have the right to say anything about it, since I've made the most of it and even got a title for it.
 I'd rather say thank you.
 I wouldn't have been able to win the battles against Aria and Gordo without these arts.

'Hmm, you can call me the pyrotechnician from now on.

"The birth of Skuna the pyrotechnician?
"It's gonna be a bloody fireworks show.
"Mr. Sukuna, please stop spraying iron lumps all over the place.
"Fireworks Master.

'Hey! Stop making impressions, or I'll punch you!


 What a rude bunch of listeners.
 You make it sound like I'm a violent, bloodless demon, but that's completely untrue.
 In fact, I'm trying to kill the monster as quickly as possible by hitting its vital points so that it doesn't suffer.

 My defense ended up being snickered at by the listeners.
 Hmm, I wonder if my impression is so scary.
 Even though I knew that most of them were joking, I had a feeling that some of them were serious, and I was troubled for about three seconds.